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Crystal Pomeroy

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New Moon in Cancer

by Crystal Pomeroy

What kind of nourishment would you like to receive more of: physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual? This lunation is the time to partake of life’s abundant table, as we connect with the Source of all nourishment: the Divine Mother.

To acknowledge Her is to recognize that we are not dependent on earthly channels, nor subject to physical threats that might disrupt our "security.” As we center in the nourishment that flows from a dimension beyond limits, we discover that not only is plenty flowing to us, but it’s ample enough to share generously, as extensions that we are of the Mother’s nurturing hand, heart and mind. Our prayers and reflections at this time are designed to heal our lives and the world around us as we synchronize with the Infinite Power to Nourish.

Connect your prayer space with the Space Beyond

White clothes, candles and other adornments will reflect the lunar tone, evoking the pure milk of love flowing from the Mother.

Burn a food-scented incense (coconut, cinnamon, etc.).

Call upon the Asteroid Goddesses and the Angel of Nourishment to restore plenty through your consciousness to all areas of your existence and that of the planet.

You may also enjoy preparing a receiving bowl: a receptacle filled with milk, white flowers, fruit, crystals, or real or play money. As you prepare and place this receptacle, and then again, after calling on guides and helpers, repeat to your inner self:

This bowl represents my power to receive and share all the nourishment that is flowing to me and through me now.

Give mental form to unlimited supply

1. Establish in writing the kind of nourishment you would like to receive. This can be in any area of your life so it may range from certain kinds of physical food (organic, healthful, and so on) or supplements, to spiritual, emotional, academic: any kind of nurturing that would enrich and strengthen.

2. Then do the same for the world, describing in writing as you mentally send food, freeing information, divine guidance, care, whatever expressions of divine nurture that you can see a need for globally or in certain areas, for certain groups.

3. Finally, spend a few minutes considering appropriate, constructive ways you would like to nurture others. These may be simply to come through on existing commitments, adopt a more compassionate attitude, prayer for others, and/or lend moral or physical help to individuals, or groups from the previous list.

Prayers to get in the flow of Divine Nourishment

Repeat the following treatment aloud, slowly and from the heart, during at least twenty minutes.

I am open to receive all the nurturing I could ever want or desire. I share my resources in appropriate ways; my nurturing of others activates my own supply, because I give in the awareness that my good does not depend on what I have on hand, but rather it derives from the unlimited plane of Spirit, from which it continues to flow to nurture me and those I am guided to help.

Optimize your prayers with action

Continue to repeat this prayer during several minutes daily or more, when you are about your goals of helping others. Such prayers in action are one of the most miraculous tools you can imagine. They will empower the inner and outer nourishment you share, turning your generous initiatives into powerful portals to multiply your good.

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