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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, January 1–31, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on January 1, 2016

Daily Astrology Forecast, January 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

January 2016 Daily Astrological Forecast

Friday January 1

Use today for gathering with friends, family and the object of your affections, as tomorrow is can be rather feisty and the stars now favor festivities and even romance, with Moon in Libra connecting with love-addicts Venus and Neptune, and Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius, sign of friends.

Evening contacts from Last Quarter Moon in chatty Libra to Sun in Capricorn and Sun’s ruler, Saturn, make this an apt evening for visiting elders or doing an ancestral type of ritual. Avoid dishing out or taking guilt trips.

I love the good in all people and only good comes to me through all people, here and now.

Saturday, January 2

Moon in Libra squares Pluto before going VOC on an opposition to Uranus in feisty Aries at 8:23 am (11:23 ET).

These influences are propitious for creativity, identifying our inner voices, and deep healing, but they can also exacerbate relational conflicts.

This is the perfect time to take a break to get into our feelings and examine what a New Year and starting over mean to each of us.

In the midst of change, I provoke a pause to heal, meditate and daydream now.

Sunday, January 3

Fortunately, it’s not a work day for most. Once again, the influences are unusual, though more active than yesterday. Moon joins Mars in intense Scorpio, lighting the fires of passion. Low-vibration expressions could include vengefulness and aggressive outbursts. Avoid unnecessary fights. Dexterously applied, you can fight for a loved one or cause or take courageous steps towards healing. For instance, push yourself to get a treatment, renew an exercise program, or begin to care for your inner child in ways you’ve thought of before but so far not followed through on.

I make space for wellness in my imagination, emotions and life, here and now.

Monday, January 4

Today is great for deep healing and making headway with our true priorities, with Moon in deep Scorpio harmonizing with vital Sun and powerful Pluto, both in constructive Capricorn. Take some time for yourself before going to bed.

I call on the spiritual warrior essences to help me focus and move on my true priorities, here and now.

Tuesday, January 5

Mercury goes fully retrograde, while Sun moves toward a nighttime conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. This combination reconnects us with the energies of deep change that prevailed in December, mobilizing our creative forces to continue or consolidate our intentions for wellness and renewal.

I am not open to manipulation, because the One Power in my life is divine, and it is beneficent, kind and freeing, now and always.

Wednesday, January 6

Write down and study last night’s dreams, as Moon connects with both Mercury and Neptune, sharpening intuitive perception.

This evening opens horizons in love, creativity, business and altruism, as Moon in visionary Sag joins both Venus and Jupiter. Sag’s optimism keeps us on the more fortunate side of these surprisingly serious connections.

We may be tempted to party, but tonight’s precious energy can make a positive difference if we channel it in significant relationships or efforts for work and discipline in general.

I provoke a pause to listen within, and I allow intuition to guide my actions, here and now.

Thursday, January 7

Issues of independence are triggered, with a square from Sun in Capricorn to Uranus in Aries, and contacts from Moon in adventurous Sagittarius to both Uranus and ruler Jupiter, planet of fortune that will also go retrograde today.

Events may seem to set us on edge, but if we keep a cool head, observe our feelings and give ourselves space to write them down or discuss them with a therapist, coach or wise confidante, we’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity to understand our own process and needs for authenticity.

From a practical perspective, working on your own is apt to be more satisfying than trying to collaborate harmoniously with others, and you can even make creative breakthroughs.

I am determined to grow and this clarity insures that only the best and the highest come to me through all situations now.

Friday, January 8

As the week closes, the New Year’s spirit of work finally sets in. Moon, and later Mercury, enter Capricorn, sign of diligence. Moon harmonizes with Mars the mover and Neptune the mystic, and Venus joins ruler Saturn the taskmaster.

We can use this day to prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon intentions in long-term business or relationship concerns, and take some action, however simple, on those goals.

Before going to bed tonight, connect with angels or spirit guides.

As I organize my goals, I visualize their success here and now.

Saturday, January 9

Today’s intense energies include aspects from today’s New Moon in Capricorn (5:30 pm PT; 8:30 pm ET) to powerhouse Pluto and earthshaking Uranus, making this a good morning to release belongings, attitudes and situations and close cycles in preparation for this afternoon’s New Moon in Capricorn.

