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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, February 1–19, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 1, 2018

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, February 2018

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, February 2017

Thursday, February 1

This morning asks us to make space for silly, low-risk fun, with Moon VOC in childlike Leo, still on the portal of yesterday’s total Eclipse.

At 11:13 am (2:13 pm ET), Moon enters diligent Virgo. We can organize, unclutter, and—with tense aspects to communicator Mercury and impatient Mars—save key interactions for this evening, when a trine to constructive Saturn favors writing a contract or laying some kind of concrete groundwork.

I invite the Universe to build new good through my talents and efforts now.

Friday, February 2

Today is the ancient holiday Imbolc. From deep within the soil, seeds begin to stir in response to the Sun’s rays as our local star makes gains in its ascent towards midpoint at Spring Equinox. Ancient wisdom recognized this connection to this cosmic dance. From some deep place inside we are moved to demonstrate our hidden strength. Light beings, such as the goddess Bridget, were invoked to connect people with the Sun in this subtle yet powerful pre-spring phase. A bit further on, we share a Mayan seed blessing ritual I learned during my studies in Mexico.

As for today’s aspects: Moon makes an early opposition to Neptune, helping us glean the guidance received in last night’s dreams and this morning’s intuition, particularly about our solar warrior’s path. Now is the time to review the mental or physical obstructions we can release.

Also today, Moon connects with radiant Sun, powerful Pluto and sweet Venus, favor creativity, art, healing, work, and random acts of kindness.

Evening favors socializing until 11:07 pm (1:07 am ET), with aspects propitious for contacting light beings and doing dream work.

If you like planting, try this Mayan ritual to celebrate the planting of seeds:

  • Obtain some seasonal flower seeds, a flower pot and some earth.
  • In a comfortable position, close your eyes and bring to mind the most important intention you fixed last Winter Solstice or New Years.
  • Hold the seeds between your hands, and repeat 3 times:

I bless the spark of life in you, and ask you to carry the spark of my intention: (name intent), which I imbue in you now. As these seeds respond to the ascending Sun, sprout and grow tall, so I see my intention rise and grow into full manifestation. I invoke the angels of Imbolc to touch their essence and strengthen their growth now.

  • Plant and water your seeds in the flower pot, and as you do, talk to them, praising their intelligence, encouraging their growth. Do the same for the intention you imbued in the seeds, as you visualize them manifesting.
  • Put the pot in a dark place. Darkness is actually part of the Imbolc connection, and favors the growth taking place beneath the soil.
  • Once a week, take your pot out, place your hands on it and repeat the talking described in Step 4.
  • When your sprout appears, put the pot in a partially sunny place and repeat the blessings daily as you care for your growing plant.

The light of angels (spirit guides) touches my soul, and I visualize my ascension now.

Saturday, February 3

During today’s VOC Moon, we can try to keep a low profile, interpret our dreams, enjoy nature and work on healing. We are moved to communicate in energetic way, and can do so as Mercury in bright Aquarius sextiles Mars the mover this morning.

Express ideas in writing this morning, and share them after 1:47 pm (4:47 ET), when Moon enters Libra. Avoid a tendency to overspend or participate in unnecessary ideological arguments.

However, do connect with others. This morning’s sextile—the aspect of opportunity—is most effective this afternoon and evening; we can apply full creativity and charm and launch a promotion, begin working with a consultant or share ideas with someone who can help us move on them.

As long as we avoid being pushy, we can also make headway in romance.

My guardian angel (spirit guides) know(s) what I need for my evolution, and show(s) it to me clearly through perfect channels now, for which I give thanks.

Sunday, February 4

Moon in social Libra connects with Neptune, making for a dreamy, potentially romantic Sunday—the perfect time to go to brunch with your honey or a love object. The energies are also propitious for sharing a mystical encounter or exchanging dream interpretations.

This afternoon, with a trine from Moon in Libra to Sun in friendly Aquarius, is excellent for socializing, PR, political or community organization, conducting business, or just about anything requiring harmony between people and personal sharing of ideas.

I give thanks for the opportunity to share with others, and move to cultivate it now.

Monday, February 5

Last night’s window of connection stays open this morning, as Moon in Libra trines Libra’s ruler, Venus, in out-there Aquarius. Personal contacts are highly propitious: reach out to someone who resonates with your life mission and direction, or follow your intuition to share information or promote something on the web.

Do it early, before the tone changes as Moon goes VOC on an opposition to rebel-planet Uranus at 10:46 am (1:46 pm ET). The rest of the day favors getting a massage and invoking the law of circulation.

