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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, June 1-30

by Terry Lamb on June 1, 2013

Daily Success Guide Free Astrological Forecast June 2013

The Moon is the glue that sticks the cosmic energies to us and absorbs them into our energy system for use and projection into the world as actions. Each month, she moves the fluids in body and soul, creating the tides that ebb and surge carrying the other planets’ energies in their wake. Each week, from lunation to lunation, we turn a corner to see a previously unknown and co-created vista ready for our exploration. We are our own heroes, slaying the dragons and leaping the hurdles that present themselves, as well as enjoying the harvests of our efforts.

The lunar events, four each month, are pivot points. They create a turning that marks a change in perspective, a growth in understanding, that results (eventually) in the fulfillment of dreams and the evolution of our soul. The lunar scenarios that reveal themselves week after week follow a rhythm and pattern that the soul-Self follows, even if confusing to the mind.

As we enter June, we are engaged in the final week of May’s lunar month (begun on the New Moon Eclipse of May 9). We are integrating a truckload of new considerations that, while we may want to bring them to completion, may need up to 18 months to fulfill on a grander level. As we emerge from an eclipse period (when two and sometimes three eclipse events take us into liminal space), we turn a bigger corner than usual. We see a broader landscape to explore, and we may have a sense of purpose, a directive to fulfill that is a soul calling, what the Chinese I Ching calls a Cosmic Mandate.

We feel this as a new direction, a deep urge toward a new goal, or a different approach to an existing one. This can be characterized by where the eclipses fell—this time in Taurus-Scorpio, with one final shot at the Gemini-Sagittarius process we’ve been in since December 2010.

In Taurus-Scorpio (the eclipses of April 25 and May 9), our new Mandate will be phrased in terms of something we need in order to be fulfilled, but which feels out of reach. It is about persevering toward that goal, bypassing the false goals that catch our eye in the ego-desire for immediate results. Focused on the South Node, it is about letting go of something in order to build something that will become clear to us as we approach and experience the next eclipses in October-November, on the North Node. The Gemini-Sagittarius process (associated with the eclipse of May 24) pushes us toward greater fluidity and urges us to go where adventure lies, the place where we can expand our horizons by letting go of distracting influences and streamlining our life.

Both eclipse themes are enriched by the energies of larger cycles: Taurus-Scorpio carries the energy of Saturn in Scorpio and the restructuring of our secure foundation that it represents. Gemini-Sagittarius bear on its wave the energies of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, the healers that dissolve the pain and blockage of the past.

June finds us exploring our options through this latter energy field of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as the month commences. It’s time for us to integrate the growth of past three months in particular, while folding in what has happened in the past three years as well: What are we creating? Will it take us where we want to go? What do I need to let go of? Where do I need to surrender so that I can let the energies flow freely and be open to change?

This coincides with the prominence of Neptune and Chiron as they reach their retrograde stations, a yearly occurrence with only a slight shift in timing that becomes part of June’s scenery year after year. As we approach the time of each station (June 7 and June 16 respectively), any effort we focus on healing will set us up to get the most from the retrograde period and pay off with extra dividends by the end of the year once these planets return to forward motion.

At the same time, Mercury and Venus urge us forward into more emotional territory, entering Cancer well in advance of the Sun on June 20. They intensify our perceptions of what’s going on, a help if we need to know more about how we feel and what’s in alignment with our center. Where we harbor distortions, those will be magnified as well. Now we are feeling things in our gut, those instinctuitions that pull us in the right direction, even as the mind struggles to assert a more rational (but not always helpful) approach.

With Mercury in the vanguard now, we encounter new situations first with our mind. We want to resolve imbalances through thinking, writing, talking. With Mars now trailing, we are cautious about taking action, thinking and feeling things through first. But it has just moved into Gemini as of May 31, so we will see more progress and activity this month, especially as it contacts the latest eclipse point on June 4.

When Mercury is ahead of the pack (at the latest degree of the inner planets), we know a Mercury Retrograde cannot be far off. On a clear evening we can see Mercury in the western sky. Mercury enters its retrograde shadow on June 9, turning Stationary Retrograde (SRx) at 23°07′ Cancer on June 26. It tracks back over only 10 degrees to 13°22′ over 23 days, turning direct on July 20.

During this time, the new Mercury cycle starts on July 9 at 17°42′ Cancer. This Mercury retrograde makes contact with no planetary bodies—only the luminaries (Sun and Moon), effectively putting us on retreat as a lull in communicative activity occurs. In Cancer, it will be very instructive as there will be fewer events to draw us away from what we most need to know in order to fulfill our deepest needs and sense of purpose.

