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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, June 1-30, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 1, 2016

Daykeeper Daily Astrology Forecast, June 2016

Our listings are in Pacific Time. Here’s a handy time zone converter for your location (will open in a new window).

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for June

Wednesday, June 1

If you have to get something important done, do it before 8:46 am (11:46 ET), when Moon goes VOC in feisty Aries on a conjunction to Uranus the shaker.

The rest of the day, we can try to find low-key outlets for our physical and mental energy, such as brisk walking, yoga, tai chi, gardening, a game of darts or other competitive fun. Avoid extreme sports, imbibing in excess and anything risky, particularly involving vehicles.

A square from Sun to Neptune is not so great for mental or communicative clarity, but does favor spiritual activities. Emotional healing and art can be inspired.

Moon enters Taurus at 7:46 pm (10:46 ET). Enjoy a relaxed dinner with a side of sensuality.

I am an original expression of divine intelligence, and I allow myself to enjoy it, here and now.

Thursday, June 2

Creativity abounds as Venus, planet of beauty, squares inspirational Neptune.

The same theme is touched from a different angle as radiant Sun opposes demanding Saturn. This connection makes us nervous about self-expression, and a tad perfectionistic, but the pressure can also be conducive to excellent results.

In the midst of these theatrics, Taurus Moon helps us keep our feet on the ground with contacts to success planets Saturn and Jupiter that nudge us into movement.

I am not afraid of my vision, and I move to consolidate it, here and now.

Friday, June 3

The effects of last night’s opposition from Sun to tough Saturn linger and are rubbed in by another opposition, this time from Venus–planet of love and money—again to Saturn.

We have a chance to look at and release our intolerance towards others and ourselves. Balsamic Moon in Taurus also helps us release objects, attachments and attitudes that block our abundance.

Therapy, self-dialogue and mirror work are particularly propitious.

The day’s Number 3 reminds us to make it fun.

Consider a Balsamic fest, where you join with friends to each give away something you’re not using: books, clothing, household effects, even food. Go to an orphanage or homeless kitchen together and give it away. Then regroup and take turns saying aloud what you want to release, before repeating affirmations like the one that follows.

By moving out my belongings, I have made a space for the angels and cosmic spiritual forces to move out situations and attachments that were blocking my prosperity, here and now.

Saturday, June 4

Today’s New Moon in Gemini is exactly conjunct sweet Venus and triggers a grand cross involving the heavy players of the last few days: expansive Jupiter, inspirational Neptune and demanding Saturn.

It’s a tense but highly creative chart that stimulates artistic production and triggers dialogues. It can help us apply beauty and charm to improving communications, and can even help us move to a higher resonance of love for self and others.

The Sabian symbol describes:

TWO DUTCH CHILDREN ARE STUDYING THEIR LESSONS TOGETHER. Conscious approach to spiritual truth and underlying meanings. Open-mindedness. Clarity of thought along traditional.

Before speaking, I visualize what I want to express. Before creating, I radiate what I want to give. Before intending, I center in love for myself and others now.

Sunday, June 5

Fresh from a contact with Pluto the Intense, Gemini Moon favors deep thinking, analyzing our dreams, research and talking about intimacy.

If you’re not sleeping in today, use these influences early, since Moon goes VOC at 9:47 (12:47 ET). The rest of the day is good for reading, introspection and, if we look out for touchiness, playing table games.

At 8:41 pm (11:41 ET), Moon enters Cancer.

I have a direct connection with the Source of all wisdom, and It guides me, instructs me and reveals what I need to see, here and now.

Monday, June 6

A conjunction from Sun to Venus in Gemini illuminates our ability to radiate love in our words and dealings with others, while a trine from Moon in sensitive Cancer to compassionate Neptune facilitates forgiveness, empathy and desire to help those who most need it.

This is the day to get support for an altruistic cause, heal our hearts or a relationship or improve a negotiation.

Nighttime contacts from Venus and Sun to transformative Pluto invite us to go all out with our healing intentions, which can precipitate powerful dreams and new levels of intimacy.

There is no place in my mind or my past that is out of the reach of the Omnipresent Love that shines its rays in everything and brings forth only the good, here and now.

Tuesday, June 7

Provoke a pause and listen to intuition this morning, when an opposition from sensitive Cancer Moon to dredger Pluto favors emotional perspective, and meditating, creating, or working alone.

Afternoon harmonies from Moon to Uranus in Aries and dynamic Mars in Scorpio combine instinct with impulse, great for acting boldly on the wisdom gleaned this morning.

I am made in the image and likeness of wisdom, and it lights my path of wellness and success, now and always.