In tune with the law of circulation, we might do some serious space-clearing and donate items of clothing, books and even furniture we don’t use—or, simply throw out unnecessary clutter. Hint: make sure you’re ready to part with whatever you give away, and do so without attachment to what the recipient may do with the item or items.

We should save key actions and purchases for tomorrow, or for this evening after 7:56 pm (10:56 ET), when Moon enters Scorpio.

I boldly release what I cannot use, and bless it to its new place now.

Tuesday, February 6

With the prosperous numerology of today’s number 6 and a sextile from Moon in powerful Scorpio to Saturn, planet of work, morning is great for taking care of business, making changes in our methodology or garnering favor with a bureaucrat.

This afternoon, in contrast, a fixed square from Moon to Mercury, planet of communication, offers us creativity but is unfavorable for interpersonal interaction, unless the encounter is designed for catharsis, such as a gestalt session or wrestling match.

At 5:47 pm (8:47 ET), we can re-enter the flow, thanks to a sextile from charming Venus to exciting Uranus, followed by a trine from Moon to Neptune. This influx of transpersonal harmonies favors both inner and outer initiatives to improve relationships. Forgiveness is facilitated—we can make a cosmic connection, retrieve a lost love or friendship, and doors may open suddenly. Meditate, circulate and knock.

I free others in love, and free myself to the highest and the best relationships, here and now.

Wednesday, February 7

This morning, Moon reaches her Last Quarter. She triggers the Sabian symbol for 18-19 Scorpio:

A PARROT REPEATS THE CONVERSATION HE HAS OVERHEARD. The transmission of transcendental knowledge.

To the individual who lives in a state of ardent and sustained faith it may become possible to be a channel for the transmission of knowledge or wisdom that transcends… normal understanding… if we can be sufficiently attentive and careful in discerning a ‘higher Voice’. To stress here the folly of unintelligent repetition is to use only one’s intellect. All birds in symbolism suggest spiritual faculties and forces. What is evoked is the possibility of learning from higher intelligences. KEYWORD: CHANNELSHIP.

The waning Moon facilitates release. In Scorpio, sign of shedding, she makes contacts to ruler Pluto and freeing Jupiter and Uranus. Make a space for peace in your day. Give or receive therapy, visit a healer, journal and work on forgiveness and cleansing obsolete beliefs.

The only Mind that can think through me is the Divine Mind (Source), and It generates empowering, healing thoughts through me now and always.

Thursday, February 8

Moon is VOC in Scorpio until 5:53 am (8:53 ET), when she enters Sagittarius. In addition to this Jupiterian influence, Thursday is also ruled by fortunate Jupiter. Today it combines with the successful numerology of 8 to favor finishing something related to studies, promotion, altruism or philosophy, and transmuting a belief in order to knock our mindset up a notch.

Tonight may be restless, with Moon joining boisterous Mars at 10:40 pm (1:40 am ET). If you’re up for it, this is a good time to do exercise, participate in armchair activism or do something to defend a loved one. Save communications requiring diplomacy for tomorrow afternoon.

Spirit knows what beliefs don’t contribute to my evolution, and guides me to release them, here and now.

Friday, February 9

Intuition and creative thinking are favored by this morning’s square from Moon to Neptune. This time is favored to analyze dreams, visit a psychic, work on forgiveness, and review a dream board or other visualization material with an eye to releasing the obsolete.

This is also a good day to begin a demolition project or to wean a child.

At 12:32 pm (3:32 ET), a sextile from waning Moon in Sagittarius to Mercury in bright Aquarius favors sharing words of inspiration and kindness, as well as following up on a promotion, negotiation, activist initiative or teaching project begun before the Full Moon of Wednesday, January 31.

The Universe wants to manifest my good, and guides me to visualize it now.

Saturday, February 10

This is a wonderful day to take in an art exhibit or a play, go to therapy, give or receive healing, or just have fun. Today’s transits include contacts from Moon in Sagittarius to Uranus the liberator and wounded healer Chiron, and a square from Sun to Moon’s ruler Jupiter.

Although Moon goes VOC this morning, in the sign of the archer she continues to perform. At 6:21 pm (9:21 ET), she enters Capricorn, harmonizing with Venus, planet of connection. Plan changes to simplify your space—or share dinner, constructive empathy and effective business communication.

Divine love goes before me, opening joyous horizons in all areas of my life now.

Sunday, February 11

Moon in structure-loving Capricorn makes a morning conjunction to ruler Cap’s ruler, Saturn, intuitively connecting us to our path of mastery, and helping us streamline our space and life, and even break a habit, in preparation for the fresh energy that comes with next week’s New Moon Eclipse.