Since May 20, Uranus has been ahead of Pluto, and this changes the way we perceive and respond to transformative events. What we experience now may carry more shock; we may feel less prepared as hidden factors surface. They will seem more random and require a different type of adjustment than the emergence of a long-buried but known source of change.

Mercury and Venus each trigger these planets of transformation in the first two weeks of June, bringing forward the meaning and purpose of the path we are on, particularly in relationships. For many, the emphasis now falls on getting our relationships sorted out on the basis of a startling realization that came in late March–early April. This is about balancing freedom and individuality with union/caring and intimacy.

The end of the month brings two key planetary events: the culmination of Pluto’s yearly cycle and the new Jupiter cycle, followed closely by Jupiter’s entry into Cancer. This is a very beneficial placement for Jupiter, as it magnifies instinctual actions that support life: compassion, generosity, love. However, this time Jupiter is also going to tango with Uranus and Pluto, creating a persistent T-square that will bring many hidden factors that have been developing over time, whether through our conscious or unconscious intentions and actions.

During Jupiter in Cancer, we’ll feel better, but deeper processes will prevail. Events, perhaps startling and certainly transforming, at the end of June will set a frame for our experience of Jupiter’s fortunes over the coming year.

If you’re tired of where you are and can’t seem to move forward, it’s because something(s) from the past are still taking up too much space. June presents us with an opportunity to clear those obstacles and fill the space left behind with the energy of what we want to create.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC–7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, June 2013

Saturday June 1

As the Moon traverses the late degrees of Pisces over the day, it shows us how we can make our efforts successful if we focus our intentions and energies positively. At 9:30 pm, it goes void of course until 11:33 pm PT (2:33 am ET, June 2), when it enters Aries. The Sun reaches its waxing sextile to Uranus, affording us the opportunity to take advantage of openings that have come to us since the end of March.

Sunday June 2

The Moon continues through early Aries, encountering Mars and Mercury to focus us on a cornucopia of thoughts and activity. The evening takes us into the reasons behind it all, a good time for introspection. Venus enters Cancer at 7:13 pm PT (10:13 pm ET), following Mercury’s lead, increasing our awareness of our emotional reckoning. While Venus is in Cancer, our relationships and social contacts of all sorts will be transformed based on insights gathered in recent months. Key dates are June 11–12.

Monday June 3

Key interactions between the planets color today’s events with greater significance and real advances in fulfilling our goals. Chief is the Sun’s square to Chiron (13°46′ Pisces). This opens the portal to accelerate our healing process as we head toward Chiron’s Retrograde Station on June 16. For the next two weeks, our efforts toward finding wholeness and balance in any area of life or consciousness will be more effective and powerful as the retrograde unfolds.

There is also the first of three Water Grand Trines as Mercury completes a triangle around the celestial sphere with Saturn and Neptune. This brings creative insights and ingenious actions that will eventually solve our long-term dilemmas. This energy stays with us through June 10.

The Aries Moon leads us toward fruitful outcomes as it harmonizes with Jupiter over the day. It goes void of course at 11:09 pm (2:09 am June 4 ET), entering Taurus tomorrow morning.

Tuesday June 4

At 8:53 am (11:53 am ET), the Moon crosses the boundary into Taurus to take us in a more structured direction. This brings back matters that were front and center at the end of April, leading us on a path of solutions to the challenges to arose at that time.

Wednesday June 5

The Moon makes its final contact in Taurus at 6:25 am (9:25 ET), a trine to Pluto that leaves us with a lot of power to channel in a direction of our choosing before the Moon changes signs tomorrow evening. This very long void period can be used productively, since this is the Moon’s exaltation.

Thursday June 6

We get the whole day to reshape our world with Moon void of course in Taurus. We feel more social after it enters Gemini at 8:32 pm (11:32 pm ET).

Friday June 7

We experience the planets in two layers today. Neptune makes its retrograde standstill at 5°22′ Pisces before commencing five months of apparent backward travel to 2°35′ Pisces. A square of Mars to Neptune underscores the urge to “do something” but clouds our ability to act, especially in situations that matter most to us.

Venus activates another Water Grand Trine as it hooks up with Neptune and Saturn. We will continue the processes begun on Monday (June 3), with an emphasis on relationship harmony and good times. It is an especially good day to lubricate difficult conflicts with the oil of reconciliation. There’s something deeper happening beneath the surface niceties, as Mercury opposes Pluto. This augments the potential for highly charged communications today and tomorrow as it fulfills the first “Full” activation of the Cardinal energies and completes a Kite pattern to add the burn to accomplish something based on the harmony that is emerging. A feeling of optimism pervades the air, making it easier to shake off any doldrums and discontent related to what we can’t resolve today.

