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Crystal Pomeroy

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Virgo New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

This portal sends us “back to school,” with energies that feel like a New Year for self-improvement. Those who are literally attending college or another institution can count on the inertia of its structure to guide their efforts. But all of us, including those who aren’t initiating an academic plan, can make a quantum leap towards our dreams as we synchronize with the optimism for work which stirs in the collective unconscious now.

The energy is particularly helpful for idealistic goals whose manifestation requires self-improvement. One of Virgo’s messages is that we can’t truly serve without dedicating the time to take care of our own wellness and growth. The Mars connection to the September New Moon portal (as noted by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide), can give us the independence and the push to actually make the daily strides that are required where such progress has previously been blocked by the weight of old habits and environmental pressures.

Our prayers, reflections and related, sacred initiatives are designed to catalyze this New Moon’s great potential for focus and with it to carry out whatever is necessary to improve and care for ourselves as we actively move toward our highest dreams of service.

New Moon Pre-Prayerations

Harvest symbols such as orange flowers, stalks of dry grass and squash will remind you of earth time passing, and the need to use it in the most productive manner. Earthy-scent incense and beeswax or another earthy-looking candle will connect you with the late harvest energy. Make your prayers a celebration of focus by choosing clothes which are really you, garments that express and support the need to care for yourself and your work. Invoke the Angel of Effective Service as you center in your willingness to commit to that ideal, not only in thought but also in deed.

Metaphysical treatment for the New Moon in Virgo

Infinite Intelligence knows what I need to do in order to consolidate my idealistic dreams, and It is showing this path clearly to me now. The Father-Mother wills for me to act and follow through on my healing and whatever other improvement I am guided to make, and Its will is working through me, in me and around me now. I release any false ideas of sacrifice and commit to helping myself and my highest work now.

Have a page and pen on hand. Repeat the above treatment aloud, with full attention, during at least ten minutes. Afterwards, spend a few moments in silence, breathing deeply and exhaling completely. Finally write down the dream or dreams of service work that comes to mind. You have these dreams already, close at hand or in a dusty closet called wishful thinking. Luna and the One Mind are now conspiring to help you implement them. (If you are already fully committed to living your dream, consider how you could improve its quality or reach.)

After you have written it, consider what actions you would need to be taking on a daily basis for the idea to download into real life. Identify the daily work required on the project itself, and also make a point of considering what kinds of physical and emotional healing, study and/or any other kinds of self-care you will need to pursue this work.

Use this page as a reference throughout the current moon cycle, reviewing it on rising each morning, as well as writing any apparent challenges to you self-improvement goals and how you decide to resolve them, on a daily basis.

Remember to repeat the metaphysical treatment, aloud yet inward, during at least six minutes a day, and pay attention to the signs you are receiving from Infinite Intelligence!

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