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Planetary Overview for August 2013

by Terry Lamb on August 1, 2013

Planetary Overview for August 2013

On one level, our life is made up of stories. We can think of each story as a thread, with all the threads intertwined to form our experience, our life. The planets mark off the threads and show how and when they will culminate as events, some life-changing, some augmenting the development of a transformation in progress. When we tap this level, we experience mythic consciousness, the way that we are a hero or a martyr, a nurturer or a pioneer, or any of the other archetypes we can fulfill.

The planets set us up with a bias toward particular archetypes—a planet on an angle or the apex of a T-square or yod. We act them out, unconsciously until we discover the symmetry of the universe. As we become conscious of our inner living symbols, we choose with increasing conscious awareness the way we enact them, refining their expression until we can use them as dynamic building blocks to draw fulfillment into our domain.

We have many such stories at work within us now. They may coincide with each other, harmonizing or contradicting. They juxtapose within our heart’s theater, dancing and sparring on our infinite inner stage as we recreate their magic in the world around us. Their patterns and rhythms are an intrinsic part of our inner and outer dance. Fortunate for us that we can observe these rhythms and resonances through astrology, the waltz of the planets in their varied garbs and guises as they move through those 30-degree segments we call the zodiacal signs.

When the threads define a process that takes place over days, weeks, and months, we can see the pattern more easily; but when they transpire over years and decades, they are more difficult to discern and deeper in impact, like a wave in the deep ocean that travels hundreds of miles before it surfaces on the shores of our reality.

One thread that is active right now is with us since July 13 and will play out in a cascade of related events through mid-June 2014. This is a story of deep relations and familial ties, the release and healing of karmic history and ancestral conflicts. It will take us back to events since…. Get the rest of Terry’s wonderful astrological overview, available instantly with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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