Asteroid Astrology at Daykeeper Journal

Astrological influences of non-planetary bodies within our solar system including Personal Named Asteroids.

Asteroids of Comedy and Entertainment
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Astrology of Olympic medalists, Tonight Show hosts, and Oscar winners

Alex Miller interview - Whitley Strieber
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Daykeeper’s Alex Miller speaks on astrology with author Whitley Strieber

Astrology - Headlines in the Stars
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Three violent outbreaks and their astrological indicators.

Astrology of Chris Christie and Bridgegate
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The sky suggests that Bridgegate will hugely influence the ambitious governor’s political future.

November News Notes

by Alex Miller on December 1, 2013

Asteroids and the News
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Shocked by November’s news events? As above, so below.

astrology of navy yard shootings - aaron alexis
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A preventable tragedy, reflected in the heavens.

Uranus-Pluto Square Asteroid Astrology
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Does it feel like your Personal Named Asteroid just wandered into the tumultuous Uranus-Pluto zone? Perhaps it has.

Kim Jong-un horoscope
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Birth chart of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un—clown, or threat?

steroid Pandora - astrology of temptation
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Asteroid Pandora, astrological embodiment of the ancient Greek temptation myth.

Pluto in astrology
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Pluto conjunct fixed star Facies add a heavy dose of demanding Plutonian intensity to our struggles now.