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Planetary Overview, December 2013

by Terry Lamb on December 1, 2013

Planetary overview, Daykeeper's major astrological influences for December 2013

November landed us in a new planetscape. The Solar Eclipse on November 3, infused with the combined power of Saturn, North Node, and New Mercury, thrust us into a quantum-leap change. We are still shaking off the dust and peering into the distance with a “what just happened?” feeling.

This feeling was intensified by the stations of Neptune (November 13) and Chiron (November 19), which revealed factors which must be dealt with in a new way in light of what we now know. It has all been very revealing, but the release is still ongoing.

December sees that release finalized for this round, as Uranus returns to direct (forward) motion on December 17, the last of the planets to do so in this cycle. Uranus brings to us often stark awareness of what already exists (especially as it makes its squares to Pluto), and sometimes new events as well. Even if they seem to come out of left field, a deeper examination will usually reveal that they shouldn’t have been so unexpected after all.

We will take what happens in mid-December (also the time of the Full Moon) into consideration as we look forward to 2014 and set our intentions for what we want to express and create next. Until then, we can’t entirely know what to do, how to plan. We dislike being stuck with so much that is unknown, and some clarifying events will occur every day—but the things we want the most to understand may elude us until Uranus breathes its energies of revitalization into our visible world once again.

Between now and then, the ruminations we engage in are essential to preparing us for what is coming. Alertness to the…. [Remainder of article available only to Premium subscribers. Become a Premium subscriber now.]

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