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In Association with Amazon.comVisionseeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge by Hank Wesselman. Hay House, Carlsbad, CA, 2001. $23.95.

This is the third book of a remarkable visionary trilogy. I have reviewed the other two—Spiritwalker, Messages from the Future, and Medicinemaker, Mystic Encounters on the Shaman’s Path.

Hank’s story, a true one, is amazing. Hank is an anthropologist who has taught in colleges, and shared in fossil digs in the Great Rift Valley in Africa, perhaps the source area of the first humans. He was a scientist, accustomed to facts, figures, and measurables. He also has a family, a beloved wife and two daughters.

And then he had an astounding experience in the early 1980’s. He was at home, in bed with his wife, and suddenly power surged through him, and he was ahead 5000 years in time, seeing life through the eyes of a young Hawaiian man, Nainoa. This experience continued to come to him, periodically and unexpectedly.

The three books tell the tale of Hank’s spiritual journey through alternating stories of his life in the present—as a teacher, field anthropologist, and householder—and the adventurous life of Nainoa. Hank is a marvelous storyteller, and the stories themselves are gripping.

But even more gripping is the huge sense of time and space and connectedness which the narrative imparts. Our own consciousness, as readers, expands along with that of Hank’s and Nainoa’s. Eventually Hank discovers that Nainoa is a descendant of his, and Nainoa realizes that Hank is an ancester. With practice over the years they become able to merge consciousnesses.

During this time both Hank and Nainoa are receiving kahuna shamanic training in their separate lives. They have ties of location. In the first place, they both live in California in their lives (a much different, half-inundated, California in 7500, with all of civilization and most people disappeared). Nainoa’s ancestors came from Hawaii. Hank had a farm on Hawaii, where he lived for some time with his family. Hawaii is his heart place.

Over time, Hank and Nainoa learn to handle their power, and they have many magical experiences of learning about and connecting with other dimensions. Finally, with the grounding help of Nainoa, Hank is able to merge with The Source, the final mystery—and return.

Reading Visionseeker makes my own link with spirits much more vivid and immediate. It helps that these tales are told by a scientist, who carefully observes and notes all that happens to him. Although fanciful, they are not flights of fancy, and they resonate with truth.

I highly recommend Visionseeker as a very inspirational book for these times, and especially for this envisioning month of March, when etheric channels are especially open for streaming in images.

Hank closes this rich book with a Hawaiian blessing from the future:

High Gods and Goddesses
And esteemed ancestors,
You who stand behind us and before us
from the sun’s rising to the sun’s setting,
from the zenith to the horizon.
Blessings on this sacred Earth.
Blessings on this water of life,
Blessings on our atmosphere,
Blessings on the medicinemaker—(you)
And blessings on your endeavors.

High Gods and Goddesses,
Revered ancestral spirits,
And spirits of Nature,
Bring forth from Po the water of life,
Create abundance without limit,
Give us good health,
Grant us spiritual insight,
And grant us true understanding.

May the Earth continue to live,
May the spirits grant you long life,
And may those blessings be manifested.
The prayer has lifted.
It is free.

You can check Hank’s website at

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