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Recover Your Path of Power at the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 13, 2012

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio - Ceremony

Like Scorpio’s other gifts, such as money and sex, power is universally recognized as necessary, yet on some level feared. Its controversial nature can be viewed in the most common collective projections: a handful of power-addicted individuals and clandestine industries. As for your personal power, if you are like most people, you unconsciously inhibit its expression to a greater or lesser degree.

In what Rianne Eisler calls the dominator society, attitudes of weakness and submission are insidiously rubbed into our social programming as virtues for dominated. To even imagine yourself feeling fully empowered may activate unconscious guilt. In her book, Kabbalah of the Soul, Leonor Leet says that of among spiritual goals, the path of power is the least popular. She reminds us that: “The devotees of spiritual love must be ready to accept power so that they may perfect the world as they perfect themselves…”.

Our present ceremony is designed in resonance with the current Solar Eclipse New Moon, and applies introspection, invocation, affirmative prayer and strategic action to help you recover that path.

Prayerful Altar-ations

Autumn fruits of the earth, such as apples, pumpkins, burnished leaves and flowers in shades of gold, orange and deep red.
A candle or candles in shades of purple and orange
A sage smudge or spicy incense
Apple cider or cinnamon tea
A journal or sheet of paper for each participant

Ceremony to Recover Your Path of Power

Light the smudge or incense, and use it to trace a circle around your ceremony area. As you do, visualize Archangel Michael’s hosts (or those of your own favorite spiritual warriors) and repeat,

“I (we) now disconnect from any disempowering influences, programs or situations of the past or present. The Divine Presence shields me (us) from their effects. Within Its circle, I (we) am now free to reclaim my path of power and express my (our) destiny.”

Light the candle as you say,

“The power in me (us) shines forth and I accept it now.”

Write the following sentence, and complete it with whatever words come up the voice below the surface:

I know I’m a powerful person, but I don’t express it fully because….

The answer should come from your own, authentic doubts. Some simplified examples from my prayer group include:

  • Because I want to be taken care of.
  • Because I’m afraid people might get mad (my colleagues, siblings, etc.)
  • Because good people don’t think about power, about having it or wanting it.
  • Because it’s too much work.
  • Because I’m afraid of standing out more than I already do.

Now consider and remember the ways in which you feel powerful, ways which you may or may not be utilizing fully at this time. These may include natal capacities and talents, spiritual capabilities that you have only partially developed, or simply manners in which you intuitively feel the greatness of your energy.

Write and repeat a power liberator like the one that follows during at least 15 minutes:

I am made in the image and likeness of Power, and I assume and accept the power that has been vested in me. As I remember my power, I naturally release any situations that do not resonate with it, and attract experiences, opportunities and people that confirm and channel my power constructively, for my own good and that of all concerned.

Outline some practical steps you can use to take your power out of the closet, shine it off and use it. Direct them in a long-term strategy, like reviving or designing a major project, whether it be political, professional, spiritual and/or creative. To insure success, the initiatives you outline should include some actions you can take during the next few days, and reinforce throughout the next two weeks.

This Solar Eclipse will also be the last New Moon in Scorpio before the change of the Long Count cycle on the Mayan calendar. Power is in the air, in the earth, and in the star stuff of which you are made. Bring it to light by using affirmations like those shared above, during at least 7 minutes daily. Ground and deepen the process, and your preparation for the Long Count change, by applying self-observation as much as possible. You may enjoy preparing little signs with the question, “How do I feel?” and reminders like “Breathe deeply,” and “I am divine power”, to place in key spots, like your computer, mirror or journal. If you discover yourself feeling insecure, frustrated or limited in any way, take whatever practical measure you can to further your path of power. However large or small your efforts may seem; as you go about them, tell yourself lovingly, “I am powerful.”

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