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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, September 1–30, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 1, 2016

Daily Success Guide Free Daily Astrology Forecast, September 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for September

Thursday, September 1

This month of study and work gets off to a powerful start with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 2:03 this morning (5:03 ET).

Ruler Mercury happens to be retrograde, inviting us to apply the lunation’s force in something we’ve been focusing on for the last 12 months.

Whatever tasks you may have today, provoke a pause to reflect and connect.

The Sabian symbol harmonizes beautifully with the retrograde:

A MAN WITH TWO HEADS IS SEEN LOOKING OUT TO THE BEYOND. Consciousness functioning in inner and outer realms. Competence in understanding. Over-sensitiveness to life currents.

This Eclipse can reawaken us to the opportunities presented by Jupiter, and help us make a new start, before the planet of fortune exits Virgo, the sign of chastity, for the light skies of Libra on Monday, September 10.

Review the house/s occupied by Virgo in your chart to see where you have not yet collected the gold that Jupiter has been offering for the last 12 months. Forgive yourself for whatever limiting attitudes or beliefs have kept you from focusing on these opportunities, and establish a clear goal for the next ten days.

During the rest of today, lunar contacts to Neptune, Mars and Pluto favor intuition and trigger our warrior spirit, but are not so conducive to harmonious interaction, with the exception of spiritual encounters and deep therapy. A square from Sun to Saturn pushes us to organize for discipline and tangible results.

We should avoid potentially dense interchanges, oversensitivity and guilt trips, as this lunation is about forgiveness and reclaiming the power to ground our wellness and vocation.

Check the Monthly Influences for more detailed tips for your personal Sun and rising signs.

I call on my guides and positive spiritual companions to help me see and release any unconscious blocks to manifesting wellness and success. I am worthy of seizing the opportunities that are for me now.

Friday, September 2

The day gets off to a subtle start and intuition guides us to see through the fog as Sun opposes Neptune, making this morning good for dream interpretation, consulting a preferred oracle, visiting a psychic, creative visualization, and doing an Eclipse ritual.

The tempo picks up at 10:18 (1:18 pm ET), when Eclipse ruler Mercury aligns with Jupiter the fortunate in practical Virgo, calling us to act on our New Moon intentions (as described for yesterday and in our Monthly Influence section). The call is echoed as the waxing Moon takes a walk over Jupiter and Mercury. Use these fortunate triggers before 3:13 pm (6:13 ET), when Moon goes VOC.

At 5:55 pm (8:55 ET), she enters Libra. Take a break for friends and love.

Following my intuitive guidance, I act to manifest wellness, here and now.

Saturday, September 3

If you’re thinking about a romantic breakfast or coffee date, use the Libra Moon’s early conjunction to her ruler, Venus.

The rest of the morning can be quite productive on things seeded before August 9. Make constructive contacts and share attractive publications, broadcasting and teachings as Moon moves to sextile Saturn the builder in Sagittarius, planet of dissemination at 1:55 pm (4:55 ET).

Try to get it done by that time, since shortly thereafter lunar tensions with Neptune and later Pluto are too great for anything except visualizing, forgiveness and similar inner work.

Choose a cozy night at home over the cantina or a dubious reunion.

The good I seek is seeking me and I am ready to receive it now.

Sunday, September 4

Moon in social Libra contacts Chiron, the wounded healer. Plan for partnership therapy, a shamanic encounter, or another healing endeavor that requires connection. Such plans will help avoid the touchy, argumentative potential of this combination and optimize its opportunity.

The muse surges this evening, although forced or stilted encounters may become explosive, as Moon goes VOC on an opposition to upstart Uranus at 5:30 pm (8:30 ET). Read a stimulating book, journal about your true feelings, play a table game, or enjoy any amicable fun.

I make a space for wellness, and healing takes place here and now.

Monday, September 5

Scorpio Moon favors a low-key Labor Day, spent with harmonious people, in ther garden or other nature, and with light, intuitive practices like journaling or consulting the I Ching.

I am a deep channel for healing powers that flow through the planet now.

Tuesday, September 6

We can direct yesterday’s contemplative vitality in effective actions: the prosperous vibration of today’s number, 6, compliments harmonies from Moon in potent Scorpio to go-getter Sun and ruler Pluto, both in grounded earth signs.

