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Daily Astrological Forecast, November 1-30, 2012

by Terry Lamb on November 12, 2012

Astrology Daily Forecast November 2012

November Astrology Overview

November takes us on a journey into liminal space, that threshold between the worlds where things manifest and dissolve according to our co-creative process.

We experience two eclipses in November, the first associated with our new Nodal location, Scorpio-Taurus. We have been working with the eclipses (and Nodes) in Sagittarius-Gemini since December 21, 2010. Although we still have a couple more eclipses in these signs, we understand and take on our new Scorpio directive in November as the New Moon (Solar) Eclipse allows its form to begin its emergence.

The month is packed with other events as well. The stations direct of Neptune and Chiron and a Mercury retrograde promise transformative processes galore. Mercury’s (apparent) backward motion starts on November 6 (Election Day in the US), promising some uncertainty about outcomes and lots of anxiety leading up to the vote. On a personal level, we will see some expected outcomes suppressed as unforeseen circumstances surface to be resolved, which we are now prepared to do.

We need to be our own superhero this month, knocking away one obstacle after another as it appears in our path. Even though challenging, at least we can see the obstacles where before they were hidden, and we wouldn’t know they were obstacles if we didn’t have a path to follow. This is progress made in the last two years or so—perhaps so slow that we didn’t notice. What a gift to know what we’re pushing against, to see its boundaries and nature. In seeing it, we have the power to remove it, even if that doesn’t happen right away.

Built into this month are actionable events for everyone: We get to heal ourselves through the Mutable Signs; we can slay the dragons of negativity through the Fixed Signs; and we can clear the road to romance and connectivity through the Cardinal Signs.

Mercury’s retrograde, the eclipses, and the stations of Neptune and Chiron all participate in a culmination that occurs at mid-month. The culmination of Mercury’s retrograde comes on November 17 when the new three-month Mercury cycle commences, coming together with the New Moon Eclipse (November 13/21°57′ Scorpio), Neptune’s station direct (November 10/0°22′ Pisces), and Chiron’s station direct (November 14/4°59′ Pisces). These are all crossroads in time, bringing forward situations from the past and casting a form into the future according to our circumstances, actions, and intentions.

The crest of a second wave comes November 26–December 1, with Mercury’s station direct (November 26/18°10′ Scorpio), the Full Moon Eclipse (November 28/6°47′ Sagittarius-Gemini), a harmonious but powerful Venus-Mars-Pluto contact, and the “Full Jupiter” Peak (December 1/ 11°18′ Gemini-Sagittarius).

The Jupiter Peak is the culmination of the yearly Sun-Jupiter cycle that began May 13. Its retrograde in Gemini is powerful, focused as it is in the same degrees as the Venus Transit and Lunar Eclipse of June 4-5. This event goes deep into our unconscious to drag out every bit of karmic-ancestral resistance connecting with others. Gemini is about mirroring, duplication, repetition, and reflection—all expressions of complementarity. We are learning to be jigsaw puzzle pieces with each other, with all beings on the planet. This is essential to the evolution of our species at this time if we are to make it through the portal to sustainable life on a healthy planet.

This theme will be felt in through all these events, a flow emanating from May-June that penetrates our life in a new way.

Uranus and Pluto are under the radar for much of the month, but not to be ignored. Venus interacts with them from Libra through most of the month. It is a time of powerful revelations from women, who will rock the vote on November 6. Our attention to relationship and romance moves toward a harmonious space over the month, peaking on November 29 with the Venus-Mars closing sextile. There’s an added benefit that comes from the deep transformative work we’ve been doing, as Mars picks up Pluto’s vibe via conjunction at the same time.

Much of what comes our way in November does not reach its full manifestation until mid to late December. It’s a good time to keep our focus and hold to our dreams, now manifesting before our eyes if we look carefully. Although each of us has our own timeline, we will see revelations in November that refresh our vitality and open us to possibilities previously unseen.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC–7).

“Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Thursday November 1

The Moon in Gemini provides an auspicious background to a day with a few plot twists, as Venus opposes Uranus, helping us get the benefits as it occults (eclipses) Jupiter. This translates light from Venus to Jupiter in advance of their harmonious trine, providing a weeklong opening for accord and agreement in our relationships. The opposition plays into events of mid-February and mid-August, with the potential for positive developments now.

Friday November 2

The Moon goes void of course in Gemini at 2:21 am PT (3:21 PM ET) (on a note of agitation as it completes an opposition with Mars. This gives us a long dreamy day to relax, get caught up on old tasks, or integrate the lessons of the past three weeks into our life.

Saturday November 3

The Moon enters Cancer at 0:43 am (3:43 am ET) to make a Grand Trine with Neptune and Saturn in the Water signs. As Venus squares Pluto, the Moon augments the process by filling in a Cardinal Grand Cross over the afternoon. With the Water Grand Trine, we may feel emotional about changing conditions—both from the past and in anticipation of the future. It’s a good day for release and gaining new understanding of our friendships and partnerships. Words are less helpful than feelings sincerely expressed.

Sunday November 4

As the Moon wings through mid-Cancer today, it rides a wee-hour trine to the Sun across the day. Although void-of-course after 1:37 am (4:37 ET), we can still take fruitful actions using lunar energy.

Monday November 5

The Moon’s void period ends at 11:39 am (2:39 pm ET) when it enters Leo. Obstacles that challenge us over the day are conquered with extra effort later on and give way to an evening of laughter and surprise. The delights of the evening may show more promise than can be fulfilled right away, but patience will bring success.

Tuesday November 6

Mercury stations retrograde at 3:04 pm/4°16′ Sagittarius, bringing a peak of disorganization and disorder to the election process, as well as our lives. Key in this process is the issue in various states with voter ID laws and the question of whether the vote will be counted fairly. With Mercury not quite making it to a trine to Uranus, this refranation suggests that some races (probably local/rural) will not be decided until the trine actually occurs, on December 14. This may be true in our own situations as well, on some level of accomplishment or completion.

Last Quarter Moon comes soon after, at 4:36 pm/15°00’24” Leo-Scorpio. Now that the contentions of the past are behind us, we can look forward once again to more peaceful interactions.

On the national scene in the US, events abroad will distract from domestic activities, as President Obama is required to handle a situation in progress, which he does with wisdom and restraint. On this Election Day, women hold the key to who wins any of the races more than previously.

The Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon at 16 Leo is “brilliant sunshine just after a storm”, while the Sun’s Symbol at 16 Scorpio is “a girl’s face breaking into a smile”. These symbols suggest happy outcomes, but when it comes to the election some wouldn’t agree. The majority, however, are likely to find joy in the events of the coming week, from whatever quarter.

Wednesday November 7

The Moon carries on in Leo, boosting our vigor with a trine to Mars before turning void at 7:27 am. This lasts until 8:35 pm, when the waning moon enters Virgo and inspires both joys and fears with a late opposition to Neptune.

Thursday November 8

As the Moon wings through Virgo it establishes a Minor Grand Trine with Saturn and Pluto, bringing forth feelings of security that inspire productivity. Venus finally reaches its trine to Jupiter, which has been building for two weeks. By this time the outcome of most election races across America is known, and in many instances merit trumped money as the determining factor.

Friday November 9

The Moon transits late Virgo, inducing vigorous action that could turn to agitation as the workday closes. Chances are, our expectations were too high. After the Moon goes void at 4:27 pm, it’s time to put the finishing touches on and call it a day.

Saturday November 10

The key event today is Neptune’s station direct (SD) at 0°22′ Pisces, and we turn the corner on a process of spiritual growth that we took on in late February, with key events around June 4 and August 24. What was obscured will be more fully known now. At 1:35 am, the Moon enters Libra, activating Uranus and Pluto to create a Cardinal T-square over the day. It’s a good time to tune in and discover what our next step is in reaching toward long-term goals.

Sunday November 11

Joy and delight abound as the Moon continues through Libra, connecting with the Dream Team of Jupiter, Venus and Mars, all harmoniously arranged. This brings back the challenges of October 28 and the happiness of November 8, integrating those experiences into a single understanding. The dots are all connected now. At 9:13 pm, the Moon enters its void period, which lasts until tomorrow. This is an especially good day to cast our vision forward into what we want to accomplish on the next lunar cycle, as we are in the “Wishing Moon” period. This is especially significant as this New Moon is also an eclipse.

