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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, July 1–31, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 1, 2016

Daily Astrology Forecast, July 2016

Our listings are in Pacific Time. Here’s a handy time zone converter for your location (will open in a new window).

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for July

Friday, July 1

The waning Moon in Gemini favors communication directed at consolidating things we’ve already begun rather than starting something new, and the numerology of 1 bolsters our follow-through.

A sextile from Venus in tender, savvy Cancer to Jupiter in earthly Virgo helps us close the week with healing connections and positive results in work or business.

Tonight and tomorrow, the best kind of partying includes tasty yet healthful food.

The love I share and give myself brings forth wellness and prosperity for all concerned, here and now.

Saturday, July 2

Yesterday’s sweet influence lingers, although Saturday is Saturn’s day, and its pragmatism is fueled by an early quincunx from Sun to the planet of work, an aspect that sets a serious tone and stirs a thirst that can be quenched with productivity.

A contact from Moon to Jupiter expands the vibrations of good will and fortune.

Whether for work or warmth, cover your bases before 8:43 pm (11:43 ET), when Moon goes VOC.

I invite divine substance to produce perfect results through me now.

Sunday, July 3

As Sun in sensitive Cancer trines Neptune in psychic Pisces. Today is good for going to the beach and spiritual activities. Intuition flourishes—consult the I Ching, favorite oracle cards or your own inner voice.

If she’s still in the physical, visit your mother. Otherwise, contact her psychically and send her thoughts of gratitude, and/or forgiveness.

The sensitivity extends into the evening, when Moon slides up to Mercury in Cancer, and we can put our feelings into words. Use it and today’s expressive vibration of number 3, to make your own affirmation. Think of what you most like about your life, finances, wellness or whatever you wish to heal, and create a sentence you sincerely feel, to repeat for at least six minutes daily during the next four weeks.

Spirit doesn’t make me depend on people or circumstances for my good, It brings my good forth through infinite channels, here and now. I am grateful for my emotional and financial independence.

Monday, July 4

Monday is Moon’s day, and today our nighttime luminary becomes new in Cancer (4:01 am PT; 7:01 am ET), sign of her rule.

In conjunction with Venus and connecting with the waning Jupiter-Pluto trine, this lunation can help us find spiritual and financial independence.

The chart has connections with American Independence, Brexit, and the British Empire (see General Influences for more). Together, they indicate an opportunity for greater independence in consciousness and manifestation.

We can see how this is implied in the Sabian symbol:

A hand with a with a prominent thumb is held out receptively. Strong, active and self-certain will, or persistent yet blind plunging ahead into reality. Freedom from soft illusions.

Note the importance of the hand in this symbol. Hands appear in sacred symbols and art worldwide, and they are key to the expression of our power.

The Latin etymology of the word “manifestation” is related to the Sabian symbol, comprising the Latin manus, “hand”, and festus, celebration, meaning, “to celebrate with the hands”.

The word “human” also shares the root manus.

We are at a crossroads for humanity’s recovery of our ability to determine our fate, to choose how we will interact with the systems that seem to control our lives and to which we have ceded our power. Today’s lunation can be watershed for recovering our power of choice, personally and collectively.

Check the July General Influence section for more on the fascinating symbol of hands, thumbs and also today’s historic connection of probe Juno with planet Jupiter.

Spirit doesn’t make me depend on people or circumstances for my good, It brings my good forth through infinite channels, in freeing and joyous ways, here and now. I am grateful for my emotional and financial independence now.

Tuesday, July 5

An early trine from communicative Mercury in sensitive Cancer to psychic Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule, accents the intuition now prevailing and creates bridges between our words and the subtle realms.

Write down, record or share and analyze your dreams. If you can’t remember them, try this to open the door to your deep mind: provoke a pause to breathe slowly and deeply and listen to your feelings and the still small voice within.

Although Moon is VOC, in Cancer it still performs, also favoring business, particularly when enriched by the active energy of Mars-ruled Tuesday and its number, 5.

