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The Moore Tornado

by Alex Miller on June 1, 2013

Moore tornado astrology

On Monday, 20 May 2013, within hours of the third exact Uranus/Pluto square, a massive EF5 tornado touched down in central Oklahoma, cutting a path of destruction 17 miles long and as much as 1.3 miles wide. The twister, one of the largest ever recorded worldwide, had sustained winds of 200-210 miles per hour at its worst, and stayed on the ground for 50 minutes.

Directly in its path was the city of Moore, Oklahoma, large sections of which it devastated, killing 24, including 9 children, and wounding almost 250 more. The tornado caused upwards of $3 billion in property damage, including severe damage to two schools, one of which, Plaza Towers Elementary, was leveled. Seven of the nine children killed, died there, drowned while hiding in a basement which flooded when pipes burst. The power of the storm was such that it lifted a ten-ton metal tank and deposited it half a mile away.

ten-ton tank moved by tornado

The ten-ton tank lifted and dropped by the tornado.

Celestial markers of the tragedy abound. In addition to the Uranus/Pluto square, exact that day at 11 Aries and Capricorn, which describes the incredible power and devastation (Pluto) and intensely explosive energies (Uranus), these two formed a T-square with TNO Typhon at 9 Libra. Typhon is named for a mythic Greek Titan, a storm god who was master of the winds, from which we derive our word “typhoon.” So under these circumstances, it’s not unexpected that some major weather pattern would create havoc somewhere.

Moore tornado chart

Moore tornado chart

The geographic location is supplied by three PNAs (personal-named asteroids), two of which also factor directly into the Uranus/Pluto square. Asteroid Oklahoma (#13685) appears at 3 Capricorn, in conjunction with asteroid Storm (#12182) at 5 Capricorn, and these are within orb of conjunction to Pluto. Opposing this, and creating a Grand Cross of Uranus/Pluto/Typhon, is asteroid Cleveland (#6296) at 12 Cancer, reflecting Cleveland County, Oklahoma, where the tornado wreaked its destruction.

Moore itself is represented by an exact match (asteroid #2602), and it falls at 27 Pisces, conjoined both asteroid Njord (#4213) at 23 Pisces, named for the Norse god of the winds, and Zephyr (#12923) at 3 Aries, named for the Greek personification of the west wind. Zephyr is also exactly squared Storm and closely squared Oklahoma. Additionally, Moore is squared to asteroid Aeolia (#396) at 28 Gemini, named for the mythic Greek master of the winds, and trine to asteroid Boreas (#1916) at 24 Cancer, named for the Greek personification of the north wind.

These are the only four asteroids named for winds or wind gods, and all four are in aspect to Moore, which is itself conjoined a Black Hole at 28 Pisces, indicating the total reversal of the status quo reality and the substitution of a radically different circumstance from what pertained before. Aerial photos show most clearly the horrific transformation wrought by the storm, which shifted Moore residents into a parallel reality akin to a war zone. Moore is also exactly squared the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius, a point which when activated, often leads to universal or global notice and attention, something Moore certainly received in the aftermath of this devastating impact.

Aerial view, Moore destruction

Aerial view, Moore destruction

But Moore’s real influence can perhaps be best seen in the timing of the storm. The angles are the most time-sensitive point of any chart, changing degrees every four minutes. The tornado originally touched down at 2:45 PM CDT, four miles outside Newcastle, Oklahoma. That time gives a 19 Virgo Ascendant, a degree occupied currently by asteroid Piazzia (#1000). Piazzia is a variant of “piazza”, the Italian word for “plaza,” prefiguring the eventual importance of Moore and its Plaza Towers Elementary school, completely leveled with tragic loss of young lives as the tornado blew itself out some 45 minutes later. Even more startling, the tornado reached Moore itself at 3:01 PM CDT, finally subsiding at 3:35 PM CDT, and during that time, asteroid Moore tracked directly across the Descendant, as it progressed from 22 Pisces through 29 Pisces, granting angular importance and impact to the point.

Plaza Elementary School before and after

Plaza Elementary School before and after

Incredibly, this is not the first F5 tornado that Moore has experienced. On May 3, 1999, another tornado ripped through the area, killing 41 and causing $1 billion damage. At that time, asteroid Moore clustered with Njord and the Sun at 5, 11 and 12 Taurus, with Moore and Njord once again in conjunction, as in 2013. Also in aspect to Moore was Boreas, this time in sextile from 7 Cancer, with Typhon in exact quintile (72 degrees) at 17 Cancer. Storm and Cleveland are in exact conjunction at 1 Aries, and this time Oklahoma opposes Pluto, from 16 Gemini to 9 Sagittarius. Aeolia at 5 Gemini is in exact semisextile, so Zephyr in Libra is the only wind-related asteroid unaspected to Moore.

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Al June 6, 2013 at 12:43 pm

At precisely 20:07:03 UTC during the Moore (35°20’20″N, 97°29’15″W) May 20th tornado there were simultaneous exact conjunctions of the arabic part ‘Point of Punishment’ with the Moon at 01Lib41 and the arabic part ‘Point Invisible’ with Mars at 22Tau22. The 22nd degree of a sign is regarded as unfortunate. The 0-1 degree of a sign signifies the beginning of something.

Al June 6, 2013 at 12:47 pm

The Moon/’Point of Punishment’ conjunction was also opposing
the Aries point.

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