The dual nature of the day is underscored by the Moon in Gemini, which reiterates all the high points as it connects with Mars and Neptune. This is the Balsamic (Wishing) Moon, when we see into the dark and understand where we are empty and want to be fulfilled in the coming lunar month.

Saturday June 8

All of the inner hubbub yesterday leads to a culmination today as the (New) Moon reaches the Sun at 18°01′ Gemini/8:56 am (11:56 am ET) to renew our growth and reset our path forward. This is a moment of rest between rounds of cosmic fireworks, with one plot twist sure to take us in an unexpected direction as we smooth our path in the coming week, as Mercury squares Uranus. What comes this week will take us to the very heart of our biggest problem so that we can see the stairway out.

This is true for the US as well. The emphasis on beneficial movement forward is focused on breaking through legislative gridlock. The President’s message will be effective in showing the pettiness of obstructionist factions. There will be a hidden factor driving events from outside the country, such as money siphoned out of the economy to offshore accounts or the conflict in Syria, revealing a problem so it can be healed.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon (19 Gemini) is “In a museum a large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom.” This is a good time to take on board those bits of wisdom that we recognize as time-honored truth. We may encounter in the course of daily activities or feel inspired to pick up a book and turn to just the right page. Tradition is not meant to be cast as a straitjacket on the future however, a potential pitfall at this time.

Sunday June 9

Mercury enters its retrograde shadow when it reaches 13°22′ Cancer today. Observe your activities and communications, as well as the messages you receive from the universe (a new squeak in the car, an unresponsive computer) between now and June 26 and do your best to respond.

The Moon finishes its stay in Gemini, catching up with Jupiter one last time before the Great Benefic moves into Cancer on June 25. The Moon goes void at 1:29 am (4:29 am ET), engaging us in promising activities again once it enters Cancer at 9:16 am to magnify our feelings about everything that’s been happening lately. This prompts us to take actions that we aren’t prepared to take until we feel the full impact of what this change means.

Monday June 10

The emphasis today is on healing as the Moon connects all the right dots from its position in Cancer. Mercury makes a harmonious trine with Chiron, a valuable support as Chiron makes its station to launch our newest learning process. It will show us where we can make ourselves whole again, a place where we may have thought balance was out of reach. The Moon in Cancer goes void of course at 2:15 pm PT (5:15 pm ET) until late tomorrow.

Tuesday June 11

The Moon steps out of the way and gives us generalized sensitivity and insight into our experiences as two significant planetary events grab our attention.

Venus opposes Pluto, bringing out another facet of ongoing transformation in our most important relationships. This is a time of illuminating our understanding in such a way that, although possibly painful, leads to release and resolution.

Saturn reaches its second of three exact trines to Neptune, the foundation aspect for the Water Grand Trine that supports us as we advance toward our goals.

The Moon is void of course in Cancer until 9:58 pm (12:58 am ET June 12) when it enters Leo.

Wednesday June 12

The Moon in Leo leads us into constructive activities that prove we are making progress, whether to ourselves or others. Venus squares Uranus, another step on the path of finding harmony in our social life. Look for the unexpected in your social contacts today.

Thursday June 13

The Moon continues in Leo, giving us a solid sense of direction as it harmonizes with the Sun. We have the opportunity to move toward our “fulfillment of the month”, coming on the Full Moon.

Friday June 14

On a note of enterprise, the Moon goes into a short void period at 4:14 am (7:14 am ET) before entering Virgo at 9:26 am. This gives us an industrious finish to the week, as it creates a constructive pattern with Saturn and Neptune. Venus trines Chiron, furthering our healing process and softening the energies that surround unresolved conflicts. It offers us the chance to see things from a higher, soul perspective where all hurts are forgotten. This energy will infuse Chiron’s retrograde period, which starts on Sunday (June 16).

Saturday June 15

Get ready for a busy day, as the Moon in Virgo brings out our urge to organize, clean, and fix. These mundane activities lay the foundation for greater accomplishments, which must rest on a firm logistic foundation.