At 9:28 am (12:28 ET), Moon enters Leo. Express your passion in written or other creative work, go on an adventure or have fun with kids. Avoid pushiness and false pride.

My feelings are a doorway to deeper truths, and I pause to perceive them now.

Wednesday, July 6

We won’t want to waste this highly creative, potentially romantic and possibly sexy day on any company that is less than wonderful.

Spheres and signs of art fuse as Moon in Leo makes an early connection to Neptune in Pisces. Creative and biological fertility flower as Venus harmonizes with hot Mars in insatiable Scorpio. Enjoy a tantric encounter or conceive a child or another work of beauty.

A nighttime conjunction of Sun with perceptive Mercury in sensitive Cancer compliments the day’s fertility, joining rational and intuitive mind to optimize awareness and facilitate creative communication. We can enjoy the latter in person or through writing.

I call on the Masculine and Feminine expressions of Divinity to blend and create through me, in me and around me now.

Thursday, July 7

A wee hour opposition from mental Mercury to Pluto the powerful brings new light on the changes in the financial system. Hidden information is apt to come to light that will give us a glimpse at what’s taking place beneath the surface, collectively and in our own minds and situations. A mental purging is triggered.

Ride the wave by asking yourself these and compatible questions:

  • How may I be sabotaging myself?
  • What intuitive guidance for wellness and prosperity do I have yet to act on?
  • What attitudes of unworthiness or limitation may be blocking my financial abundance?

Inner and independent work is apt to be more rewarding than interaction with others, unless it’s crisis work, like deep therapy or confronting abuse, or perhaps meeting with your coven. Even in these situations, procure safe contexts and situations and avoid power struggles.

The light of truth shines in this situation, and I am ready to see it clearly now.

Friday, July 8

A morning sextile from communicative Mercury to Jupiter, planet of promotion, helps us sell our products and services, send a proposal, impart or take a class or exam or contact someone distant.

Beginning with a square from Moon to Saturn, the energy shifts at 12:01 (3:01 pm ET) and the afternoon is better for independent work or healing efforts.

My opportunities are not in some other place or time. Spirit brings them forth where I am through Its infinite channels now.

Saturday, July 9

Today’s early energies are worth rising for, even on the weekend. Moon in diligent Virgo harmonizes with communicative Mercury and busy Mars, who may not let us rest anyway. These influences blend with the numerology of 9 to favor consolidation of things previously begun.

At 8:28 am (11:28 ET), our heart rate slows down, as Moon goes VOC on a sextile to Venus. Enjoy a cozy meal and cuddle with someone comfortable; call on a friend or loved one to show you care.

I am a channel for divine warmth, and I act to share it now.

Sunday, July 10

Confidence got a boost in the wee hours, thanks to a sextile from Sun to Jupiter.

This influence combines with today’s trine from Mercury the communicator to leader Mars and Moon in Libra, to help us express our point of view and our needs effectively, to interact assertively and to get positive answers to our requests.

In spite of my concern for the approval of others, I ask for what I need and want and this clarity magnetizes my good to me now.

Monday, July 11

This is the last day that Venus, planet of love, will be in maternal Cancer. By tomorrow afternoon, both she and messenger Mercury will be in Leo.

Also, tomorrow’s lunar aspects are tense, so use today to say kind things you have pending and express nurturing affection to others and yourself.

It’s a great time to written inner dialogue, visualize success, send notes and make calls, as Mercury trines healing Chiron, optimizing the healing force of our words.

Moon reaches her First Quarter in Libra, calling for a check-in regarding progress on the intentions we seeded at the New Moon last week.

The Sabian symbol reminds us that we are not alone in their pursuit:

HOT SUNDAY CROWDS DELIGHT IN THE COOL SEA BREEZE. Fundamental popularity of natural values. Communion in objects of real and universally recognized worth. Association.

My words speak love and wellness into existence, and I use them consciously, here and now.

Tuesday, July 12

The day begins with restlessness and perhaps romantic anxiety. Hold your horses and focus on independent, creative activities that make the most of Moon in Libra and her VOC at 8:01 am (11:01 pm) on a square to Mercury in touchy Cancer.

