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September 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

Taking care of both your body and your home space are important this month. It’s nurturing time, and partners help you. This is also a good month for healing all types of traumas. If you have money problems—and you may—again, call on help. You like to operate on your own, but this is a time when cooperation can work miracles in your life.

You may want to start a new creative project this month. It will get a good start, but be prepared for a slowdown for the next few months. An unexpected surprise comes into your money life, perhaps through the aegis of a large institution. Maybe it’s a loan to help with finishing up the home remodeling on which you’ve been working.

GEMINI. You are the change artist, and it’s time to make a change. A turn in your career calls to you. Communication has become big for you since Mercury turned direct last month. You may be promoting something new. This is a good month for you to travel. Intuition becomes keen by midmonth, and problems can solve themselves. Look for ups and downs in finances.

CANCER. You are working very hard to feel personal security, and before the month is over, it all comes together. There are many people in your life, and they all come together in unusual ways to put things together so that your life meshes. Your new start now is in communication and in how you live your everyday life. You’re learning a lot, and absorbing it.

Unpredictable events strip away some false fronts. Is it a relief? Can you see where you need to make some changes? You can be very practical, and you can make those changes now in a way that works for you. Your resources undergo a dramatic shift, perhaps due to circumstances beyond your control. Travel is on your agenda.

You may make an abrupt change in a relationship. It may have to do with distant horizons which are calling you. You can do a lot of good thinking about yourself, who you are, and what you really want at this time in your life. Your major resources are your relationships, and they can provide you with a lot of support. Your work situation is changing.

You have a lot going for you, Libra, most importantly faith in yourself. Money will be a little tight, perhaps due to extra expenditures. Juggling your budget will be a challenge, but by the end of the month you can get it together, perhaps due to some unseen help. Deep changes are happening for you, as experiences from out of the past come into your consciousness.

SCORPIO. With Venus in your sign, you’ve got some good feelings about yourself. But at the same time, Saturn comes in and throws some cold water on you. Saturn could take the form of a boss or parent. However, drawing on your own considerable ingenuity, you use your creative talents to make something solid out of the situation. New horizons beckon, Scorpio. Relationships offer surprises.

Things are coming to a climax in regard to partnership, Sag. That situation relates to a change in the direction of your life, with perhaps a move as well. Your whole working environment is undergoing change and revision. Pay particular attention to your health this month. Your major focus may be on your ideals. Friends are important.

A special partnership, where you work together to establish something tangible, is happening. It’s very important to both your present and your future. This is a season of healing for you. Travel is on your agenda, both short and long distance. You’ve been working on your long-range ideals this year, and you do good work now towards your place in the world.

You become the voice of authority in your relationships, although it’s a struggle because Neptune in your sign is now dissolving your identity, or what you thought was your identity. Life is somewhat confusing. There’s some fairly drastic action at home, which eventually results in a change for the better in your direction.

You feel a new creative identity, Pisces, and it’s connected with a new start in partnership. You declare your independence from the old you. Intuition is driving you now, and you follow its direction to make major shifts in your life. At the same time old long-buried garbage may be surfacing. Are you learning a new creative technique? Or taking on a new exercise program?

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