Monday November 12

At 3:10 am PT (6:10 pm ET), the Moon enters Scorpio to bring forward contacts between the harmonious heavies Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. We can let our dreams flow into our plans for future productivity. This is a good energy to take into the New Moon (Solar) Eclipse, which we are already feeling as the Moon moves through the sign of this lunar event.

Tuesday November 13

After a morning of no planetary activity, the New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives at 2:08 pm/21°57′ Scorpio. Packed into this event is a set of powerful connections: Mercury’s retrograde square to Neptune (the second of three), Neptune’s and Chiron’s stations direct, and Saturn’s trine to Chiron (1 of 3). The overall feel of this is as a “work in progress”. No action may be possible right now to correct whatever seems out of alignment, but we can observe what we feel and work with the energies inwardly. We seek further clarity about a situation that has persistently puzzled us, especially since revelations around October 29 that deepened the mystery. This feeds a long-term healing process that benefits by patience and discretion more than action at this point. Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio at 11:43 pm, taking us back into the transformative depths.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the challenges that face industry, workers, and health care are front and center as this eclipse period unfolds. This focus will remain with the nation for 18 months, with high hopes for increased strength in these areas that are current weak points for the country. Relations with foreign powers are again a diversion from post-election adjustments. The nation’s leader is given freer rein to enact harmonious changes, especially those in support of women.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon carries the same Sabian Symbol for both Sun and Moon, at 22 Scorpio: “Hunters protected by heavy clothing are shooting wild ducks.” This symbol suggests an emphasis on protection in the face of an unequal conflict. There may be unrealistic fear of attack or a desire to engage in a game or sport.

Wednesday November 14

At 2:39 am (5:39 am ET), the Moon goes void of course in Scorpio to enrich our dreams with deep insights as it leaves behind a conjunction with Mercury. At 2:52 am, Moon enters Sagittarius to further infuse our dreams with clarity about our current conundrum. Chiron returns to forward motion at 4°59′ Pisces, bringing more forward momentum to our healing process. We discover something that works like a charm to help our well being, or the effects of our long-term efforts suddenly show up as a positive result. We not completely there yet, but we’re past the hardest part of the process. This could have to do with a deep spiritual or karmic wound that needs the balm of compassion more than anything else.

Thursday November 15

The Moon continues through Sagittarius, highlighting relationships today, especially those that involve separation as part of the growth process. Reconciliations and agreements are possible, but are likely to be more formative than conclusive.

Friday November 16

The Moon enters a brief void period at 1:44 am (4:44 am ET) with a call to action as it conjoins Mars, which will seed future actions. At 2:35 am, when Moon enters Capricorn, the Cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto is once again activated, with an emphasis on inner transformation. This gives us clarifying insight about what is happening but not yet visible as it activates a productive Minor Grand Trine between Pluto, Neptune-Chiron, and Saturn. This helps us know how to respond to visible circumstances and make a plan for the future that we can rely on. At 6:36 pm, Mars enters Capricorn, further stimulating the Minor Grand Trine. It will augment our planning, productivity, and relationship accord through November 29. Saturn reaches its exact trine to Chiron, the first of three, and a stabilizing part of the Minor Grand Trine.

Saturday November 17

At 7:47 am (10:47 am ET)/25°42′ Scorpio, the New Mercury cycle starts. Deep changes are initiated today, although perhaps unseen, as they conjoin the North Node, tying in with events of October 25. These changes will operate on a 3.5-month time frame and over the course of the coming year, as they feed into two cycles. Now we can begin to launch our plans for the coming Mercury cycle, which lasts until March 4.

The Moon continues through Capricorn today, providing supportive understanding of what the eclipse means and how we can make it work for us. Don’t let doubts about your relationship life cloud your judgment. Things are better than they feel. At 9:54 pm, the Moon enters its void period on a harmonious note.

