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Planetary Overview, November 2013

by Terry Lamb on November 1, 2013

Planetary Overview, astrology for November 2013

November brings the drop of the other shoe. October was a time of clearing and cleansing. Rapid fire, we were discarding old ideas, items, habits, rifts and conflicts. We were removing the obstacles to the peace that lies in our core, centering to be still as the hurricane of events blows around us. There is a big showdown taking place in the political arena that is matched in less evident ways on all other levels of manifest form, from our personal life to relationships to our psyche.

It’s time for change. It’s the time of the face-off between old and new, and November serves up just the right courses for our passage. As we move through the eye of the needle, we shape-shift and shrink ourselves so that the slit becomes a wide tunnel. In so doing, our helpers appear from the shadows, whispering in our ear, nourishing us with the food and nectar of soulfulness, until we emerge into the light on the other side.

November feels very much like October at its start. We are part-way through the eclipse passage. The first occurred on the October 18 Full Moon, another waits to dislodge us from our false moorings on November 3. In the lunar cycle (month) that ensues, we will rise up into new radiance and vitality, reborn in the true spirit of Scorpio’s transformative process. We burst forth from the spark of the noblest urge within us, advancing into the consciousness presented by the North Node tested and proven by its truth-revealing connections with both Mercury retrograde and Saturn since mid-September.

In the face of these proofs, we are coming to accept things we only hoped (and perhaps feared) were real. This means we must change. So with the help of Saturn, Mercury, and the eclipses, we are squeezing through a birth canal of beautifully crafted co-creation (even if we can’t appreciate it yet).

This goes for what’s happening on the world stage. Although there are some who would hold us hostage with their egos under the guise of lofty ideology, we can rise above that to model a world of soul-centered compassion and caring for each other. The reason for the squirming among the obstructive forces is that the energies of love and compassion have never been stronger—perhaps about to prevail. It is a grand drama on a global stage.

Is this the last stand of the opposition to harmony? Not likely. But with an encircling kindness, enough hearts will be able to dispel the fears that enshroud them and keep them in separation. Little by little, good will prevail.

This struggle comes to us because of human-created imbalances that are brought to the surface by Uranus’ square to Pluto. There are seven of these from June 2012 to March 2015. However, the biggest events do not come at the times of the exact squares, so much as at the times when the Sun and other planets ignite their underlying volatility.

This is the corporation or other large, powerful entity (Pluto) confronting the power of the individual (Uranus). Human social structures must serve the good of humanity, or they will cease to exist because they are out of harmony with the intrinsic order of the universe. We can see these forces seeking balance throughout this time as we observe the flux and flow of events.

Are we there yet—or at least, have we turned the corner? There are two ways to think about the long-term shift that we are experiencing as Uranus and Pluto dance with each other so many times. [Remainder of article available only to Premium subscribers. Subscriptions will be available starting November November 12.]

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