A trine from Sun in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn adds power of penetration to the actions we take today and tomorrow. Follow through on the gifts of the New Moon Eclipse of September 1, and things begun before August 10. Focus particularly on healing and work, or the areas mentioned for your sign at the beginning of the month.

I love myself, so I take the time I need for wellness now.

Wednesday, September 7

Moon in intense Scorpio harmonizes with communicator Mercury and promoter Jupiter in Virgo, giving us a last-minute boost to consolidate intentions set at the New Moon Eclipse and whatever we’ve been working on in the areas of wellness, work, service, and the house of our chart that fortunate Jupiter has been transiting for the last year.

The influence of yesterday’s Sun-Pluto trine will still be behind our focused actions, and results can be long reaching.

At 5:43 pm (8:43 ET), Moon goes VOC. Take a late lunch or rest, leaving key actions and purchases for after 6:20 pm (9:20 ET).

I am not alone in my intention to finish what I began; the Universe supports me so I dare to take the next step, here and now.

Thursday, September 8

Today is productive through early afternoon, as Moon in enthusiastic Sag moves to join organized Saturn, further helped by today’s number, success number 8.

Use this energy before 3:06 pm, when the conjunction perfects and Moon rushes toward a square with foggy Neptune. Then, change gears and enjoy dream yoga, journaling, creative visualization, contacting light-beings and artistic activities.

An evening harmony to Venus, planet of love, accentuates the creative promise and favors a romantic dinner or relaunching a promotion started before August 10.

The Universe conspires for my success, and I collaborate with high thoughts and actions, here and now.

Friday, September 9

The week comes to a stylish close with First Quarter Moon in expansive Sagittarius and ruler Jupiter triggering the Aries point as he enters Libra. Moon also joins warrior planet Mars and trines rebel Uranus in feisty Aries just before going VOC in Sagittarius, where she still performs.

If those fireworks weren’t enough, Mercury retrograde in Virgo squares Mars.

The influences are more exciting than harmonious, propitious for heroic action, if we remember to listen before speaking, and avoid the temptation to be pushy, sermonize, or go too far.

If you’ve been stalling on an opportunity or shirking a challenge: focus on one thing, design your strategy and MOVE NOW.

I do not doubt my ability or luck, the success forces of the Universe are with me and I act in this certainty, here or now.

Saturday, September 10

At 5:55 (angel number), Moon enters Capricorn, adding ambition to today’s entrepreneurial number 1.

With Capricorn Moon’s ruler, Saturn, also ruling Saturday, the focus is definitely on building, yet Saturn’s square to dreamy Neptune indicates that pressing onward may not produce the results we seek.

In fact, there may be confusion and frustration as our dreams seem beyond reach. We can be led or forced to look at the pan on the back burner and discover that its contents have completely evaporated.

From now through Thursday, if your heart’s desire seems to slip away, remember that Saturn helps us wake up to the real work of manifestation.

As it side-bumps Neptune, ask yourself whether you are grounding your faith with a good visualization program, inner preparation and an organized strategy for progress.

Use this weekend and the next several days to ground this visualization and strategy.

The success power of the Universe is with me, and I actively collaborate by visualizing and planning for success, here and now.

Sunday, September 11

Moon in constructive Capricorn keeps us fired up for progress, while its aspects to Neptune, Pluto, Venus and Sun, gives continuance to yesterday’s creative and transpersonal themes.

Morning is good for therapy, dream interpretation and journaling to explore subconscious feelings, resentments and beliefs. Read an inspirational book, listen to gospel or other healing music, dissolve limiting beliefs, seek shortcuts and creative ways to press on.

Afternoon can be quite productive on things we started before August 10, and and especially so if our endeavors are humanitarian or creative.

Spirit is at the center of my life, so only good can come from it and through it now.

Monday, September 12

Morning favors reviewing problems with an eye for courageous solutions. In the wake of Saturday’s square between serious Saturn and slippery Neptune, and with retrograde Mercury squaring Mars, planning and visualizing are still better than actually doing things.

If possible, postpone key or new people connections for tomorrow. Unclutter, organize and visualize the new good you desire.

