Daykeeper Astrology Predictions & Forecasts

Daykeeper astrologers’ predictions and forecasts (exclusive of the Daily Success Guide and Planetary Overview).

Planetary Astrology Overview March 2014 - Daykeeper Journal
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The very word “March” urges us onward… but can we move?

Astrology Overview, February 2014
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2012-2013′s cooperative planetary “String of Pearls” is still with us—to some extent.

Astrological swirl, 2014
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A handy navigation guide for the retrograde season almost upon us.

2014 astrological prediction
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Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, opening a portal for powerful transformation.

2014: War of the Worlds

by Lorna Bevan on December 1, 2013

astrology of 2014
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2014, the Year of the Wood Horse, will require swift, decisive action in a volatile environment.

Scorpio Warrior
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Scorpio shows us that we’re all spiritual warriors facing critical challenges right now.

Daily Success Guide Free astrological forecast November 2013
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New beginnings ferment during a stop-and-go month.

Astrology of 2013 - nodes
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August takes us deep into Fate’s territory… that is, the Lunar Nodes of Fate.

Astrology of April 2013 - Eclipses
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A roadmap through April’s eclipses.

Astrology of 2013 - eclipses
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Five unusually potent eclipses slice through 2013.