Write your intentions for progress on things started before mid-December, when Mercury entered its shadow.

Service-related projects and intentions get a special boost from this lunation. Conjunct Pluto, it ties into the year’s numerology of 9, the number related to the planet of power, to release, generation of dharma, and missions of service.

The Sabian symbol for 20 Capricorn underscores this influence:

A RELAY RACE. EACH RUNNER SPRINGS EAGERLY INTO PLACE. Extreme of cooperation and give-and-take in life relationships. Full surrender of self to service. Planned group behavior.

I am determined to be a force for universal good, and this clarity mobilizes resources, opportunities, and connections of the highest and most powerful sort to me now.

Sunday, January 10

If you have something practical to do, plan to rise early and use the hours before 9:39 am (12:39 pm ET), when Moon will go VOC in Capricorn until 12:33 (3:33 ET), then entering Aquarius.

Have a friendly lunch but plan to keep it short and on the light side, as this evening Moon squares Mars the fighter, both in fixed (e.g. stubborn) signs, a good aspect for heroic deeds but one that can also detonate feistiness.

I am grateful that Spirit has a perfect idea for this day and is manifesting it, here and now.

Monday, January 11

We can make tangible headway in intellectual, creative or relational endeavors as Moon in brilliant Aquarius harmonizes with both Saturn the builder and Venus, goddess of love, in visionary Sag. Remember to focus on things begun before mid-December, when Mercury entered shadow.

The afternoon is particularly favorable for reaching agreements, until Moon goes VOC on a sextile to Uranus at 5:09 pm (8:09ET). Then, it’s a great time to read a good book, play chess, do crossword puzzles or another intellectual activity just for fun.

Infinite Intelligence moves me to express great good and I align my attention and actions with it now.

Tuesday, January 12

We can do brilliant work, in art, writing, architecture, promotion, preparing a proposal, or creative endeavors of any kind, thanks to Moon in inspired Pisces and a lovely trine from Venus the beautifier to Uranus the genius this afternoon.

This afternoon we can easily accede to and express the authentic self that has been in a birth process over the last several years. We can also enjoy social and cultural activities.

The Master Creator of all that is creates beauty and joy through me, for me and as me, here and now.

Wednesday, January 13

As Sun in worker-sign Capricorn trines Jupiter in diligent Virgo, we can direct our vitality in bold initiatives to open doors on things begun before mid-December.

A square from Venus to Chiron reminds us to turn our motions into acts of healing as we move in a conscious spirit of love.

Before I act, I center in love, and my motions become acts of healing now.

Thursday, January 14

Sun joins Mercury in Capricorn. With the messenger planet retrograde, this a great day for detecting inner blocks and using mirror work or other forms of self-dialogue.

After this self-therapy session, share your message or work with others. Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter, the publicist, as does Moon in Pisces, before contacting Mercury the communicator and self-expressive Sun. This is a powerful line-up for creative promotion and artistic or media activities.

Angelic forces pour through me and touch those who are ready for their message, here and now.

Friday, January 15

The day’s tone is serious and the influences propitious for independent work.

Waxing Moon in Aries moves us to close the week like a hero, or heroine, and a trine to Saturn this afternoon facilitates tangibles results.

Be flexible, focus on your own determined actions and avoid unnecessary arguments.

I do my best and leave the rest to Spirit, here and now.

Saturday, January 16

If we manage to stay centered in our hearts—and bodies—this morning can be sweet and even hot, in the best sense, as long as we remember not to sweat the small stuff and avoid getting picky.

Midday is good for promotional activities and adventures. Enjoy them, and take care to avoid accidents that might otherwise accompany the contact from Moon in Aries to Jupiter.

At 3:26 pm (6:26 ET), Moon goes VOC on its Second Quarter in Aries, triggering the following Sabian symbol:

THROUGH IMAGINATION, A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED. Beginning of mental maturity and slow growth of the creative faculty. Revision of attitude. Mental house-cleaning.

This poetic wake-up call presages an apt afternoon for getting back to metaphysical basics, applying our creative imagination to restoring our good, and sweeping through our subconscious minds to detect and release limiting beliefs and resentments. Mercury in shadow also favors this inner house-cleaning.