The numerology of today’s “11” marks days that the angels (guides, wisdom company, light beings) can use to lift humanity’s love vibration, a promise abetted by an evening sextile from Moon to compassionate Neptune, which helps us tune into unconditional love and the healing power of music and film.

Divine love (Source) radiates through my heart, encompassing me, others and all being now.

Monday, February 12

The archetypal lovers’ day approaches, and today, Moon joins Pluto, planet of transmutation, facilitating release of emotional patterns and memories that hold us back. The aspect is precise at 11:22 am (2:22 pm ET), triggering these master numbers, and as it does, opening portals that can lift us to a new level of freedom, particularly if we practice forgiveness and release. This can open the way for a truly new beginning at the New Moon Eclipse of Wednesday, February 15, and for receiving that lunation on the highest possible wavelength.

Not only does our healing benefit us as individuals, but can help the collective process at this Eclipse.

Afternoon is the best time to connect with others. At 9:43 pm (12:43 am ET), Moon goes VOC in Capricorn on a square to independent Uranus. If you’re up for it, take some time for yourself.

I declare myself and others free of attitudes and attachments of the past. We are under the law of love, which is releasing us to start anew now.

Tuesday, February 13

With Moon VOC in Capricorn, this is a good morning to sweep the house in preparation for the arrival of the angels of renewal at Thursday’s New Moon Eclipse. At 7:11 am (10:11 ET), Moon enters Aquarius, sign of friendship.

A square from Mercury the messenger to Jupiter the preacher inspires verbal creativity. Invoke the angels, guides or light beings, update a promotional strategy, and refine your message of inspiration or activism.

An evening sextile from Moon facilitates a meeting of the minds, the perfect time to seek out someone stimulating who shares our ideals.

I am naturally connected to those who share my mission, and they appear in my life quickly, easily and peace.

Wednesday, February 14

Welcome, alternative Valentines. In Spanish this day is called Día del Amor y la Amistad, a time not only for romance, but to celebrate friendship. With Sun and Moon both in Aquarius, sign of detached socializing, identifying or reinventing our own unusual idea of connection is favored.

Moon, now at the end of her balsamic phase, can help us shed outdated definitions and habits in love. In adventurous Sag, she sextiles Mars, favoring a picnic brunch or another adventurous, sexy way of celebrating. Try giving your honey a gift of support to an ecological or activist cause, hiking boots or binoculars, or take her or him to a shamanic drumming session.

Do something different, but avoid extreme or risky activities. After all, we are on the doorstep of tomorrow’s New Moon Eclipse.

I am open to new ways of sharing, and my relationships are renewed, here and now.

Wednesday, February 15

Social Venus makes a sextile to constructive Saturn, combining with morning aspects to favor connections with others in business or personal concerns.

At 1:05 pm (4:05 ET), Moon becomes new in Aquarius, triggering a partial Solar Eclipse that accentuates its potency. In Aquarius, it helps us start a new cycle in relationships, life mission, social and political participation, and, with Mercury conjunct, in all things related to communication, siblings, promotion, mental activity and commerce.

The Sabian symbol for 27-28 Aquarius is:

A TREE FELLED AND SAWED TO INSURE A SUPPLY OF WOOD FOR THE WINTER. Knowledge and skill used in natural surroundings to fulfill vital, basic needs… natural living, the human capacity to prepare for the future and to use both physical strength and mental ingenuity. In meeting the hardships inherent in an existence close to nature, strength, efficiency and intelligence are needed, but they are incorporated in a life in which every act can be part of a harmonic and beautiful ritual permeated with deep significance.

These words by Dane Rudhyar can be seen as a call to reconnect with nature and rustic living. Jung explained that he built a house with no electricity or indoor faucets because urban living disconnects us from the archetypal mind.

Nowadays, most of us don’t have to fell trees, and are in fact more likely to protect them. Yet this symbol reminds us that all challenges—from material survival to apparent difficulties in relationships—can be seen as part of life’s ritual of evolution.

As for the astrological aspects and influences, besides communication, there’s a subtle, yet reiterative emphasis on release of the obsolete. Aquarius is the sign of innovation, ruler of Uranus, the planet of freedom. More significantly, the lunation connects with a half-kite aspect currently being formed between Uranus, expansive Jupiter in transmuting Scorpio, and Pluto the transformer. Perhaps most significantly: the lunation triggers the South Node. According to Celeste Teal in her book, Eclipses, Predicting World Events and Personal Transformation, a South Node Eclipse is, “an outlet for release of old energy… a drawing out force.” We have cosmic assistance to be freed of old patterns and situations.

