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Salacious “Pee-Pee” Footage Released

by Staff on April 1, 2018

April Fool's!

Just as Sun conjoined Mercury on April 1, 2018, the Kremlin released official copies of the so-called “pee-pee” video which was first detailed in the infamous Steele dossier.

The video was quickly picked up by every major news outlet and streaming service, and has already been shared more than two billion times.

Does the American president feel compromised by this footage? “Over two billion shares–HIGHEST IN HISTORY!!!” tweeted the president. But later he appeared to backtrack. “FAKE NEWS,” declared the later tweet. “Pukey little Putin has strange tastes. SAD.”

Rumors are swirling around the White House, however, and although the president himself has refused to comment further, it is alleged by key aides that he is considering resignation.

A bipartisan Congressional delegation has asked to meet with the president to discuss this option.

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