At 2:28 pm (5:28 ET), Moon enters Aquarius and the atmosphere lightens. A lunar trine to Jupiter and a conjunction from Sun to mental Mercury, accents both intellectual brilliance and common sense, a propitious combination for editing, studying and preparing a presentation or, for that matter, any communication tools you began to create before August 10, when Mercury entered the pre-retrograde shadow.

I use the quiet times to ponder and review, and in the dark a greater work is seeded, here and now.

Tuesday, September 13

Moon in facile Aquarius harmonizes with Saturn the builder and warm Venus, helping us work through people problems, advance on shared projects or follow up on contacts made before August 10.

Sun squares Mars, arousing our courage to act, though it also sounds a warning to avoid unwarranted feistiness.

Use this day well, since tomorrow Moon goes VOC and then shifts into passive Pisces, and begins to wane after Friday’s Eclipse Full Moon.

The essence and substance of my relationships is divine, and it is actively producing good for all concerned, here and now.

Wednesday, September 14

Early morning is propitious for taking advantage of today’s number 5 (Mars) energy and Moon in creative Aquarius. Find new ways to approach and solve challenges and move on opportunities seeded before Mercury entered shadow on August 10.

If possible, use Moon’a VOC to take a break at 8:31 am (11:31 ET), until she enters Pisces at 7:23 pm (10:23 ET).

This is a good day to visit a science museum or go on any adventure that satisfies the independent explorer within.

I’m here to express my true self, and I listen and act on its voice, here and now.

Thursday, September 15

Make an extra effort to recall and interpret dreams this morning, as Moon in Pisces joins the fishes’ ruler, psychic Neptune. Psychic vibrations rule the morning and fulfill the healing promise of a wee-hour opposition from Sun to Chiron.

Our minds are particularly permeable now. Try to keep your own company or connect with spiritual and inspiring others. Avoid news or media of a tedious, troublesome or worrying nature. Particularly avoid accepting guilt trips or projecting them on others, as Moon squares Saturn this afternoon.

Dream interpretation and spiritual practice can also bring practical solutions to light, as Sun connects with Uranus the awakener.

Themes of sensitivity and healing continue and deepen in the evening. Connect with plant spirits, and avoid substance abuse and busy or dense surroundings.

I am surrounded with omnipresent love, into which nothing harmful can enter, here and now.

Friday, September 16

If you have something to do, use the mental energy of today’s number, 7, to harmonize your mind before taking action. This way you can channel the courage and skip the potential fuss of Moon’s square to Mars.

Do it early, before the Lunar Eclipse of 12:05 pm (3:05 ET).

The Sabian symbol reads:

AFTER DRASTIC REFORMS, A PURIFIED CLERGY OFFICIATES ANEW. Ability to periodically cleanse from all selfish dross the channels for spiritual service. True vision. Spiritual reformation.

The lunation harmonizes with the current Eris-Xena conjunction with Uranus, as well as Mars. The purification described in the Sabian symbol can be a freeing result of acting to empower our unique path and essence. With the disruptive goddess on the scene, bold action can precipitate female empowerment in particular. This important asteroid, along with Uranus and Mars, are all at 23°, also associated with Brexit, so financial independence is part of this empowerment. A T-Square involving Pluto, Venus and Uranus-Eris suggests dissolution of repressive relationship patterns—which may not necessarily take place in a smooth or easy manner.

Check our monthly influences section to see more details about how this plays out in your chart.

I do not look to circumstances or people for my supply, I look to the Divine Source, Who sends it streaming through infinite channels, here and now.

Saturday, September 17

With aspects that accentuate its independent spirit, Moon in Aries brings Chapter 2 to yesterday’s bold and brave Eclipse story. Act on insights and information that comes to light, but try to remain harmonious.

Most aspects are tense and even explosive, except the lunar trine to Saturn the builder, suggesting that progress is more likely to be made via independent efforts than with attempts at collaboration.

Before moving, use Venus’ connection to Chiron by asking, how can my love for self or another heal this situation?

I give thanks for the new doors of good that are opening, and I walk through them now.

Sunday, September 18

With Moon in Aries and tense contacts involving Venus and Uranus, everybody wants to go their own way. This is not a day for social obligations or letting ourselves be commandeered into someone else’s idea of fun.

Bless people to do their own thing, and try to do yours.

An exception may be sports or other low-risk, competitive activities. Watching or participating can be a lot of fun. Even then, watch out for taking things personally.