My good comes from an Infinite Source, and in response to my clear intent and loving vibration, it manifests quickly now.

Sunday, January 17

Moon in Taurus would keep things calm, if it weren’t for an opposition to Mars this morning that mobilizes us to defend a cause or loved one, favoring ecological or human rights activities.

Things cool down at 11:28 am (2:28 pm ET), when Moon harmonizes with Neptune, highly propitious for creative or artistic activities, a sensual lunch or taking in a concert or mystical event, particularly one that features music.

A nighttime square from Venus to Jupiter is great for love, both personal and universal.

Only Spirit can act through me, so my actions are perfect, now and always.

Monday January 18

Taurus Moon makes a string of harmonies and helps ground the influence of Mars in penetrating Scorpio as it trines Neptune in psychic Pisces.

If we visualize perfect outcomes and let our intuition guide our actions on intentions seeded before mid-December, this can be a day of breakthroughs.

Take special care to avoid substance abuse, driving under the influence or on wet roads, and dense atmospheres.

Keep a notebook by your bed and remember to write your dreams on waking, as tonight’s aspects precipitate healing messages from dreams.

I am worthy of wellness and success, and I follow my intuition to act on them now.

Tuesday, January 19

Moon in Gemini, sign of words, make tense contacts to Neptune and Mars. We can be well served by taking some time to cogitate, meditate, use affirmations and mantras, and create something new with our words. Avoid unnecessary conflicts and confusion by thinking before you speak, and again after you’ve held conversations.

The essence of my words is divine, and the divine essence of my words is an active substance that generates good for all involved now.

Wednesday, January 20

Our minds are sharpened and communications electrified in an interesting balance of diplomacy and confrontation, thanks to Moon in Gemini and ruler Mercury squaring Uranus, planet of genius, both in cardinal signs.

It’s favorable today to generate communications and short trips to tackle problems. For instance: write an outline or a letter to Congress, get some bureaucracy taken care of, make a phone call to ask for help or information, clarify a misunderstanding, or push yourself over some other little hurdle that’s stewing in the back of your mind.

Infinite Intelligence has a solution to every situation, and I move forward in that assurance now.

Thursday, January 21

Moon in Cancer stirs our maternal instincts, with contacts that increase our intuition and lift our focus beyond our family of origin to encompass all beings.

Favored: meditate on love, forgiveness, metta or your favorite modality of compassion, donate to a humanitarian cause, volunteer to help animals or children, take tangible steps on a creative project, visit a psychic or get a card reading.

With Spirit’s help, I embrace myself and all beings with love, here and now.

Friday, January 22

This morning we can use sensitive Cancer Moon and its tense aspects to take some time out to explore and heal our emotions, research the family tree, or get a good look at something hidden in our business affairs or organization.

We should avoid taking things personally, getting into fights and in general dealing with people or situations that might get heavy.

The influences become more outward-oriented this afternoon, and we can use the last day of the waxing Moon to tie up the work week productively by moving on things before mid-December.

I give thanks for the gift of this day, and use it to generate inner and outer good, here and now.

Saturday, January 23

Although Moon is VOC, it still performs in Cancer, and this morning’s influences favor tangible progress.

At 11:14 am (2:14 ET), Moon enters Leo. Enjoy an art show, workshop or play, or show your affection.

Luna becomes full at 5:46 pm (8:46 ET). The Sabian symbol for 4 degrees is:

ELDERLY MAN GAZES AT MOOSEHEAD ON CLUBROOM WALL. Self-development through the culture of masculine activities. Subservience of individual to social patterns of behavior.

The symbol happens to resonate with the entrance of Venus, planet of values and relationships, in Capricorn, sign of social hierarchy.

Those of us who find the symbol rather repugnant may use the occasion to ask ourselves how we are applying our inner warrior energies, and what kind of trophies we wish to accumulate and leave as a legacy—contributing to new paradigms instead of feeding obsolete ones by default.

Infinite Intelligence has a perfect idea for my legacy and it reveals and facilitates its manifestation now.