Wednesday, June 8

Vitality surges with the waxing Moon in Leo, whose contacts to Saturn and Neptune point to visualization and effort as keys to manifestation.

Mercury finally emerges from post-retrograde shadow. Things will flow better, particularly our communications, and we can finally plant the seeds of something new.

An afternoon harmony from Mercury in Taurus, sign of prosperity, to Chiron in Pisces, sign of faith, accents the power of our words to heal beliefs around abundance.

My Divine Source isn’t making me wait to receive my prosperity. It makes rich supply appear for me through infinite channels right where I am now, and I am grateful.

Thursday, June 9

Dramatic Leo Moon makes multiple contacts, helping direct our theatrical impulses in constructive ways.

The best of these are on paper or in another creative medium for later presentation, since an opposition from Mercury the communicator to warrior Mars is apt to trigger our feisty side. We can use the silver lining to work out plans for negotiation, promotion and sales and write them down on paper.

My clear image of what I want goes before me to smooth my way and open all doors for me, here and now.

Friday, June 10

Pamper the diva within this morning, as the Moon rises VOC in Leo.

Productivity kicks in when Moon enters Virgo at 6:46 am (9:46 ET), enforced by the dynamic vibrations of Number 1, to help charge ahead with focus and give tangible form to our desired results.

Divine Source doesn’t doubt its capacity, and I put all doubts behind me as I move forth now.

Saturday, June 11

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, planet of work, who bugs us out of bed and pushes us to face our need for self-sufficiency with a square from Moon in diligent Virgo.

This well-grounded Moon joins expansive Jupiter at midday and later trines Pluto the powerful, a fortuitous combination that favors almost anything. Though harmonious, their forces are worth directing in something important. Reconnect with an estranged or neglected dear one, ask for support to achieve your dreams, give your all for a healing treatment or path.

I lift my sights beyond routine and open doors of wellness and meaning now.

Sunday, June 12

Rise early to use a harmony from Venus, planet of beauty, to brilliant Uranus: great for making or recovering connections with people, releasing artificial attachments in love, and having breakthrough inspiration for publicity or any kind of creative work.

Moon reaches her First Quarter in Virgo, triggering this Sabian symbol:

A JEWELED ROYAL COAT OF ARMS IS DISPLAYED AT A MUSEUM. Preservation of ancient values for healthy veneration by youthful individuals. Certification of merit. Aristocracy.

At 7:47 am (10:47 ET), Moon goes VOC in Virgo. The rest of day is good for taking care of ourselves, and reaching out and expressing gratitude to loved ones and teachers.

At 5:33 pm (8:33 ET), Moon enters sociable Libra.

I give thanks for the light inherited from wise teachers, and release all else, as I heed the new Sun that rises through me, here and now.

Monday, June 13

On this day ruled by the Moon, our nighttime light is in socially adept Libra. The constructive energy of Number 4 brings out the more ambitious instincts of what is often the most laid back of the cardinal signs, helping us break through mental and bureaucratic limitations as we follow up on good intentions to call, visit, promote to or negotiate with key people.

I reach out to those who matter in my heart and life, here and now.

Tuesday, June 14

Creative inspiration is unleashed and we can capture it in writing or other creative venues, thanks to a sextile from Sun in sharp Gemini to Uranus the individualist in confident Aries.

This harmony can also open the right doors, stimulate mind-to-mind connections, help us make changes in a personal or group situation, release a stifling connection, and even meet someone new.

Despite the enthusiasm in the air, try to tread lightly and avoid unnecessary fights. Wait until after the Moon-Uranus opposition at 5:32 pm (8:32 ET) to pursue people connections (with the exception of collaborative healing endeavors).

There’s still tension, but a trine from Moon to Sun in air signs optimizes the potential for easy communication.

Omnipresent Good is at work in every change, and only good can come from these changes now.

Wednesday, June 15

On a trine to ruler Venus in Gemini, Moon in affectionate Libra went VOC at midnight last night (3:00 am ET), so you may enjoy chatting, cuddling or doing something more in bed this morning.

The tone gets hotter at 6:18 am (9:18 ET) when Moon slips into Scorpio.

A bit later, a square from Sun in verbose Gemini to Chiron in mystical Pisces favors going to an usual art exhibit, doing art therapy or using a favored creative medium as a way to heal ourselves or the collective.

Another way to direct this combination is by praying for the world, for the sea creatures or another special needs group or species.

The true essence and substance of the planet is divine, and I am grateful that the divine substance of the planet is working to produce perfect outcomes for herself and all beings now.

Thursday, June 16

Intuition flows like a vast, underground river, with Moon in deep Scorpio harmonizing with psychic Neptune, expansive Jupiter and intense Pluto.