This configuration is also quite creative and can inspire great art or another form of original production and, with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, problem solving.

Take action and shop if you need to before 1:11 pm (4:11 ET), when Moon goes VOC.

I am a unique expression of divinity, and I enjoy experiencing it now.

Monday, September 19

Moon is exalted in Taurus, and its ruler, Venus, sextiles assertive Mars. The stellar stage is set for excitement in prosperity and love, and today’s number 1 tells us to take action.

Remember to focus on something you began before Mercury entered shadow on August 10, preferably the goals revived at the Solar Eclipse of September 1.

I am worthy of happy circumstances and rich supply, and I allow myself to receive them now.

Tuesday, September 20

In the wee hours, Moon in abundant Taurus made trines to Mercury the communicator in grounded Virgo, and powerhouse Pluto in constructive Capricorn. Mercury and Pluto trine one another this evening.

Tuesday’s Mars energy fills out the picture of a portal for powerful thought, effective communications and lasting results for our actions. Though Moon goes VOC at 8:32 pm (11:32 ET), in Taurus it still performs.

I baptize myself as a success in the Name of the Divine Presence that abides in me, now and always.

Wednesday, September 21

Pay attention to last night’s dreams. Thanks to a wee-hour trine from Moon in mental Gemini to Jupiter, planet of meaning, they can carry messages from spirit guides and angels.

If you need to connect with earthlings, do it early in the day, as hard aspects to Neptune the dreamer and Saturn the taskmaster can lead to confusion or guilt trips.

The combination does help analyze details for problem-solving and goal achievement, and organize and visualize for results. Get concrete on plans to make a dream board or treasure map.

Although Mercury turns direct, it will still be in its storm and shadow for the rest of the month, when it still acts much like a retrograde.

My words have wings and fly to manifest what I affirm, now and always.

Thursday, September 22

Today is Fall Equinox, known also as Mabon (pagan/wicca), Alban Elfed (druidic), and Carpo (Greek goddess of the harvest) Day.

With the entrance of Sun into Libra, we move into the shadow half of the year. This was actually the Day of the Dead in Mexico before the Spaniards arrived. As the leaves begin to change color, Mother Earth’s powers of elimination are unleashed and the season of release begins.

Sun in Libra guides us to consider and interact with others more attentively and to put our results so far this year on a balance, discerning where we can focus Libra’s intelligent, cardinal activity to bring forth what we want.

In the wake of last week’s Lunar Eclipse, we can make conscious choices about what we need to let go of and finish.

Sun, as it approaches a conjunction to fortunate Jupiter, activates the Aries point that the big guy of the solar system triggered less than two weeks ago. Along with the energy of master number 22, not only our rituals and intentions, but our actions today can have far-reaching effects.

Moon is in communicative Gemini with tense aspects that remind us to think, listen and think again before speaking.

Mother Earth, please take from my life what needs to go, that I may finish the year successfully, now.

Friday, September 23

Mental Mercury trines powerful Pluto, deepening our mind powers and helping us see—and talk—through blocks to progress, and take advantage of the Last Quarter Moon by reviewing our progress of on what we’ve been going on since August 10, or before.

Take the review to the deepest level, as the lunation’s Sabian symbol shares a strong message of rebirth:

SAILOR READY TO HOIST NEW FLAG TO REPLACE THE OLD ONE. The nascent desire to align oneself with a larger and more significant life trend. Compelling decision. Repolarization.

This is one of those moments when we can face a deep-seated need for change, a time to ask:

  • What routine have we slipped in that has come to feel like a box?
  • What chance can we take, what baggage can we release in order to align with a more meaningful direction?
  • Are we really willing to adapt to the changes our progress will bring?

The influences are confirmed by today’s number, 5, whose forted is changing gears to get out of a rut.

I discover my bliss and release whatever isn’t part of it now.

Saturday, September 24

Finally, a restful Saturday! Care for and bless your home, pamper your mother or another dear one, enjoy the garden, make a curative tea or another natural remedy.

Watch for touchiness, especially after 6:42 pm (9:42 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a square to restless Uranus. People can get nervous, even neurotic, but creativity and intuition surge. Consult an oracle or work on art or merchandising. Remember to focus on what was started before August 10.

I invite the angels of blessing to fill my home and press their energy into the walls, ceiling, floor and surroundings, here and now.