Sunday, January 24

Although the Moon is in ludic Leo, her contacts—to warrior planets Mars and Saturn and radioactive Pluto—keep the tone serious, and can help us move assertively on the legacy we have chosen to build in the light of yesterday’s Full Moon.

Take a slice of freedom pie when Moon goes VOC on a trine to Uranus the liberator in Aries, sign of the child, at 6:51 pm (9:51 ET), and enjoy your own company and that of relaxed others.

I enjoy creating a unique legacy, and move to do so, here and now.

Monday, January 25

Moon VOC in Leo is great for having fun. Now is the moment to plan a romantic brunch, clown around, and postpone key actions and purchases for tomorrow or tonight after 7:46 pm (10:46 ET), when Moon enters Virgo.

Mercury goes direct today, and though it will still be in shadow through mid-February, today’s station give us a sense of direction based on the insights gleaned during the last six weeks.

The Sabian symbol for its station at 15 Capricorn describes:

IN A HOSPITAL, A CHILDREN’S WARD FILLED WITH PLAYTHINGS. The goodness of life in the tragic trials of first-attempts of self-regeneration. Administered responsibility, or escape.

I release the pressures of the outer world and enjoy the magic of healing, here and now.

Tuesday, January 26

We can direct our nerdiness into creative imagination this morning, as Moon in Virgo connects with artists Sun and Neptune.

Then take some time to organize for success in preparation for this afternoon’s harmony from this grounded, practical Moon to Mars the warrior in penetrating Scorpio, propitious for direct, incisive and powerful action, with healing and transformational results.

I apply my inner and outer resources to manifest the good I dream of now.

Wednesday, January 27

Moon in efficient Virgo connects with three agents of deep change: Pluto, Uranus and Chiron.

These influences combine with the vibration of Wednesday, ruled by connective Mercury, and the disseminating energies of number 9, to lend special power to our communications, particularly those done in a spirit of service and generosity.

Unplug and enjoy a healthy dinner and a walk outdoors after the Moon goes VOC on a conjunction with Jupiter at 4:11 pm (7:11 ET).

I am a powerful instrument for divine ideas and I act to share them, here and now.

Thursday, January 28

The vibration of number 1 increases the leadership potential of Thursday, ruled by easygoing Jupiter, encouraging us to use Moon in social Libra in bold initiatives to get others involved in team efforts and make headway in negotiations or an amorous pursuit.

An evening square to Venus in Capricorn favors concrete progress or adjustments in agreements. Work alone or apply conscientious diplomacy.

I don’t wait for others to join me, I take the lead and invite them, here and now.

Friday, January 29

This morning our diligent, creative efforts produce beautiful results as Moon in artistic Libra sextiles Saturn the worker.

This afternoon, the energies shift, accentuating the picky side of Libra but also its thoughtfulness, an aptitude intensified by the vibrations of thinker-planet Mercury as it joins deep Pluto.

Relating becomes a bit prickly, but we can make headway with editing, researching and independent creative activities, until 5:34 pm (8:34 ET), when Moon goes VOC on an opposition to Uranus the rebel.

Work on transforming your thought patterns tonight.

I enjoy being a productive channel for divine intelligence, here and now.

Saturday, January 30

Moon is VOC in Libra most of the day, and ruler Venus sextiles Neptune, combining with the expressive energies of number 3 to accentuate creativity. Take some down time, play with ways to beautify your work and life, and enjoy a concert or romantic brunch.

It’s propitious to meditate on compassion, metta and divine love.

At 7:50 pm (10:50 ET), Moon enters Scorpio, increasing our capacity for intimacy and favoring deep research.

The heart of the goddess shines through my being and I radiate love for myself and others now.

Sunday, January 31

Creativity and compassion continue and can be deeply healing, with harmonies from Moon in Scorpio to Neptune and Venus.

A square from Mercury in no-nonsense Capricorn to Uranus in warrior-sign Aries, suggests that the love that’s activated today is not the cushy, fuzzy kind, but is combined with a healthy dose of detachment.

Today is a time to engage in a group that puts us in resonance, to participate in humanitarian efforts, contact angels, get a psychic or oracle reading, and meditate on forgiveness, metta or loving kindness in our own preferred manner.

The combination can also make for brilliant intellectual work.

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