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J U N E   2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

April Sun SIgns

ARIES. You’re establishing new, and sound, foundations, and it’s working well. At the New Moon you face a challenge related to home and security, but by Full Moon you’ve resolved it. You’re very busy pursuing a very serious endeavor, perhaps in the field of communications. Again, by the end of the month, the pressure is off. The far distant future calls you, but the summer now pulls you down to earth, to the here and now.

You’ve been restless and dissatisfied with work for a few years now, especially if your autonomy is compromised. This month something new may get set for the future, although it’s not quite happening yet. You are, in fact, going through a very slow resurrection of yourself, Taurus, and you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that finances are so often a special focus for you, Taurus, and that’s very much the case now.

You are defining yourself in a new way, Gemini, and it may involve major identity change. Retrograde Mercury in Gemini gives you the opportunity to think deeply about your life, and Saturn in Gemini helps you commit to seriousness and purpose. This would be a good time for you to establish yourself in computer sciences or sales work. You invest in yourself now, and it pays off.

You are super-creative this month, and fortunate besides. Your dedication to your own self and work is strong, and you may make a pioneering breakthrough in your field. You are naturally intuitive, and your intuition comes through in a more focused way. Writing is a good way to communicate your insights. Your energy is high, and you accomplish much. You may conclude an important transaction this month.

Odd circumstances in partnership continue to challenge you. Watch against playing victim. You’ve been working hard towards your ideals, and this month something special comes together for you, perhaps a spot to call your own. Old family business popping up from the past occupies your mind, giving you both pain and benefits. Venus enters your sign at mid-month, and for the next three weeks wants you can attract what you want and need.

You set yourself in your work niche this month, Virgo, and it will offer you authority and durability. With First Quarter Moon around June 17, you take a new step for yourself. You find yourself establishing a home and family in a new way—perhaps at work. Friends are especially important now, and your exchanges with them are mutually nourishing. Your foundations and security continue their transformation process.

You dedicate yourself to work, and all kinds of good things happen, including broadening your horizons and increasing your income. Travel, teaching, and publishing are all possibilities this month. So are legal issues. Your connections with the world are wide, varied, and pleasant. You may be re-designing your work environment, perhaps moving it to your home. Friends provide good support.

You’re running a variety of one-on-one relationships. Now you commit yourself to that work, or commit yourself to particular relationships—perhaps two. Some kind of unusual consolidation is going on at home, perhaps changes in the family constellation. It frees you to renew your work in the world. This would be a terrific month to travel. No matter how, you will broaden your horizons.

You’re closing a chapter in partnership. Or perhaps opening a new one. Or both. Destiny now unfolds for you. Travel is your thing. There have been ups and downs in that regard for a few years, but now your travel scene begins to come together. Intimacy is often difficult for you, but this month you learn a lot about it. Things flow for you after the middle of the month.

You dedicate yourself to partnership this month, Capricorn, and it brings surprising pleasures. Health is also a major focus, and the partners could be aiding your health, as in having a personal trainer. Once and for all, you commit yourself to a disciplined health routine. Your work environment is also an issue, and now you fix it to be how you want it. This is a month of re-orientation for you.

You do give voice to the future, Aquarius. This month you see it more clearly, but at the same time you want to review, think things over, and get more feedback. You commit in a new way to your creativity, perhaps writing. You also are creative in regard to health. You broaden your understanding of how things work, and you’re willing to work at whatever in your life needs improving.

You renew your foundations, Pisces, and make them solid and lasting. Family needs a lot from you this month, but at the same time they give a lot. You may be experiencing strange dreams and intuitions coming from unknown depths. Listen to them—as you usually do. They can heighten your creative gifts. You may find yourself impulsive with money—but it does work out.

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