Sunday June 16

Chiron makes its retrograde station today at 13°50′ Pisces, returning to 9°07′ Pisces before resuming forward motion again on November 19. What we are focused on now is what needs attention for the duration of the retrograde, whatever obstacles would prevent us from following and fulfilling our spiritual purpose. We feel maximally challenged or frustrated by these blockages and prompted to vigorously pursue their release as this retrograde’s energies are collected into those of the waxing First Quarter Moon at 10:24 am PT/25°43′ Virgo/Gemini (1:24 pm ET). In this lunar pivot point, there are many harmonies supporting our healing process. The Moon goes void of course on the heels of an urge to expand our horizons, at 2:26 pm, which lasts until its entry into Libra at 6:19 pm.

In the US, the needs of the middle class and its workforce, especially unemployment and must be addressed, and this the President does with a strong positive message that prevails over other messaging from media and assorted naysayer. While it is clear that much needs to be done to correct imbalances, the trend is toward improvement. Policy statements now will point to the intention to continue successful strategies and move away from those that do not work, such as sequestration and arbitrary budget cuts.

The Sabian Symbols for 26 Virgo (the Moon) and Gemini (the Sun) are: “A boy with a censer serves near the priest at the altar” (The Moon); and “winter frost in the woods” (the Sun). The need for service to a larger truth is highlighted in the coming week, which good works are duly rewarded. This may seem distracting or counterproductive, but willing service brings blessings in the form of opportunities. We may also notice signs of challenges to come, when we may have to rely on accumulated resources. We will do well to avoid rigid approaches—flexibility is essential in the face of change.

Monday June 17

On the basis of new intentions and insights, we feel inspired to make the easy changes right away, as Mars sextiles Uranus. The Moon augments this process as it connects with harbingers of transformation Uranus and Pluto to show us what needs to be done before reconnecting it all to Mars for more fast action by day’s end. Don’t overload this day with pre-planned activities—we will want to have the freedom to respond to what surfaces in the course of events.

Tuesday June 18

As the Moon sweeps through the last third of Libra, it brings forward a deeper understanding of events and how we can create benefit from them. What starts as a crisis in connectivity and communication ends up as an opportunity for growth and success. At 8:55 pm (11:55 pm ET) the Moon slips into its void period, which lasts until 11:39 pm PT, when it goes into Scorpio.

Wednesday June 19

On some level, whether physical, psycho-emotional, or spiritual, a painful place in our being is pierced through our actions and experiences, as Mars squares Chiron. This brings what needs healing into highlighted focus so we can address it clearly and efficiently. This energy sets a context for the start of the new yearly Jupiter cycle as Sun conjoins Jupiter at 9:11 am/28°32′ Gemini. This resonates back to the eclipse on December 21, 2010 and many events since then. The Moon reconnects the dots in the Water Grand Trine and Kite pattern as it moves through early Scorpio over the day. We can use the deep harmonies and drive to move closer to our goals, which builds our confidence as each step is accomplished and bodes well for continued success.

Thursday June 20

Mercury is very slow in its travel now, as it gets ready to stand still for its retrograde. As it does so, Venus catches up to it in a dance of communication that began May 24 on the Full Moon Eclipse. The tone at that time emphasized facts and logic, a surface manifestation that leads to today’s more emotional expression. Now the feelings come out in an essentially harmonious expression, a trust-building process and communicative opening. Sun enters Cancer, the Solstice, at 10:04 pm PT (1:04 am June 21 ET), and the light begins to grow in the Southern Hemisphere, waning in the North. The energies are softened as the Moon in Scorpio trines Venus-Mercury, deepening our sense of meaning and purpose, and our expression of them. At 12:16 pm, the Moon enters its void period.

Friday June 21

At 1:31 am (4:31 am ET), the Moon enters Sagittarius, and we have the opportunity to increase our clarity in order to take enlightened action over the day, via contacts to Neptune and Uranus.

Saturday June 22

Still in Sagittarius, we are invigorated by the Moon’s enlivening contact Mars overnight, and we wake to a “carte blanche” day, where the planets leave us free to choose our activities with no intervening events.

Sunday June 23

After a brief void period that starts at 0:09 am (3:09 am ET) and ends at 1:08 am, the Moon reaches Fullness at 4:32 am/2°10′ Cancer/Capricorn. This taps into the long-term harmonies currently pervading the heavens that are helping us create sustainable stability and fulfillment. Although part of a long-term experience, we can take a substantial step now to break away from old confining patterns and create our new platform for success. Our experiences intensify over the day, as the Moon connects with Pluto and Uranus. Expect the unexpected, especially toward the day’s end.

In the chart cast for the US, the comfort and well-being of the people is center stage, both in their eyes and the eyes of the world. The large question looms: How do we nurture ourselves, and how can government and other power brokers foster social health? The President will be called upon to act quickly in response to domestic events, but the needs of the people must come before political interests. Women’s issues are highlighted, especially workplace conditions.

