Charts & Consultations

Daykeeper’s authors are all expert astrologers, each offering a unique selection of in-depth astrological consultations. If you’re wondering how to resolve a personal dilemma, where to best use your energies, why you’re always attracted to the same kind of destructive relationship, which career choice to pursue… any one of these professional astrologers can analyze your chart and help illuminate life’s mystery moments. Daykeeper’s authors offer a superb range of chart interpretations, including:

  • Natal chart readings
  • Solar returns and progressions
  • Relationship charts
  • Relocation charts
  • Special attention to the influence of black holes, quasars, pulsars and masers
  • Readings of your erotic fate, the psycho-emotional sensuality, actual and potential, in your chart
  • Saturn returns

Click on each astrologer’s name below to find out more about the types of of consultation that each offers, their unique astrological approach, and prices.

Astrological consultations with Terry Lamb

Astrological consultations with Alex Miller

Astrological consultations with Jessica Murray