At 1:52 pm (4:52 ET), Moon enters Scorpio. It’s a time to do research, enjoy a psychic consultation, or muster the courage to close a cycle or move on intentions for inner and outer change.

Therapy and healing can be effective, as can close contacts of the tantric kind.

Watch for unnecessary spats that could fuel pride and resentment.

There is no lack of progress in my life. Spirit’s right action continues when I’m resting, healing or creating, and I give thanks for Spirit’s perfect progress, here and now.

Wednesday, July 13

Moon in deep Scorpio trines Neptune in sensitive Pisces, pouring intuitive vibrations into the last few hours of Mercury’s transit through Cancer. Write down hunches or messages from last night’s dreams, throw the I Ching or favorite cards, visit a psychic. The moment favors metta, forgiveness, or your preferred meditation for love and compassion.

At 5:47 pm (8:47 ET), Mercury enters Leo, and we can change the pace by sharing a table game or other weeknight fun.

I invoke (name your guardian angel, protective spirit or guide) and ask for her help to synchronize my thoughts with unconditional love, here and now.

Thursday, July 14

Feelings flow deep with Moon in Scorpio. Lunar aspects to Sun, Mars and Uranus in warrior sign Aries are better for confidence than cooperation. Take back your power by doing something to heal yourself, acting on your intuition (without concern for the opinions of others), and visualizing to create the life you want.

Cover important actions or purchases before 3:22 pm (6:22 ET), when Moon goes VOC. After that, enjoy a walk or other light exercise, practice creative visualization, drink alkaline water or herbal tea, smudge and bless your space.

We are not alone or subject to harm or limitation. Omnipresent Good is with us, filling our home, saturating the walls, floor and ceiling and we are shielded by Its light and power now.

Friday, July 15

Connections become radiant as Moon in charismatic Sagittarius trines both Mercury the connector and people-planet Venus in Leo, sign of fun and romance. This combination is great for presenting a case or project, but also to make a space for joy—by throwing a party, taking in an outdoor play or exhibit, or going on a date or camping trip.

I invite the Divine Heart to enjoy life through me, here and now.

Saturday, July 16

We can make a creative statement or rich connections with others, thanks to Moon in sociable Sagittarius and a conjunction of Mercury the transmitter with expressive Venus in Leo.

Ruler Sun in perceptive Cancer contacts Uranus and Mars, emboldening us to act on our intuition, with audacity and a healthy lack of concern for the opinions of others.

Releasing the opinions of others, I follow my own inner guidance to make this day an act of power now.

Sunday, July 17

Spring’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is actually a Christianized fest for the triple goddess, symbolized in the shamrock, known to the Celts as the Triple Mothers, Three Brigits or Three Morgans. In The Year of the Goddess, Lawrence Durron-Robertson describes an ancient Egyptian celebration of the triple deity–Father, Mother and Moon-Son—in mid-July, from which we can infer that the roots of this fest are universal and probably derive from pre-patriarchal Africa.

As we explore in detail in our General Influence section, the shamrock is a symbol of protection and the victory of the Sacred Feminine as she renews our physical and spiritual worlds.

This symbolism fuses nicely with today’s influences, as Mars and Sun make a grand trine to Chiron, the wounded healer.

I honor the sacred life forces of earth and sky, and thank them for renewing and shielding our world, here and now.

Monday, July 18

Devote this last day of the waxing Moon to build on dreams, focus on deep healing, and give structure to communications.

Moon in goal-oriented Capricorn connects with alchemical Neptune and Pluto, while Mercury in vibrant Leo trines Saturn, Moon’s ruler.

This is not a day to take lightly. The documents we prepare, the agreements we sign, the introspection we achieve, the bureaucracy we push through, will etch a lasting opening on our path.

My words and actions are forming my future, and I direct them clearly now.

Tuesday, July 19

We have another high-energy Tuesday, with ruler Mars doubly present in today’s numerology of 1.

