Terry Lamb's Planetary Overview

Planetary Overview for June 2013

by Terry Lamb on June 1, 2013

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for June 2013

We are experiencing a tsunami of transformation. So far, the tidewaters have pulled back, the energy of old consciousness has been sucked back into the void created by the tremor as the World Tree begins to sprout rapidly in response to the shift of the Great Year (the 2012 Event). We were born at this time so we could experience this. The soul considers it very valuable indeed, because we have access to the memories, growth, and burdens we have built up over the previous 26,000-year cycle. This is augmented by the currently ever-present and recently activated Uranus-Pluto square.

We have extremely rare access to the depths of consciousness where our soul history resides, where the warp of human behavior has been threaded through the weft of the Cosmic Design (universal law). The soul sees this as an opportunity to straighten the distortions and attune to the spirit that unites us.

This is all great in theory, but the practice is a bit dicier. As these energies surface—a fact for every being alive at this time—they bring out the full spectrum of feelings. This often appears random: We don’t know why we’re crying or laughing or depressed. Or we “overreact” to what would seem a minor experience that is actually triggering a deeply buried memory.

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