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March General Astrological Influences

Like February, March is another action-power-realignment month. The many parallel declinations which show this extra push extend through April. In May we finish the nine-month core of our great Pluto-Saturn opposition, and we finish with a flourish, for May and June bring us three eclipses. (The Pluto-Saturn opposition is discussed in several past issues of Daykeeper, which you can find in the archives, and will be featured again in May.)

Basically, then, through the winter and spring we are all inexorably and deeply readjusting our lives, at inner and outer levels, as we ready ourselves for the final big thrust in May, followed by the summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) eclipses, which set our changes in place.

March is the month for envisioning. How do you want to be? How do you want your life to be? How do you want to be in your family, community, country, and world? What kind of society do you want to live in? Make pictures of those dreams and desires.

March is an exceedingly creative month, for our imagination is more open then than at any other time of year. The most important thing to attend to during March is the IMAGES which we allow to impinge on us and which we encourage in our perceptions.

The dream precedes the manifestation, and it is these March images which will fuel the hopes and dreams which we manifest as the year moves ahead.

That manifestation begins now, in March. Earthy Saturn trines inspirational Neptune to give us a perfect channel for grounding our dreams. This creative trine continues through April.

Pluto and Saturn are very much of the real, tangible world, and their harnessing during 2001-2002 gives us the opportunity to transform that world. We will create those transformations in accordance with our visions. March is vision month, when we architect the future.

It is easy to let strong, compelling state propaganda give us those visions, as many of the Germans did with Hitler—especially in a nation so isolated from the rest of the world’s peoples, cultures, and history as is the U.S.

But on the other hand, we can instead choose our sources for our inner pictures. We can be discriminating in every choice we make, and attend to those people, writings, media, videos, arts, music, and ideas which feed our soul and help us connect with the wisdom of our higher selves. We can spend time alone, which is necessary to connect with that higher self. We can ask for spiritual guidance. We can support our intuition. And we can be with Nature, that awesome manifestation of the great spirit.

March is Pisces’ month, and it gives us the opportunity to merge with the great flow of spirit.

March 1 sets the tone for the remainder of the month. It’s a Jupiterian, or expansive, month. Jupiter turns direct, giving us the green light for go. The great gambler is set free to try his luck for the next eight months. And Jupiter is luck. All kinds of endeavors can now move ahead, and grow, and spread.

Those endeavors will be unusual, for Jupiter opposes Chiron, the Maverick. This opposition builds all during March, and has a smashing crescendo at Full Moon on March 28.

This is a 12-year Jupiter return for the U.S., especially important because Jupiter rules the U.S. Sagittarius-rising chart. Jupiter is thus boss of the U.S., and this is a Jupiter birthday. Jupiter is King of the Gods, with a great sense of entitlement. In Cancer, as he is now (and always in the U.S. chart), he expands defense and all security measures, and spreads them around the globe. Now is the start of a new 12-year cycle in his work.

At the last U.S. Jupiter return, in the spring of 1990, GW’s father made trade agreements with Russia and Japan, and agreements to cut arms—conventional and nuclear—with Russia and Europe. He also stopped production of chemical arms in the U.S. GW has reversed all of these arms cuts.

"Trade," "war," and disinformation are the current U.S. means of defense. Watch for them to grow, and take some new twists this month. Defense industries are on a roll, but Chiron could throw them a kicker.

Along with visioning, much technological advancement is featured in March—through Neptune, Pallas, and Uranus active in Aquarius, through Saturn now direct in Gemini, and through Chiron in the business sign of Capricorn.

With the combination of visioning and doing, March is, indeed, a very very fast-moving month. Stay conscious! Keep your eye on YOUR ball! We can move far.

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