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Crystal Pomeroy

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Pisces Harvest Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

The winds of change blow strong, in our personal lives, as a nation, and as a planet. This Solar Eclipse New Moon now invites us to potentialize the change by directing our free will and creative mind to release those levels and kinds of relating which do not express our true selves.

As Maya Del Mar has pointed out in her Daily Success Guide, this lunation synchronizes with unconscious urges and the past. Metaphysically, it opens a doorway to rediscover that part of higher destiny that would naturally attract us to our dharma group: souls of like ideals and ways of growing. The Libran within may have caused us to obscure or overlook our birthright to experience rewarding relationship, as we slip into lower-wavelength patterns from the past: doubts about our worth, and with them, about our right to receive the joy of our dharma group. Now is the time to reconnect with what we really want in a relationship, what really expresses us. Now is the time to ask: are our toxic shame or co-dependence issues keeping us from identifying, visualizing and believing we deserve to have those desires satisfied, exchanged and stimulated?

On a political scale, the last New Moon came at the apex of Katrina’s fallout, and facilitated falling out of love with an unsatisfactory government. Now we can look at the voice within each of us that has allowed us to accept that government up to now, and along with it any other destructive or conformist patterns in our relationships. Each person has been equipped with the power of creative choice. If our connections do not seem to bring us light and encouragement, if they do not support the highest and the best in us, somehow we have doubted both the accuracy of our perception and our right to enjoy the best.

This eclipse will tend to sweep away those connections and ways of relating which are not affirmative. No doubt some of you have already felt changes that take you off guard and may even seem frightening. But as we align with the great cosmic broom in energy, intent and prayer, we can go with Luna’s highest-octave flow, cleaning our lives of whatever karmic chains have held us in limiting, joyless or disempowering ways of interacting. Let us be certain that new and greater patterns, in the personal, professional, social and spiritual realms are waiting to emerge at the touch of the magic wand within.

Create a sacred space for your New Moon prayers

Physicist-philosopher Dan Winter talks about energizing our area of silence by arranging stones in a circle. It creates what he calls, “charge compression,” even in an urban environment, fortifying our auras as we meditate or pray within the circle. Making a circle now also evokes our connection to the earth, which will be part of more conscious relating for many at this New Moon.

Angeologist Lucy Aspra associates Archangel Uriel, with Libra. Call on him and his twin flame, Love, as you prepare your New Moon prayer space, mentally and/or verbally request that they you assist you in eclipsing any external or internal situations which do not express the balance, growth and joy you are meant to have relationships. Timely incense includes sandalwood, rose and lilac. Candle colors can be cool tones, especially violet and intense blue. Stones to decorate and harmonize your sacred space and person: rose and smoky quartz, lapis lazuli and opal.

Prayers and processes for the Eclipse New Moon portal

I. With paper and writing implement on hand, reflect on the kind of relationships that your soul has longed for since the age at which you can remember first having a intuitive sense of sacred purpose or meaning in your life. You may have not consciously registered that moment at the time, but if you float into the past, you will discover it. Consider whatever areas of relationship concern you most, for instance personal, government, professional, perhaps with the plant or animal kingdoms, the earth, oceans… and even your relationships with invisible beings (these are even more varied than the incarnated types, and our free will is decisive in which kind we link up with).

II. Begin to describe in writing what kind of entities you wish to be connected with in these different areas, what you would like to receive from them, what you would give. Be straight with yourself as you begin this process. As R.W. Trine once pointed out, if something tells you to dump your “wife and small kids to go become a painter,” this is not your higher self speaking. Maya has reminded us to avoid delusion at this time, so be very conscious and especially avoid divisive impulses (which the lower ego is ready to churn out at the slightest excuse) but neither hold back when describing those relationships that go with your unique dreamplan.

III. After your first two minutes, rest from the writing as you focus and repeat the following thoughts aloud and within, slowly and with attention, during at least seven minutes:

I can and do have a right to create the kind of connections that satisfy my soul. As those connections surface in my spiritual memory, I allow myself to identify them and the artist within begins to give them form on the manifest plane.

Once you have done this, take a moment to go in and listen to your heart’s memory, which knew once and knows now, what kind of dharma connections you came to make.

IV. Finish the description of your ideal, multidimensional love-life.

V. Ask the angels and your favorite guides to release all who don’t form part of the joy plan of your existence, and to help you to do this without regrets, remorse, resentment or attachments of any kind.

VI. Breathe deeply and say goodbye to whatever relationship or way of relating the angels are now carrying away at this time.

VII. Follow up throughout the days until the next New Moon by going over your description, and repeating your affirmation at least six minutes a day.

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