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Crystal Pomeroy

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February Aquarius New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

The energies of the New Moon of February 1 as described by Maya are a call to understand our personal creativity in the light of world events, from the standpoint of appearances which seem to carry us the planet towards catastrophic events. These events, at the present point of military sophistication and technology, would inevitably affect the entire globe. The possibility of peace, of a future free to pursue happiness for all of Earth’s inhabitants, is still in our hands, and now is the time to exercise it.

This New Moon comes with a cryptic reminder to see beyond our small, apparently secure immediate present. The Sabian symbol refers to discovering "basic natural facts that allow us to plan in advance for action….. the potential (or seed) of the future is already operating at the core of the present…..ANTICIPATION." A look at the basic facts of current world events soon becomes a demand that we awaken our personal creativity in anticipation, to plan in advance for personal and planetary protection, prosperity and peace.

If we judge by the appearances of worldly power and those who seem to wield it, we face a frightening picture, escalating us quickly to global militarization. On the other hand, the power of the mind is great indeed, so great that Jesus said faith the size of a mustard seed would make a mountain change position. We live in a fascinating age, one in which science describes the observable effect of eternal laws and mysteries.

Quantum physicists, based on their observations of subatomic particles and their response to human attention, reveal what could be called the power of belief in action in the laboratory. Such eminences as John Wheeler have gone so far as to affirm that the future can be modified by prediction. They theorize that the act of prediction not only interprets events to come—but actually intervenes in their course, organizing outcomes in a certain direction. Those of us who have applied visualization persistently can confirm the amazing effect of creative imagination.

From this standpoint, history can be written in advance. This New Moon power window is an exceptionally potent (and urgent) time to exercise your power to record that which can be. For this purpose, I invite you to join the magic of the written word and visualization in a very special way, by documenting your future and that of the planet.

Many facets of life in the First World (of which we could be living the last remaining vestiges if we don’t act now), are recorded by a series of documents. Macro-concerns, ecological, economic, social and political issues are documented in newspapers. You’re alive on Earth at this time, whether you like it or not, your spoon is in the cauldron of your own and your planet’s future. Align with the lunar and angelic help to thus assist a globe crying for help, by prayerfully creating those documents which reflect your chosen personal and planetary outcomes.

Light Beings on the invisible plain are working to reassert the esoteric mission of North America. One spiritual purpose of North America worldwide is to develop the power of freedom, as reflected in Native American spirituality, and as well as the best elements of the US legacy, which historically played a decisive part in breaking the stronghold of colonialism. These are trying to make a comeback, using the US force and power. We are living in a very sensitive point in history, one at which our way of individually using and applying freedom (or failing to do so) can have miraculous—or devastating—consequences.

This geographical mission is clearly symbolized in the powerful archetype of the Statue of Liberty. As Dee Finney says, "The flame that Lady Liberty holds is actually the Ascension Flame for this planet. It is the three-fold flame, also known as the Trinity of God, and it holds both the vision and the blueprint for all of humanity’s ultimate freedom from living in separation from God."

Esoteric philosopher James Muir points that the rays on her crown were modeled on esoteric tradition to represent the crown of the seven rays of healing, sent by the Master Physician to guide the planet to our higher good. "The old earth symbolically, and literally, is falling away to reveal the golden orb of a new world of enlightenment, harmony and peace. America is transformed into the genesis of that New Era, tasked to responsibly lead the way into a brighter and better future for all. If she fails in this regeneration, then her fate is sealed and the Phoenix shall rise from the ashes of her funeral pyre." It’s not that the US inhabitants are somehow superior, but rather that the destiny of this geographic area is to concentrate the freedom vibrations throughout creation, and remind the entire planet of its own potential.

Light beings are working intensely at this time, to help us wake up and put the power of free will to responsible use, as we administer the many personal resources and blessings to be found under the ray of freedom which marks life in the US and energetically related areas. This New Moon arrives, like a flash of Aquarian lightening, as an urgent call to use the tools we have to develop and maintain our freedom. Among the most powerful of those tools is the popular access and refinement of spiritual techniques which direct the unlimited creative force within, to create our own future and that of the planet. Each time you overcome spiritual gravity, applying that spiritual knowledge which lays within and before you, praying and visualizing for personal and collective peace and prosperity, such beings rush to work with and through you.

Guides and Angels for the February New Moon

Uriel, Archangel of Peace "We call on you to help guide us to personal and planetary peace."
Rafael, Archangel of Healing and of Concentration "We call on you to help us open to personal and planetary healing, and to help us concentrate while we pray and visualize, and to concentrate on the good at all times."
The Spirit of Freedom
Zadquiel and Amethyst
(Archangels related to the Spiritual Mission of the North American continent) "We call on you to help us align with the eternal purpose of this continent, to exercise our own freedom and free all beings."
Black Elk
The Great Spirit
Your favorite Native American guides

Practical, Prayerful Steps to Document Your Future and that of the Planet

1. Using a pen and paper, create a rough draft of those papers which reflect where you’d like to be in the future. These could include:

  • Covers of magazines, books or other creative works you wish to consolidate
  • A letter to a confidante, describing your life how you’d like it to be
  • Contracts for work, property purposes or other ideal transactions
  • Tax declarations
  • Checks made out in your name for large amounts
  • Bank statements
  • Degrees, report cards (for yourself or another)
  • Test results—medical or academic

2. Draft the type of headlines you’d like to see in the papers or email news. Use your imagination, which may be stimulated by these examples:

Worldwide Peace Accords Succeed in Preventing War on Iraq

Peace and Prosperity for Middle East

Protection for Dolphins and Whales Upheld in Federal Court.

President Nader Changes Foreign Policy

President Kucinich Revives Public Assistance Programs

Global Melting Stopped

Democrats Control Both Houses

Unemployment Reaches All-Time Low

Espionage Legislation Dismantled by Courts

3. Establish a program to create a finished sample of your dream documents, using computer, scanner (or scanner service), Xerox, and whatever else you need to make them look as realistic as possible. The idea is to transcend the idea phase, and make sure you create physical examples of these documents, which also contain future dates, within a week of having made the rough drafts.

4. Use your documents! It’s very common for people to start and even finish creating visualization tools, but not get around to applying them. A phrase coined by metaphysical minister and healer, Johnnie Coleman, says, "It works if you work it." You need to look at the evidence of your documented future for a little while at least once a day for a month or more, sometimes much more, depending on the time range of your future dates. Before going to sleep at night is an especially powerful time, as your unconscious mind continues to create even more powerfully.

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