Use this highly inspirational combination to do or receive healing, particularly a therapeutic regression or meditation on forgiveness. Visit a psychic, consult the I Ching, and invoke the angels or other positive spiritual forces.

Artists, magicians and witches can make creative use of the window on the unconsciousness opened by this graceful combination.

And don’t neglect practical concerns, as they also can work well, definitely better than tomorrow.

The waters of love flow through me, freeing me from resentments and renewing my being, here and now.

Friday, June 17

We should take care of negotiations, tense interchanges or key actions very early, or save them for tonight or another day, as Moon goes VOC in Scorpio on a conjunction to Mars, the warrior planet, at 6:52 this morning (9:52 ET).

There is one activity that is favored by the ensuing transits: healing. Enjoy recharging your batteries because tomorrow comes on like a revved-up success coach.

The tension eases as Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:34 pm (9:34 ET), with contacts to love planets Venus and Neptune, great for romance, dancing, music and art.

The radiant substance of the Universe fills my life, and manifests every good thing for me, here and now.

Saturday, June 18

Moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius connects with our highest visions, while aspects to Mercury the speaker and Saturn the worker push us to get our best ideas across and put feet on our dreams.

I visualize and act on my life’s mission and make of this day an act of power now.

Sunday, June 19

Moon in Sagittarius is great for celebrating Father’s Day.

It trines Uranus, so an inspirational workshop or group can also be exciting.

Share a ray of today’s light with the dads in your life, on this day that also favors releasing and healing our wounds around Father, and, with the numerology of 1, starting anew.

I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to heal my father programs, and I celebrate my freedom, here and now.

Monday, June 20

If possible, take the day off and celebrate Summer Solstice, which happens to be marked by a sunrise Full Moon, known as the Hot, Strawberry, Honey, Rose or Lotus Moon. At almost 30 degrees of Sagittarius, it triggers the so-called Aries point twice: joining zero Capricorn and opposing the Solstice Sun in zero Cancer.

The majestic Sabian symbol says:

THE POPE IS HOLDING AUDIENCE IN A HALL AT THE VATICAN. Wealth of spiritual resources that can be tapped for the glorification of every relationship. Concrete form of ideals.

This is a good time to review progress on the intentions we established last New Year, to see which ones are still a priority and what spiritual resources we could be tapping to precipitate their manifestation.

Moon enters Capricorn less than an hour after reaching fullness and then opposes people-planet Venus. Moon’s authoritarian ruler, Saturn, gets an opposition from Mercury, planet of communication. So it doesn’t look like such an easy people day, although it does favor making plans and setting intentions with those of industrious spirit who happen to share our ideals and goals.

Solstice is exact at 3:41 pm (6:41 ET), when Sun enters Cancer. This will be the shortest night of the year, when sunlight seeps into the dark, intuition surges and fairies come out to play.

I am one with magic, and I allow myself to live it, here and now.

Tuesday, June 21

Today is good for doing or continuing Full Moon rituals. In Capricorn, her light helps us plan, strategize and organize for the success of our intentions.

We can channel the assertive energy of Tuesday, ruled by Mars, and the fortunate trine from Moon to Jupiter, in concrete actions which are best in the morning. Moon hooks up with Pluto, Mr. Intense, at 12:16 pm (3:15 ET), giving an extra dose of power to our afternoon magic and healing work.

I am made in the image and likeness of power, and I commit to living my path of power now.

Wednesday, June 22

Moon in Capricorn goes VOC in the wee hours, yet it sextiles with Chiron, facilitating the healing needed in order to manifest our Solstice and Full Moon goals.

Master Number 22, today’s date, optimizes the power of our intent, particularly in relation to goals that benefit the masses.

At 1:08 pm (4:08 ET), Moon enters Aquarius, awakening our uniqueness, which we can channel in inspired communication, teaching, learning and promotion, with the help of a contact from Mercury the messenger to publicist planet Jupiter.

I’m worthy of wellness and success, and I apply my inner and outer resources to manifest them, here and now.

Thursday, June 23

We can break through limits to authentic self-expression, as Moon in original Aquarius connects with benefic Venus and Jupiter, and harmonizes with Saturn, planet of diligence and Moon’s co-ruler. Think of things you’re working on or would like to, in which you somehow repress your self-expression.

Provoke a pause to listen to your own true voice, ask yourself what you’d really like to say and then find a way to get it out.

I love myself, and I pause before sharing my ideas to make sure they resonate for me now.

Friday, June 24

This Friday wanted to incarnate as a Sunday so we could play hooky. If you can’t, this is how to work with it:

Early morning is creative and perhaps lustful, thanks to a square from Moon to hot Mars. However, this incendiary combo may lead us to say things we later regret, so keep as low a profile as possible.