The Full Moon’s energy will be carried by two Sabian Symbols: the Moon at 3 Capricorn, “The human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment”; and the Sun at 3 Cancer, “An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.” Both symbols suggest new beginnings emerging out of hidden, even seemingly unalterably frozen, situations. Deadlocks can be overcome at this time as common ground emerges and relations thaw through repeated efforts at reconciliation.

Monday June 24

The Moon carries on through Capricorn, giving us indispensable perspective on our emotional needs and how to communicate them. Expectations and feelings of entitlement will come out, whether from ourselves or someone else in our life. Take care not to give in to whims, or to extend yourself beyond your balanced capabilities. It’s important to give to others from our own fullness rather than depleting ourselves. At 7:24 pm PT (10:24 pm ET), the Moon goes into its void period.

Tuesday June 25

The Moon picks up steam again when it enters Aquarius at 0:26 am (3:26 am ET). A sense of being obstructed in the morning gives way to a feeling of accomplishment, but only if we tackle the problem with wisdom and ingenuity more than blunt force.

At 6:40 pm, Jupiter enters Cancer, the sign of its exaltation. This is an especially auspicious placement for Jupiter as it becomes part of the Water Grand Trine and Kite that has appeared sporadically in recent weeks. Now it becomes a more permanent fixture. At the same time, it activates the powerful transformative processes locked into the Cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto, forming a persistent T-square. Many changes will be released into our lives through these patterns.

Wednesday June 26

Today marks a turning point, as Mercury stations retrograde at 6:08 am/23°07′ Cancer (9:08 am ET), commencing its newest three-week period of backward motion, a transition time between the old and new Mercury cycles. This is an “empty” retrograde in that Mercury makes no significant encounters (save those with our natal charts) during the entire retrograde cycle—only those with the Sun and Moon. This means that activity will be muted, and humanity will be placed on retreat. Individuals’ experiences will vary. The Sun trines Saturn and Neptune over the day, creating the third Water Grand Trine of the month and easing our way into the labyrinth of inner growth that we will navigate in the coming three weeks. The Moon in Aquarius lightens our mood, going void of course at 6:08 am until tomorrow.

Thursday June 27

At 1:32 am (4:32 am ET), the Moon enters Pisces, augmenting the good things in life as it brings forward the Water Grand Trine and Kite patterns. Positive changes and healing releases are possible now. Venus enters Leo at 10:03 am to boost optimism and heart-centered approaches.

Friday June 28

Before the Moon in Pisces enters it void period at 5:16 pm (8:16 pm ET), we face a dilemma that could be made worse by taking hasty actions. On the surface, everything looks straightforward, as if we can take beneficial action with no negative effects. However, hidden factors exist, and it may not be clear what they are until on and after July 9. Patience and detachment will help us get to a happy ending in the long run.

Saturday June 29

The Moon enters Aries at 6:06 am (9:-6 am ET), reaching its Last Quarter square to the Sun, at 9:53 pm/9°35′ Cancer-Aries. This lunation turns our attention to new social realities, situations where we find ourselves in conflict with others, or where communication will lead to new possibilities for expansion and success. Transformation awaits us, fed by events today and tomorrow, that peak in the coming week as the Sun opposes Pluto and squares Uranus.

In the nation, the forces of revolution are in focus as the Cardinal planets are pinned to the angles in the chart set for Washington DC. The forces of the status quo will prevail, but individual actions taken in sincere concern for the common good will bring hope and inspiration to those in need of someone to champion their cause. It is possible that force could be used to enforce a particular power dynamic.

The Sabian Symbols for the Sun and Moon at the Last Quarter are: “a large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process” (the Sun, 10 Cancer); and “A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images” (the Moon, 10 Aries). It is still early in the reformative processes of our times for the forces of positive change to triumph over darkening trends. These symbols underscore the power of these influences if we persist in following them.

Sunday June 30

The Moon in Aries hits all the high points of our current circumstances and challenges us to incorporate the changes that have come over the past three weeks, it connects with Pluto and Uranus. We may struggle with our thoughts versus feelings, as we find points where they are running on separate tracks, part of our process of inner discovery as Mercury continues its retrograde.

We’re already feeling what’s next: the responsibilities we have to others via Venus square Saturn (Stationary Direct), and the peak of our impetus to make big changes as the Sun opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. At 11:48 pm (2:48 am ET July 1), the Moon enters its void-of-course period, which lasts till mid-afternoon tomorrow.

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