Astrological Consultations with Alex Miller

Astrologer Alex Miller

Information required: date of birth, time of birth, place of birth.

Galactic Natal Reading ($125)

What lessons does Deep Space hold for you? The addition of Black Holes, Quasars, Pulsars and Masers reveals a new dimension in the natal chart, illumining challenges and highlighting potential. 25-30 pages; $125. Order with Paypal, or contact Alex at .*

Galactic Transit Progressed Reading ($99)

A year’s worth of interactions from progressed and transiting planets to the natal chart, incorporating Deep Space points as they mediate fate and free will. 12-15 pages; $99. Order with Paypal, or contact Alex at .*

Galactic Solar Return Reading ($88)

Get the cosmos’ yearly update on your life as it develops and matures; this snapshot of the upcoming year focuses on Deep Space interactions as they affect the process of your growth, as well as asteroids and TNOs of significance in the coming year. (Note: order at least four weeks in advance for guaranteed birthday delivery.) 10-12 pages; $88. Order with Paypal, or contact Alex at .

The Erotic Consult ($150)

A detailed expose of romantic and sexual energies in the birth chart, with the added perspective of Black Holes and other Deep Space points, as well as sex-themed asteroids and a variety of minor bodies as tghey interact with Venus and Mars. Provide a list of up to 5 past, current or prospective partners, and we’ll also check for personal-named asteroids and what clues they might provide to how these individuals impact your romantic life. 12-15 pages; $150. Order with Paypal, or contact Alex at .*

The Mega Minor Planet Reading ($150)

Everything you always wanted to know about your asteroids, but didn’t know how to ask! Mythically named asteroids are discussed first, in relation to traditional planets and sensitive chart points.  How do these modify your life choices?  Then we delve into the fascinating world of Personal-Named Asteroids. Where are you in your chart? Your parents? Your spouse and kids? Friends, business associates, old lovers? Submit a list of 10 full names (with two alternates in case matches can’t be found), and five significant dates, and we’ll explore what the cosmos has to say about it. 20-25 pages, $150. Order with Paypal, or contact Alex at .*


*NOTE: Your chart transaction is directly between you and Alex Miller. Please not Daykeeper, with any questions or concerns.