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November Astrology — Planetary Overview

by Terry Lamb on November 13, 2012

Astrology Overview November 2012

We are excited to welcome Daily Success Guide astrologer Terry Lamb to the new Planetary Overview section, which replaces the Astro Overview formerly written by Boots Hart, who has decided to move on. Welcome, Terry!

November leads us toward sweet release, perhaps beckoning but not quite delivering. We have to be patient. We’ve been working on a process for nearly two years (since February 2011), and the tension has periodically been intense—most recently in April, May-June, late August-early September, and the first half of October. It takes time to untangle the knots that we’ve co-created in two years’ time. This is the realm of healing at the deepest levels of consciousness, where the wounds and habits gained over multiple lifetimes are accessible, open to healing. Now we experience a loosening, even deliverance from our past as this healing process wells to the surface, then overflows into our visible world in an ongoing expression of clearing.

This does not come without its delays. In this case, the delays have to do with a story of truth and communication, as Mercury talks to us loud and clear through its newest retrograde. By the time November opens, Mercury will be slow, almost at its station, which comes on November 6 at 4°16′ Sagittarius. This takes us on a journey up the steps from the shadow lands we’ve been inhabiting, into the clear light of day.

Mercury’s retrograde always lasts for 21–24 days, during which a….Get the rest of Terry’s wonderful astrological overview, available instantly with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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