Today’s portal joins themes of old and new, past and future, which can be accessed to release disempowering patterns of communication, thought and belief.

The following questions help trigger its gifts of freedom:

  • Is our thinking too intellectual, lacking heart energy?
  • Are our communications lacking in authenticity?
  • Have we become caught up in the expectations of the outer world or an ego image of our own fabrication?
  • Do we tend to refrain from encouraging others or be overly concerned with their impression of what we say?
  • Is there a communication project or activity that we’ve been stalling on that requires release of other goals, of inertia or of doubt in order to move forward?
  • Has what once seemed like a mission somehow turned into a rut?

Although we are beginning a new cycle—the last one before Mercury enters pre-retrograde shadow—this portal’s beginnings are most effective if we take a look at the habits, beliefs and emotional patterns we can release. Save major initiatives and signing contracts for after February 26, and focus more on the inner clarity, attitudes, healing and other subtle patterns that undergird outer projects and results.

The Eclipse sextiles both Uranus the liberator and Saturn the builder: there is staying power in the intentions we clarify. Since Moon goes VOC on reaching fullness at 1:05 pm (4:05 ET), it’s best to write down intentions and do rituals after 6:42 pm (9:42 ET), when Moon enters mystical Pisces.

Afternoon favors spiritual study, reading or enjoying cutting-edge company. Save practical measures and shopping for tomorrow.

I heed my inner guidance and see the growth potential of this situation now.

Thursday, February 16

Moon in sensitive Pisces sextiles practical Saturn and joins sweet Venus, making this a constructive morning for working on art, meditation, media production, negotiations, and interpersonal connections of almost any kind. Use the tips shared below to prepare for successful, harmonious encounters.

Metaphysical tips for successful communications:

  1. Write down what you want to achieve in connection with another, whether closing a deal, collecting an account due or manifesting harmony.
  2. Imagine the person involved sitting before you, or feel the cold, smooth surface of the phone in your hand.
  3. See and/or hear her giving you the response you wish to receive. Depending on the situation, she or he may be saying yes to a business or activist proposition, telling you she’s already transferred your payment, or that she’s happy to hear from you and glad there’s harmony between you.

The energies shift this evening, when communications can be a bit choppy although spiritual practice and acupuncture treatments go well.

Today, the day after the first New Moon of February, marks the beginning the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog (see our Monthly Influences for more on this cycle).

Saturday, February 17

With Mercury the messenger joining Sun in friendly Aquarius, this morning is great for connecting with like souls and sharing our ideas or services on the web. Activist connections also go well. With Moon joining powerful Pluto in Capricorn, sign of patriarchy, we can make a difference or even launch a campaign or political initiative. These transits also favor journaling and healing of emotional patterns.

This afternoon, a trine from Moon to Jupiter favors helping people or a cause, and promoting a message or service. Moon in fact goes VOC on this trine, but in compassionate Pisces continues to perform.

At 8:28 pm (11:28 ET), Mercury enters Pisces, accentuating the intuitive vibrations of Moon, also in the sign of the fish. Tonight is great for writing affirmations, invoking the angels or light beings, or visiting a psychic. It’s also good for sharing an Eclipse ritual.

Divine love (Source) expresses in my life through joyous, appropriate connections that bless all involved, here and now.

Sunday, February 18

At 4:05 am (7:05 ET), Moon enters bold Aries. At 9: 18 am (12:18 pm), Sun enters Pisces, sign of imagination. This combination combines verve with faith and is highly favorable for artistic activities and promoting creative or spiritual ideals.

Morning is the best window for action, as an afternoon square from Moon in Aries, sign of the warrior, to tough Saturn in determined Capricorn can be unnecessarily demanding, guilt tripping or just plain rude.

So take some down time for light exercise and surgical intervention on the jumble in the bookcase or on top of the desk. Today’s numerology of 9 favors giving away what we can’t use or don’t need, or simply making a donation.

Releasing doubts and perfectionism, I follow my instincts to share my work now.

Monday, February 19

With Moon in dynamic Aries trining ruler Mars in adventuresome Sag, this morning favors taking action in defense of a loved one or someone else who needs it.

This afternoon is NOT the time to promote our own cause or make key connections. A square from Moon in bellicose Aries to tough-guy Pluto should be handled with care. What it does facilitate is reviewing our strategies and space, and making hard decisions to release or remove what might end up blocking our order and progress.

With Moon contacting Jupiter at 10:08 pm (1:08 am ET), things smooth out and spice up later tonight. Connect with light beings, write down intentions, make a donation, meditate on compassion.

I bless myself and others with the infinite love of Spirit that streams to us now.

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