Moon becomes Full in Capricorn (3:56 pm PT/6:56 pm ET), a portal of consolidation for the intuitively inspired intentions of the recent New Moon in Cancer.

Known as the Hay or Wort Moon, this moon relates to the first harvest of grain and herbs, and invites us to review our personal harvest from the last New Moon, and since Winter Solstice, when the newborn Sun began calling forth the life hidden in buried seeds.

Intuition surges, as do our connections with nature spirits.

The lunation forms a kite with sextiles to Mars and Chiron, indicating clarity and opportunities to act in healing ways.

The Sabian symbol describes:

THE AVIARY OF A RURAL MANSION FILLED WITH SINGING BIRDS. Enhancement of personality with spiritual values. Joying in the significance of things, or mental confusion.

The Full Moon also squares Uranus, suggesting that the birds may find a way out of the mansion. This surge towards freedom exists even within the context of our worldly goals, ruled by Capricorn.

Light a pink and/or green candle, light a stick of lavender incense or other herbal incense and call the herb spirits to protect and heal your spirit as you advance toward your goals.

Moon goes VOC on reaching fullness. Use our suggestions or your own preferred ritual before this happens or after 8:10 pm (11:10 ET), when Moon enters Aquarius.

I thank the herb spirits of the planet for their healing and protective assistance throughout the ages, and ask them to guide, heal and protect all light workers even as we work towards our earthly goals.

Wednesday, July 20

Moon in friendly Aquarius favors people connections, while the trine of Venus to Saturn gives a breath of enthusiasm to the work each of us has been doing in whatever house the planet of building is transit at 10 degrees Sagittarius.

Venus in Leo brings warmth, charisma and fun to our connections. Give yourself some positive recognition for all the efforts you’ve been making, put a touch of beauty into your projects, and connect with people who value and believe in you.

My persistent efforts affirm my love of life, of myself and of others, now and always.

Thursday, July 21

Creativity is unleashed, with Moon in brilliant Aquarius and a contact from creative Venus to imaginative Neptune, in artist signs Leo and Pisces.

Capture your inspiration in concrete form, take in an enlightening movie, or make what Julia Cameron calls “a date with the artist within”.

Seek out contacts that affirm, assist or benefit from your authentic self.

Act, dream and love before 6:56 pm (9:56 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a square to Mars, sharpening awareness but possibly fueling useless arguments and bombastic opinions.

I invite the angels of dreamtime to beautify my world with magic, here and now.

Friday, July 22

Inspiration flows and romance paints the dawn sky pink as Moon enters Pisces and Sun goes into Leo before rising. People connections can be both tender and warm.

Take in a film or share a walk in nature, on the beach or near trees.

Night is best for independent creative work or spiritual practice. Avoid loud or intrusive settings, guilt trips and substance abuse.

At the center of my being there shines a sacred Sun whose radiance shields me now and always.

Saturday, July 23

Angels and other positive spiritual forces come through as Moon in subtle Pisces connects with mental Mercury as well as Jupiter, planet of faith. Spiritual healing, channeling and acts of kindness and compassion are favored.

Relating can be pleasant as long as connections are easy going and light-hearted.

It’s a great day to do something creative or attend an open-air exhibit.

Take it easy and get to bed early in preparation for tomorrow’s thunder.

I am accompanied by positive spiritual forces whose light fills my world and lifts my spirits now.

Sunday, July 24

Moon in Aries puts us into a vital, high-energy mode.

It’s time to go for a brisk walk or bike ride, share shamanic drumming, have a picnic brunch or do something to help a loved one.

Think before speaking to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

No condition or influence can keep divine life from expressing itself perfectly through me now.

(This affirmation is quite powerful and quick in its healing effects. Adapt it to heal a specific organ or person. For example, “No condition or influence can keep divine life from expressing itself perfectly through Betty’s pancreas now.”)

Monday, July 25

This morning’s dreams can reveal something of value.

Interactions with others may be tense until 9:48 am (12:48 ET), when Moon trines Venus, planet of love.

