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Planetary Overview, September 2013

by Terry Lamb on September 1, 2013

Planetary Overview September 2013

September brings a forward-moving and friendly reckoning, one we’ve been dragging ourselves toward since early October last year. This is brought to us courtesy of Saturn’s meet-up with the North Node on the September 25. The Moon’s North Node (the point we’re moving toward in fulfilling our destiny) moved into Scorpio last August-September at the tail end of the sign (since it moves in reverse through the Zodiac).

When Saturn entered 0° Scorpio in October 2012, karma and destiny began to vibrate together, creating an ever-intensifying magnetism toward something in our lives. Mysterious and compelling, this new thing tickled and tantalized, goaded and pushed. We may have wanted to push it away, but gradually, inexorably, we have seen its value and accepted it. For many of us, it is so new that it requires the greatest courage to face and fulfill this path, but as this conjunction occurs we find ourselves as ready as we’ll ever be for The Plunge into the unknown depths of this experience.

We have a unique set of circumstances to support this process, in the form of an intermittent Grand Sextile that became available by grace of Jupiter’s entry into Cancer at the end of June. When open spaces in Virgo and Taurus are filled, as they are periodically by the Sun, Moon, and inner planets, a sacred hexagon is formed, a Star of David or Solomon’s Seal. And when these points are vacant, we still have a Grand Trine and a Kite, available to us constantly.

Patterns show planets that vibrate together and are active at the same time. Just like two guitar strings when they resonate at harmonious frequencies, each planet’s “sound” is louder when it is part of a pattern. The closer the planets are to the same degree, the louder they are in our life. Just like the guitar strings, they feel like one complex sound, a chord of energies coming to us all at once, affecting us in several areas of our life at once.

We have two patterns available to us now, the Fourth Harmonic of the Cardinal Grand Cross (dividing the wheel by four) and the…. Get the rest of Terry’s wonderful astrological overview, available instantly with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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