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Crystal Pomeroy

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April Aries New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

This New Moon in Aries, at a time in history when we can use all the help we can get for new beginnings, represents an opportunity to organize and take initiatives which align our daily lives and consciousness with "cosmic order" (to quote the Sabian symbol for this New Moon portal), for ourselves and for those disturbing appearances in world events which we would like to do something about. During Pisces time, we may have begun to feel helpless in the face of tragic news and a manipulated media. Aries rushes in to remind us of our freedom to listen to the magician within and plant the seeds for the existence which we independently desire.

Military technology may have taken on frightening dimensions in recent times, but the technology of Spirit has also become quite advanced as technology’s ruler, Uranus, moves into Pisces. Putting our spiritual knowledge into practice may represent the key to the "power to transform" Maya connects with Chiron’s influence during this Moon cycle, as well as the "survival prospects" promised by the accompanying Mars energy. The grand fire trine, highlighted by Neptune, gives a great charge for creative initiatives to develop our mystical gifts. The Sabian symbol guides us as to what elements how to direct our initiatives—as we focus on allowing for "COSMIC ORDER"—rather than leaning on "law and order."

Our prayers and meditations at this New Moon portal are designed around thoughts and images of divine order. Held in the mind even in the face of the shadows of chaos, and accompanied by reflections and actions which creatively adjust our daily living with to the highest, most spiritual order we can understand, such contemplation can move with the best energies available at this time for our personal and planetary peace and prosperity.

Part I. Prepare your space.

Begin your New Moon prayers by lighting a candle. Red or scarlet connect with the vitality of Aries, metallic colors such as gold and copper complement the red with a touch of magical opulence. Forming a triangle with three candles will honor the grand fire trine which marks this Moon portal. Besides fire, if you wish to bless and purify your space with other elements, such as:
  • Earth: amethyst, diamonds and any red stone, as well as sand to connect with the desert of the Middle East
  • Water: from Spring rain or mountain springs
  • Air: incense or a bit of smoldering sage.

Part II. Words to establish divine order.

Open your mind to cosmic order, with the following decrees. Start with the affirmation for yourself, then continue with a prayer for the world. Say each one at least five times, slowly and with feeling. After saying each prayer, take a few moments in the silence to imagine your life in divine order, filled with wellness and abundance. After the affirmation for the world, close your eyes and see and feel the world in Divine Order, filled with peace and liberty for all.

Prayer of the Divine Organizer (adapted from one of my earlier articles)

The Divine Organizer is aware of each one of my real priorities. She coordinates the activities and people that are key for me. She opens up my time for what I really need to do, and stretches it so that it is enough. She provides the guidance, the discernment, the funds, the independent will for right and timely action, and whatever else I need to carry out my true priorities on this day. My life, my body and my being are in divine order.

Prayer of Divine Order for the World

The Divine Organizer is aware of the planet’s true priorities. She is guiding, inspiring, mobilizing, and coordinating all those who can contribute to the peace, prosperity and harmony for all beings. She provides the discernment, the information, the funds, the independent will towards right and timely action, the protection, the faith and whatever else they need to promote the divine agenda for planet Earth. She coordinates the climatic, the geographic, and all ecological and human events and encounters to insure the complete good of all inhabitants. Earth’s situation, present and future is in Divine Order.

Part III. Initiating release to allow Divine Order manifest.

Each activity you sustain means a commitment of energy to something. In order to assist divine order as it moves through your awareness and circle of influence, answer the following question in writing:

Which of my current activities or attitudes do not express my true self and the divine priorities in my life?

Sample habits from our prayer ministry included:

Turning on the TV, especially to watch depressing reports about military attacks.

Buying into mainline media stories as though they were the absolute truth.

Buying into the common beliefs that there are other powers greater than Spirit, and letting such viewpoints affect how I feel about certain, vital areas of my life.

Worrying about keeping my house spotless, though trying to keep it that way uses up time I need for my spiritual, professional and social goals.

Failing to pray and visualize for myself and for the planet daily.

Fear of asking for the help I need around the house in order to write daily.

Fear of my husband getting upset if I ask for help with the children in order to exercise—that he may think this is selfish.

Getting really upset and desperate when my partner doesn't follow through with our agreements.

Lack of organization to finish preparing my visualization materials.

Lack of direction in the Prayer Ministry, so that the time doesn't get lost in talking—letting the lack of focus of talkative members take over and diminish focus on prayer.

Apathy, lack of organization, procrastination, feeling like I’m selfish if I work on things I know in my heart are important.

Feeling compelled to accept phone interruptions.

Feeling guilty about asking my employees for the help I need.

Part IV. Initiatives to align your life with divine order.

List whatever measures you need to take towards your goal of a higher order.

Some examples for our group included:

Join with inspiring people, who share similar spiritual and political goals, to create constructive projects which promote cosmic order.

Visualize my new creative projects as though they were already consolidated and successful.

Visualize the letters of recommendation I need as though they already were together, and get in touch with at least one person per week that I need them from.

Organize my week before hand, allowing for times for writing.

Ask the other members of my prayer group for help on to focus on prayer, and insist when they start taking the conversation in another direction.

Mentally release guilt for asking for and organizing whatever help I need to take care of myself and get my writing done.

Create new prayers to help me sustain the faith I feel during my prayer time throughout the day, despite the influence of the world around me.

Cover all my important activities in the morning.

Visualize sharing with more people who are actively working to stay centered in faith and planetary service, and support and inspire me to do the same.

Concentrate more completely during my prayer time so that I utilize each minute thus spent.

Do a goal check several times daily, and release any sense of guilt about taking pending actions that I remember as part of my highest priorities on that day.

Part V. Decree to release from any blocks to your divine direction.

I release any guilt about doing whatever I need to complete those most important goals in my life. Christ in me feels no embarrassment, remorse or fear about insisting on accomplishing my higher purpose. I am divinely authorized to pursue my vision, and all apparent barriers melt before the voice and power of the Spirit that I am, and that precedes me in all my ways and propositions.

Part VI. Follow up.

Each day, for at least 28 days, resort to the powerful energy of release this Moon Cycle offers, by using your personal and planetary prayers for order during 10 minutes or so, then reading your lists of what you are releasing and developing; and finally, doing the prayer to release blocks from your divine direction.

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