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Planetary Overview for July 2013

by Terry Lamb on July 1, 2013

Planetary Overview for July 2013

By the time we enter July, we are already experiencing the heat of the Cardinal energies that will dominate our lives for a year, through July 2014. It will be a time of powerful events and unfolding possibilities in both harmonious and challenging ways.

Much of this is timed to the movement of Jupiter, which entered Cardinal Cancer on June 26. This sets up two major harmonic patterns, stimulating the release of obstacles and the resolution of difficulties. Jupiter in Cancer usually heralds a time of joy and a sense of well-being. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which means that it expresses itself in a naturally beneficial way through human nature. It expands our desire to care for ourselves and others, augmenting our focus on nurturing and healing. It brings out the social glue that holds us to each other and helps us find affinities with those with whom we identify as family, not always related by blood.

Jupiter in Cancer also comes with rose-colored spectacles. It makes us feel good, even if that means avoiding or distracting ourselves from darker elements in our thought-feelings and the world around us. This has its upside and its downside. If we use this energy to build our confidence and launch initiatives in a spirit of caring optimism, we are using it well. If it leads us into a delusion about what’s really going on, we may find ourselves avoiding obstacles that harbor opportunity on the other side of their release.

Part of this is because of the company Jupiter keeps while in Cancer. When Jupiter enters a sign, it illuminates the entire sign. It’s like your rich uncle at a party: he lights up the whole room with his joyful presence and jolly banter, lifting the spirits of all in attendance. Once it enters Cancer, Jupiter clicks in to two patterns and makes them more complete, the fourth harmonic pattern of the Cardinal Grand Cross, and the sixth harmonic pattern of a Grand Sextile, with its accompanying Grand Trine, Kite, and Mystic Rectangle figures.

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