Sunday November 18

At 4:10 am PT (7:10 am ET), the Moon goes into Aquarius. It shows us a world of possibilities through a resonant contact with Uranus, but also makes us realize that there’s much work to be done in order to accomplish our goals as it squares Saturn. It’s a good time to make plans or get some groundwork done, part of a work in progress.

Monday November 19

With the Moon still in Aquarius, we carry a feeling of expansiveness over into the day that fuels our activities with optimism. Our productivity may wane as Moon reaches an evening square to Mercury, with the potential for agitation and overwhelm due to head-heart conflict. This brings us to a deeper awareness of what’s bothering us, leading to clarity that makes action possible.

Tuesday November 20

The Moon activates us early with a pleasant trine to Venus that feeds into the First Quarter Moon, which occurs at 6:31 am PT (9:31 am ET)/28°41′ Aquarius-Scorpio. Although the Sun-Moon square is naturally resistant, there are many harmonious supports for transformation that relieves pressures internally and externally. The energy that has been building has a chance for productive release. This is especially true of our ongoing relationship circumstances, as Moon carries the trine with Venus into the lunation.

The Moon is void of course from the time of the Last Quarter square, at 6:31 am. At 8:55 am, it enters Pisces, bringing us to the next step in healing our spirit. A series of harmonious contacts supports our productivity as the Moon hooks up with the planets in the Minor Grand Trine over the day.

For the US, the role of women is elevated harmoniously in the eyes of the world and receives the nod from the nation’s leader-in-chief. Many of the conflicts surrounding the election have been resolved, and those that remain are emblematic of the electoral challenges that face the country in the wake of the Citizens United decision. They will serve to bring forward into the public awareness the current legalities that need to change before the next election. There is strength that supports a good outcome in a two-year process.

At 29 Aquarius, the Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon is “a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis”. The Symbol for the Sun’s degree of 29 Scorpio is “an Indian woman pleading to the chief for the lives of her children”. There is a blossoming of awareness, an opening of consciousness on all levels this week, as we feel the energies of the future unfold within us, our wings drying as we get ready to fly. The opening of consciousness is especially focus on the plight of women around the world, both in terms of their roles as nurturers and in their right to manage their own bodily functions.

Wednesday November 21

At 1:50 pm (4:50 pm ET), the Sun enters Sagittarius, and at 5:20 pm Venus enters Scorpio, initiating new possibilities as we explore new perspectives. As the Moon makes its way through mid-Pisces, we engage in a flurry of activity that leads to a serene understanding and the means to articulate it by the end of the day.

The Sun squares Neptune, repeating the theme we took on in late October, which hearkens back to events of a year ago that initiated a story that unfolded over the first half of 2012, which we now have a renewed opportunity to reshape. Travel plans may be stymied as a hard snow paralyzes some parts of the continent. At 10:32 pm, the Moon is void in Pisces until tomorrow evening.

Thursday November 22

On this US Thanksgiving Day, Venus trines Neptune to bring harmony out of yesterday’s confusion. The Moon’s void period gives a feeling of lovely retreat, a safe and calm space to share with those we love. When it enters Aries at 5:12 pm (8:12 pm ET), it trines the Sun to enliven the senses and bring a joyful evening.

Friday November 23

The energies are more strident today as Mars squares Uranus, but a simultaneous sextile to Chiron (part of the ongoing and soothing Minor Grand Trine) gives us a way to turn agitation into a healing moment. This could be what we’ve been waiting for—the right moment when a particular behavior pattern comes to the forefront so it can be explored and released with love. If we feel upset ourselves, it will be better to wait until we are clear about what happened before we broach the subject. In malls across America, there is sure to be and unusually high level of chaos, even conflict as people strive to get their holiday bargains in competition with each other. It might be a good day to wait things out. The Moon finishes its productive period in Aries at 5:34 pm, going void-of-course until Sunday.

Saturday November 24

Mars reaches the next rung on the ladder as it sextiles Saturn, continuing to activate our productivity as it stimulates the Minor Grand Trine between Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune-Chiron. The Moon gives us quiet time as it is void of course all day. What is purchased today is likely to be disappointing unless it is based on previous research, and shopping trips without a plan will reveal few objects that appeal. Stay within your budget.

