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Crystal Pomeroy

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March Pisces New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

March New Moon—the Piscean portion of the Age of Aquarius.

Maya has pointed to influences which converge during this Pisces Moon and Sun cycles to emphasize the savvy and the loving side of the Age of Aquarius, as its ruler, Uranus, also moves into the softening sign of Pisces. The globally shared dream of peace is creating an impersonal, but unifying and deeply felt spiritual network that carries the Aquarian ideals beyond the intellectual plane, into the emotional ocean of the twelfth sign.

This New Moon culminates the seed energy of the worldwide call for inner and outer peace which is part of the age we are honoured to participate in. Pallas Athena, also joining this dynamic line-up in Pisces, can give us the strategic sense to ground those inspirations—Mercury in Pisces brings the tools of written reflections and the spoken word into the process.

The Sabian degree of the New Moon, as described by Maya, accentuates the role of the will power which is required to carry out our strategies, and consolidate our creations, for personal and planetary peace and prosperity. By aligning ourselves consciously with these intentions now, we can help contribute to the positive potential inherent in this Moon Cycle, and avoid its possible pitfalls as indicated by the upcoming Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol, which also mentions the power of will, adding that it can either be, "human, divine or satanic."

What attitudes and actions can you think of that will contribute to personal and planetary peace? What creative projects and endeavours related to peace have you been toying with?

Now is the time to align your free will, in all the glory of its determination and perseverance, with those energies and archetypes now at play in the collective pool of possibilities that are favourable, that will carry you and the Earth on which you live into the higher vibration of the Age of Aquarius. The following exercises and prayers are designed to facilitate that process.

As we use them, we do well to remember that outer peace can only manifest to the degree to which we vibrate in peace from within. The National Representative of Buddhism in Mexico, Zen Monk Teshin Sanderson (who is my teacher in this discipline), recently participated in an interfaith prayer gathering outside of the American Embassy here. Later, he shared some poignant memories on the subject. Teshin was a protester during the Vietnam war. His father told him, however, that Teshin was incongruent with his own pacifist ideals, being, as he was, bristling with anger and with the certainty of his own righteousness. Our monk confessed that he later saw that it was true, he had only been a pacifist in the ideological sense.


Part I. Written reflections to strategize for and align with peace under the light of the Pisces New Moon Cycle.

A) Make a list describing those attitudes and actions you need to implement to be at peace with yourself and all others (within yourself).

Some sample answers from our prayer ministry included:

Clear up some pending debts.

Write to some people I am grateful towards.

Write to a person who was kind to me, but last time I saw her I felt she might have felt slighted.

Clarify situation with an employee whose attitude and activity represent a drain for my company.

Intensify my spiritual practice.

Fortify my love for myself and others through meditation and prayer.

Get to sleep early

Drink less coffee.

Take care of myself through healthful diet and exercise.

Pray for my friends that have passed on.

Practice mindful enjoyment and appreciation of my many current blessings.

Release my partner from jealous hovering.

Release myself from my partner’s approval, in order to simply carry out that which I feel I want and need to.

B) List those creative projects or endeavours you may have considered or which may now occur to you, to contribute to personal and planetary peace.

Some examples from our group:

Write to the angels of the US Senate to stop the war, to approve the filibuster against Miguel Estrada’s judiciary appointment, and respond to the world’s true needs.

Finish writing and publish pending manuscripts.

Incorporate the preparation of my artistic career in my daily routine.

Work daily on my audio for peace and prosperity.

Pray for world peace daily with my children.

Take my course as a spiritual facilitator and exercise that vocation.

Participate more actively in the prayer ministry.

Donate money to NRDC.

PART II. Decrees for personal and planetary peace.

A) Choose one of the following decrees and repeat for seven minutes daily or more throughout the current Moon cycle.

These decrees are especially powerful when done in an attitude of releasing control of one’s mind to the higher will. They can also be used while thinking of certain people or situations which have seemed disturbing to us, and directed at them.




B) Repeat this decree for at least 6 minutes daily throughout the current Moon Cycle:


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