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Transmute Karmic Ties and Find New Joy in Love At the Valentine’s Full Moon in Leo

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 1, 2014

Valentine's Full Moon Ceremony

At its best, Valentine’s is a day of joy, a chance to share good vibes and feelings. At worst, it’s an excuse to eat chocolates.

This year, Luna becomes full in Leo right on the 14th, fusing her beams with the archetypes of the season and working special magic. She also makes a sextile with lustful Mars. However, this gathering is not as hot as it may seem. Detached Venus in Aquarius cools the evening as it opposes Moon and conjuncts Sun, her ruler, who also happens to conjunct retrograde Mercury, directing this portal’s passion towards the past in review and release. Furthermore, the messenger planet makes flowing aspects to the nodes, applying its retrograde gifts to karmic connections.

More than a love glut, this portal is about freedom. Help from the invisible is poised and ready to dissolve attachments towards or from people, attitudes and karma that may be limiting your ability to attract joyful relationships or the happiness of those you already have.

The following suggestions and affirmations are designed to make a different kind of love day.

Have on Hand

  • Two candles, one each purple and blue
  • Jasmine incense
  • Yellow flowers
  • Purple paper (a sheet per participant)

The Ceremony

∞ Light the incense as you affirm:

This is an offering for my guardian angel and spirit guides (pause a moment to remember them), whose help I request in releasing and being released from people and behaviors that might limit my consciousness and experience of love.

∞ Light the blue candle as you affirm:

The blue light of this candle evokes the presence of Archangel Michael that fills this space lifting me (us) into a sphere of power, freeing me from energies and circumstances that are not for my (our) higher good.

∞ Light the purple candle, affirming and visualizing:

This purple light evokes the presence of Zadquiel and all the cosmic assistants of transmutation. Together they work, infusing the pink light of love with the blue light of intelligence, and dissolving attachments that block my personal fulfillment.

∞ Write on the paper:

I ask for help to be freed from any attachments towards or from attitudes, people or entities that might block my happiness in love, including (name 3 people and or attitudes that you feel might be blocking your happiness in love), for example:

  • Name of person you are attached to
  • Name/s of person/s you suspect might be attached to you (on this plane or who have made their transition)
  • Name of person/s you suspect are sending you strong thoughts
  • Names of person/s whose approval you have been attached to
  • Attitudes or defects of character, such as: jealousy, possessiveness, fixation with the approval of others, resistance to releasing and/or honestly facing someone
  • Doubting your own worth
  • Etc.

Note: There is power in focus, so use your intuition and write down only those attachments that you sense might be the most important.

Repeat nine times the following affirmation and compatible words that come into your mind:

I am not alone in my intent to free and release these attachments. The Divine Liberator is with me, freeing me from attitudes and circumstances that would limit my joy in relating now. I cooperate with the Divine Liberator by placing all involved in the hands of the Higher Power, and by acting on the guidance that now appears and leads me to my new good which is my true good now.

Follow up on this ceremony by repeating these affirmations daily for the next two weeks, or until the coming New Moon. When you do, also take a look at the list and visualize the attachments you wrote down being dissolved by a field of purple light.

Stay alert to daily guidance, and take inner or outer initiatives that come up.

Last but not least, make a point of procuring or somehow manifesting chocolates, preferably dark or otherwise intense. (You can transmute this attachment at a later lunation.)

Happy, Freeing Valentines!

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