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Addendum—Royal Special Delivery

by Alex Miller on July 24, 2013

Astrology of Prince George's Birth

 In a breathtaking example of just how much the cosmos loves to prove me wrong, the Duchess of Cambridge hung on to that baby until July 22, and then … surprise! It was a boy!

This date was considerably later than all previous estimates or disclosures (even maternal granny Carole Middleton leaked a July 18 due date), but as always with things astrological, the specific timing turned out to be quite apt.

Having held out so long, the new Prince of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis, couldn’t wait a few minutes more to be born a Leo, coming in with a Sun at 29 Cancer 58, which is about as late in Cancer as you can get. Contrast that with his father, Prince William, who with a 0 Cancer 06 Sun is about as early a Cancer as possible. More to the point, William was born just hours after a new moon solar eclipse in the previous Sign (at 29 Gemini), and his boy is now born just hours before a full moon in the succeeding Sign (at 0 Aquarius/Leo). So while they’re both Cancers, by lunar phase they couldn’t be more different. One also wonders what that progression of sovereign Suns, from extreme early Cancer to extreme late Cancer, says about how family structures will be changing during the course of their successive reigns (something perhaps intimated by the Queen giving her royal assent to same-sex marriage in the UK just five days before this birth).

Watching the drama of the birth unfold was illuminating. The couple reportedly arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington (where William was born 31 years ago) “just before 6 AM” on July 22. The Ascendant in London at that time was crossing 7 Leo, the location of transit asteroid Katharina (#320, one of several that represent Kate, and the closest to her actual birth name of Catherine), and also the exact degree of her Fifth House cusp, the House ruling children. That Ascendant/Katharina/Fifth House cusp degree is also exactly squared to Kate’s natal Jupiter at 7 Scorpio, particularly appropriate as the clarion call for the birth of the future king, both in Leo’s rulership of royalty and Jupiter’s affinities with crowned heads.

More than ten hours of labor ensued, with the wee bonny prince making his official appearance at 4:24 PM BST. All the probable “delivery” aspects discussed in the article above had come and gone earlier in the month without result, all except the final one—transit Artemis, named for the Greek goddess of childbirth, conjunct Kate’s natal TNO Haumea, named for the Hawaiian goddess governing the birth process, which would be exact on July 28.But Artemis now was at 17 Virgo, well within orb of natal Haumea at 20 Virgo, and her cresting of the Midheaven about a dozen minutes before the birth likely coincided with the final push. As for specific timing, at the moment of birth the Midheaven came in at 20 Virgo, exactly conjunct mama’s natal Haumea. Not bad for a beginner!

And exactly squared this point was asteroid Child at 20 Gemini, itself conjunct asteroid London at 23 Gemini, identifying the location of what was apparently the only baby born that day, as far as most of the world was concerned. Asteroid Demeter, named for the Greek goddess of motherhood, at 1 Gemini was angular on the 27 Taurus Descendant, and tightly squared transit Venus, ruling women generally, at 0 Virgo. Transit Haumea at 18 Libra was still squared Kate’s natal Sun at 18 Capricorn, as it has been since conception, also exactly trine transit asteroid Diana, Artemis’ Roman counterpart, at 18 Aquarius, and in a Grand Trine with Child, while forming a Thor’s Hammer by sesquiquadrate aspects to both Demeter and Neptune at 4 Pisces.

And what of the proud parents? Transit asteroid Kate (#2156, for mommy) is elevated in the Tenth House and conjunct transit Hera, at 3 and 5 Libra, while asteroid Williams (#1763, for daddy) at 4 Virgo is conjoined Venus. There is a lot of love in these combinations, particularly from dad, but some conflict as well. Williams is exactly opposed Neptune, indicating that, whatever the reality, this boy may see his father as absentee, difficult to connect with, but also a source of spiritual guidance. The Virgo placement suggests that he views his father as maybe prudish or overly picky, but his sense of values comes from him.

Kate with Hera shows mom as very strong in protecting him, but possibly jealous of his affection, and she could use him as a weapon in her partnership if the situation evolves that way. Katharina at 7 Leo is also squared Saturn at 4 Scorpio, so she’s his structure and probably the disciplinarian, but also his rock.  He likely sees her as the authority in his parent’s marriage, and has spousal issues with his mother from Hera/Kate. We’re probably not talking Oedipus here, but maybe a bit of Hamlet.

As for a name, that was yet to be determined, or at least announced. It took the Queen almost a month before she decided what to name Charles, so it seemed we could be in for quite a wait.

Of course, nobody likes to wait, and the royal baby name lottery has been very active for months. George has been high in the betting, in homage to the Queen’s father, and the patron saint of England. And George it turned out to be—officially George Alexander Louis Windsor, Prince of Cambridge, announced on July 24, two days after the birth. Asteroid George (#3854) at 19 Taurus in Baby Boy Windsor’s birth chart is within the angular sector of the Descendant, closely trine the MC and semisquare Jupiter/Mars at 5/6 Cancer, while asteroid Georgia (#359, the feminine variant, applicable to both sexes) conjoins Jupiter/Mars from 4 Cancer and trines Saturn, so this seems a natural choice. By the time the announcement was made, asteroid Georgia had moved to 5 Cancer, to exactly conjoin Jupiter, and George had moved to 20 Taurus, exactly semisquare Jupiter and exactly trine the Midheaven.

Alexander and Louis are there, too. Asteroids Alex (#3367) and Luisa (#599) both conjoin the 12 Aries Uranus, from 11 and 3 Aries respectively, with Luisa squared Georgia/Jupiter/Mars, while asteroid Alexandra (#54) is conjunct the Midheaven from 22 Virgo, trine the 28 Capricorn Moon, and Louise (#2556) at 6 Libra joins Kate/Hera, and is also squared the early Cancer grouping.

All things being equal, this child will be an old man before he comes into his inheritance; one wonders what the world will look like then, and if there will still be a place for him.

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Pat Flannagan July 26, 2013 at 10:19 am

I believe this baby really wanted to be a Leo with a direct Mercury so he hung on as long as possible, dragging his heels at the last minute so hoping to be a …..0 Leo.
Alas, not to be.
Nice analysis of the names, Alex.

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