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D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 3
M O N T H L Y   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

Fortify Spiritual Grounding

by Maya del Mar

During December we will have the opportunity to make the life adjustments which the November eclipses have set in motion for us. Before New Moon, there are relatively few major aspects, which are the turning points and the action indicators in our lives. There are, however, many quincunxes, which indicate stresses, strains, and adjustments.

Some of those stresses will surely have to do with the weather. Saturnian conditions promote cold weather, freezes, and difficulty in getting around. A strong Mars from Solstice through the holidays can mean wind and storms—and heat in the southern hemisphere. Juno conjunct Pluto around Christmas can indicate really harsh weather.

Cardinal and mutable signs dominate the month. This combination is great for.... Read more—become a Daykeeper subscriber! Maya's Complete Monthly Astrological Influences now available exclusively via subscription.

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December 2003
Table of Contents
December Daykeeper Home
Special Message
from Maya
The Water Walker
Alex Miller-Mignone:
Deep Space and You, II
Crystal's Meditation—
Gemini Full Moon Blessing
Daily Success Guide
December 1 through 22
Monthly Astrological Influences for December 2003
General Sun Signs,
December 2003
Libra/Scorpio Moon Cycle Report
Retrograde Watch—
Pallas Athena Direct; Mercury Retrograde
December Skywatch
Goddess of the Month: Medusa (Pegasus)
Books Reviewed:
Lunar Returns
Maya's Astrology Favorites: The Astrology of Time
Sign of the Month: Sagittarius—Maya's Sun Sign Archives

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