Independent work can be quite rewarding.

Postpone the impulse to speed while driving or anything else that looks risky or accelerated.

At 8:48 am (11:48 ET), Moon in spacey Aquarius goes VOC on a harmony to Uranus. Our spirits soar. Meditate, read a good book, give yourself playtime, or infuse your creative work with an audacious touch. Your mind can fly, but when it comes to your body, continue to avoid risks during this VOC.

Save key actions, communications and purchases for after 7:30 pm (10:30 ET), when Moon enters Pisces.

The Universe pours its radiant, loving substance into my life, and I am blessed in every way, here and now.

Saturday, June 25

Sensitivity is at an all-time high as Moon in Pisces makes harmonies to Sun and Venus in sweet Cancer.

This morning, take some time with yourself or a sensitive circle to radiate love, meditate, consult the I Ching or your preferred oracle, do psychic work, visualize and focus on creativity.

At 3:54 pm (6:34), Saturn brings us back to earth for a reality check, good for getting our houses in order.

Make it a quickie, as Moon slides up to ruler Neptune this evening and magic reasserts itself. Contact angels and guides, heal the inner child or center your mind in your preferred manner to prepare for tomorrow’s portal of power.

I make a space for the sacred, and omnipresent good shields my home and life now.

Sunday, June 26

Opportunity knocks as fortunate Jupiter in practical Virgo trines Pluto the powerful. As mentioned in our monthly influences section, this connection has draped the whole month in a mist of magical possibilities, and hopefully your efforts have been directed towards the growth, healing and expansion that it offers.

As the aspect perfects, today is particularly propitious for a key appointment, presentation or campaign, or for closing a cycle that had been oppressing you.

Also, communicative Mercury can open doors as it sextiles Uranus the liberator.

Although it’s Sunday, this is your appointed time: make a place for yourself in the game.

I don’t wait for things to be just right, I show up for life and jump start the action, here and now.

Monday, June 27

Dynamism fuses with faith. Moon is in restless Aries and Venus, planet of love in subtle Cancer, trines angel-planet Neptune in the sign of its rule.

As she reaches her Last Quarter, Moon calls us to review our progress and press onward with those intentions we can still consolidate. The Sabian symbol underscores the theme of active effort and otherworldliness:

A PERSON EXPRESSES HERSELF AT ONCE IN TWO REALMS… Versatility in work. Self-expansion.

Press on throughout the day, as evening is the most productive hour of all.

In fact, if tonight’s cardinal squares bring insomnia, instead of fighting it, try getting up and staying productive.

Spirit loves me, Reality loves me. There is no such thing as hard reality because Spirit is the decisive power. This recognition opens me up to new awareness and new results, here and now.

Tuesday, June 28

Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, and the planet of action also relates to today’s number 1, as well as ruling the current Moon in Aries. All this oomph makes our feet itch for the gas pedal.

The aspects, however, are tense. It’s best to direct movement in bold actions that don’t require much interaction and avoid situations that could get unnecessarily tense or even explosive.

For instance: break through your inner blocks and straighten out your books, move out stuff you can throw or give away, varnish furniture, edit a proposal, weed the garden or wash and wax the car.

The way is clear to direct our energy in meaningful connection after Moon joins Uranus at 5:12 pm (8:12 ET) and moves to a midnight sextile to Mercury.

No occurrence or situation can withhold divine substance from me. I dissolve the blocks in my own mind, and all other blocks or setbacks fade away, here and now.

Wednesday, June 29

Moon enters Taurus at 3:03 am (6:03 ET), and Mercury enters Cancer. Both signs are good for business and it’s worth the extra effort to overcome inertia, and use Mars’ station direct today to move on intentions that have somehow seemed stuck for the last ten weeks.

In fact, in the tangible afterglow of Jupiter’s success-and-money trine to Pluto, it’s a great day to set our sights on the bull’s eye in preparation for tomorrow’s lunar activation of that trine.

Use Cancer intuition to plan communication strategies.

Affirmation (repeat 10 times before going to sleep): Deep within me, I know how the best way to manifest (state your intention for success or prosperity), and it’s revealed to me in clear, constructive dreams that I remember on waking.

Thursday, June 30

It’s an Eclipse! It’s a stellium! No, it’s a grand trine in earth signs with Jupiter and Pluto! Whatever commitments you may have, whatever your energy level when you get, roll or crawl, out of bed this morning, and don’t let the day slip by without taking a daring step to make your dreams concrete.

Venus in Cancer gives the day an interesting twist as she opposes Pluto. Use your feminine gifts of intuition, cooperation and calm even as you move ahead.

My progress is guided by Spirit, and I move forward with courage and softly now.

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