Sunday November 25

At 4:18 am (7:18 am ET), the Moon enters Taurus to stabilize the volatility of the past few days and create a nurturing Cradle pattern in the heavens. A pragmatic approach helps us deal with ongoing confusion, and we’ll be doing some deep thinking on our own about what we value as Moon opposes Venus and Saturn over the afternoon hours. Venus trines Chiron to open the door to communication with loved ones, as she makes the second of her connections with the Minor Grand Trine planets.

Monday November 26

The Sun activates our need for changes and ability to enact them as it connects with Uranus and Chiron. The trine to Uranus opens us to the release that comes with Uranus’s station direct (December 13).

At 2:48 pm PT (5:38 pm ET)/18°10′ Scorpio, Mercury returns to forward motion, the dominant energy of the day that enables us to take the actions that the Sun stimulates within us. The Taurus Moon brings a useful reflection on the process as it opposes Mercury, creating an energy peak that feeds into Wednesday’s Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse. It enters its still-productive void period at 4:57 pm. We can take action today, if we see the way clear, that supports future actions rather than undermining them. This is a good time to make adjustments based on new insights so that the eclipse energies flow more easily into our lives.

Venus conjoins Saturn, the contact that she’s been reaching toward since November 21. We seek definition and boundaries in our relationships, perhaps spelling out our agreements with each other as the foundation for the coming year of interaction. This is part of the Minor Grand Trine/Cradle pattern that has brought support as we find ways to make changes more smoothly.

Tuesday November 27

Mars makes the final contact in the Minor Grand Trine pattern as it conjoins Pluto, urging us to find responsible ways to empower ourselves through transformation. The Moon is void of course in Taurus until it enters Gemini at 4:58 pm. A square to Neptune brings forward our ongoing need for clarity in our contacts with others, and we feel the pull to bridge the divide as the energy of the Full Moon Eclipse builds.

Wednesday November 28

At 6:46 am PT (9:46 am ET)/6°47′ Sagittarius-Gemini, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reaches its crest, opening us to the opportunities we’ve been waiting for. Although they won’t all come to fruition now, we can see their seeds beginning to sprout. With follow-through effort, we can bring them to full fruition in the coming 6–18 months.

Embedded in this event is the Venus-Mars sextile, which connects with Pluto to bring effectiveness from a deep level. It augments our ability to heal the wounds of the past two years in our relationships, to the extent that they remain unresolved. The main issue is clarity that comes of knowing our own heart and trusting our inner guidance system. As this is a work in progress, we may not feel ready to say what we want, but whatever we can say will bring rewards as we continue to unfold events. The Moon enters its void period at 5:04 pm on its occultation of Jupiter to bring a giddy feeling to the evening moonrise.

In the chart for the Full Moon Eclipse cast for the US, the electoral issues brought to light in the past election are in full view of the population, a testimony to both the strengths of the system and where it needs to transform. Congress receives the greatest focus as gridlock and childish whining pervade the lame-duck session and undermine its effectiveness. The people and the nation’s leader are in unison, with renewed hope that something wonderful can be accomplished in the coming four years.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 7 Gemini is “an old-fashioned well with the purest and coldest of waters”, with the Sun at 7 Sagittarius carrying “cupid knocking at the door of a human heart”. Our connections with loved ones are our greatest treasures, especially in difficult times. As we face the winter months, we enhance our experience of joy and security by purifying our heart of negativity and feeling the love that lies underneath, waiting to be eternally rediscovered.

Thursday November 29

Venus and Mars reach the culmination of their harmony as their sextile becomes exact, still in harmony with powerhouse Pluto. The Moon sojourns Gemini, still void of course, suggesting a value in quiet time.

Friday November 30

At 5:55 am (8:55 am ET), the Moon enters Cancer to create a Water Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune-Chiron, and a kite pattern with Pluto. This is a very productive configuration, where strong emotion goads us into beneficial action—if we can keep our impulses within a disciplined boundary. The volatility peaks in mid-afternoon and gives way to a profound understanding as the day wanes.


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