Sunday, September 25

Don’t press others to connect too early, as Moon in sensitive Cancer rises on a tense quincunx to defensive Mars, and somebody just may get up on the grumpy side of the bed.

Fortunately, Moon shifts into confident Leo at 6:48 am (9:48 ET), and then connects with Venus, Sun, and Jupiter, making for an afternoon of Sun, fun and romance.

Take in an art exhibit, craft fair or play. Enjoy brunch, lunch or a hot tub with your love object. Follow up on a romantic pursuit or contact to promote your work, move ahead with promotional, teaching or altruist efforts.

We are made in the image and likeness of Radiance, and I allow myself and others to shine, here and now.

Monday, September 26

Finally the stars deign to deliver a productive Monday! Pluto the powerhouse goes direct, working well with Leo Moon and success number 8 to help us advance on our Equinox priorities.

This is a time to reflect on what have we learned about using our power since mid-April, and to apply our new awareness. When Pluto comes out, there’s no hiding, so it’s wise to take an honest look. It can be helpful to make two lists: The first one of the ways of using power that we have liked over the past six months, and another of applying power that have left us feeling empty, incongruous or otherwise off key.

I commit to using only high expressions of power, and trusting the outcomes to divine justice, here and now.

Tuesday, September 27

Plan to have some fun in the first part of the day, and schedule key tasks for later.

Moon in playful Leo goes VOC on an early trine to Uranus, the wild-and-free. Spend the morning with children or pampering the child within.

At 2:43 pm (5:43 ET), Moon enters Virgo and moves into a trine with Mars, freshly into Capricorn, sign of building. We can make great tangible progress on projects begun before August 10.

I make a space for joy, and release outcomes to Spirit, here and now.

Wednesday, September 28

Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune and later squares Saturn, triggering the energy of the square between these two that happened on September 10.

Today’s numerology of 1 accents the leadership abilities of Virgo, the sign of problem-solving. It’s a great time to double-check your visualization, plans and follow-up related to goals from before August 10 or earlier this year. The balsamic phase favors tying up loose ends, finishing, and uncluttering.

Don’t try to force yourself or others.

Important actions are more promising tonight, when Moon trines the-buck-stops-here Pluto.

No circumstance can interfere with the perfect action of Spirit that works to bring forth complete good, now and always.

Thursday, September 29

This is an important feast day called Michaelmas. Michael is the prince of archangels and a strong force among spiritual warriors.

After Fall Equinox, the earth begins to enter her phase of rest, decomposition and regeneration. It is a powerful time, when the veils between dimensions begin to fade. Michael is the keeper of the doorway, and insures that only desirable influences move through this portal.

In pagan societies this doorway had direct economic implications. The work of the harvest was complete, people were expected to pay their debts, and more generous creditors might forgive them or even share food—traditional fare including a goose and apples—with the less fortunate. Farm workers would be pressed to find a new way to earn a living. And no doubt the angels and other positive spiritual forces were called to go through this sort of portal as well.

Healing our relationship to change is a good way to apply today’s VOC Moon in Virgo, and its minor connections to Chiron, the wounded healer, and Uranus, planet of innovation.

If possible, take the day off, or at least postpone key actions and purchases and provoke a pause to connect with light beings.

See our Monthly Influences section for more on this portal, as well as the ritual we will share for today.

Positive spiritual forces are present in every change, and I give thanks for the new doors of good that open for me now.

Friday, September 30

A New Moon in Libra opens a door for relational goals. It’s the last New Moon of the year during Mercury retrograde, so it’s great for reworking our connections and ways of interacting in the light of intentions and commitments that we were working on before August 10.

A conjunction to Jupiter opens a door to the planet of fortune, who will be blessing our relationships and the area of our lives ruled by the sign-of-scales for the next 12 months.

The Sabian symbol for 9 Libra is:

THREE OLD MASTERS HANG ALONE IN AN ART GALLERY. Efficient cohesion of the three souls of man; of mind, feeling and instinct. Integrated wisdom. Sagacious behavior.

Although Rudhyar’s version mentions “man”, the symbol has a curious resonance to the triple goddess, whose face as transformer relates to the present season.

I have grown, and my relationships now grow in accordance with my new consciousness and self-love, here and now.

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