The rest of the day favors stimulating and even exciting connections. Progress can be rich on physical, mental or romantic team endeavors.

I resonate with positive, fun and productive collaborators, who are drawn to me and appear here and now.

Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday is Mars’ day, and today the god of war gets us up with energy, as he also rules the early morning Moon in vital Aries.

Since Moon’s VOC, we’ll be able to direct this energy after 8:47 am (11:47 ET), when Moon enters Taurus.

Focus on goals or activities related to prosperity and self-esteem.

At 4:00 pm (7:00 ET), Moon reaches Last Quarter, activating the following Sabian symbol:

A YOUNG WIDOW, TRANSFIGURED BY GRIEF, KNEELS AT A GRAVE. Revelation of meaning behind fleeting appearances. Restless quest for understanding. Openness in moments of change.

So far, this Moon cycle has related to independence, goals and prosperity. The Last Quarter calls us to examine our values, release attachments to the world of appearances and develop the one lasting treasure: that of love.

I release unloving attitudes to myself and others and invite the light of kindness to shine in my thoughts and feelings now.

Wednesday, July 27

Recall and interpret your dreams this morning, as a very early trine from Mercury to Uranus awakens our genius.

A midday trine from Moon in prosperous Taurus to Pluto the powerful multiplies the fruits of our inner and outer actions, opening financial channels.

Not only our getting and receiving, but our giving will trigger circulation on this day whose influences include number 9, of service and philanthropy. Make a generous donation or offering, follow through on a promise or finish something as a tribute to the forces of completion.

I am not afraid to give, because I know that my good isn’t limited to my material possessions. My good flows from an Infinite Source and quickly surges in response to my faith-filled sharing now.

Thursday, July 28

Morning is good for a massage and may lead to something more, as Moon in sensual Taurus contacts Mars in lustful Scorpio. Erotic yes, harmonious no. Beyond the bed or hot tub, leave key dealings and prospects for after 10:00 am.

Though Moon is VOC, in Taurus she still performs, entering Gemini at 11:17 am (2:17 pm ET). Reach out to friends, loved ones, associates and clients this afternoon, since tomorrow’s influences favor neither harmony nor clarity, and on Saturday Mercury the connector enters the somewhat dry terrain of Virgo.

I allow myself to receive the happy connections that appear in my life for the good of all concerned, here and now.

Friday, July 29

Moon makes tense aspects to Neptune and Pluto, and Mercury the messenger squares Mars, the black belt of the zodiac. Efforts at communication and practical endeavors may lead to confusion or frustration.

What do go well are prayers, meditation, and dream or mirror work.

We can find solace and inspiration in music, and spend some time in nature or communicating with plant spirits.

These activities will also keep our vibrations high during Uranus’ station to retrograde this evening, a shift that brings perspective on our search for freedom.

I am not alone or subject to toxic or harmful influences. The Divine Companion is with me, and it is always beneficent, loving, truthful, harmonious, and prospering, prospering, prospering.

Saturday, July 30

This is a good morning to unplug and enjoy our freedom, with Moon going VOC in Gemini on a harmony to Uranus.

At 2:09 pm (5:09 ET), Moon enters Cancer and sextiles Mercury, complimenting the messenger planet’s healing potential as it enters Virgo.

Enjoy dinner at home and reach out to family or someone who can use a word of encouragement.

My joy in helping others strengthens the field of love that surrounds the planet now.

Sunday, June 31

Artistry, visualization, altruism and magic are some of the chords sounded by this morning’s harmony from Moon to Neptune.

An opposition from Moon in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn evokes the energies of the New Moon of July 4.

As the month comes to a close and the balsamic Moon facilitates endings and separation, we get another look at our areas of independence and prosperity, what they mean to us, how they are growing, and we can give the slip to the hype and beliefs connected to institutional systems.

This evening, Venus in Leo trines Uranus, which is retrograde in Aries,. We can center in our values, turn on the love and fuel the freedom.

No condition or influence can keep Spirit from expressing its freedom for me and through me, here and now.

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