Lynn Woodland

Astrology of the Harmonic Convergence, Why This Election Is a Big Deal

A little-recalled event in the late 1980s points its finger squarely at the election of 2016.

The Spiritual Journey of Winter

Winter’s darkness: what wonderful, unimagined possibilities might emerge from this fertile void?

Lynn Woodland Seasons of the Self February 2014

A powerful technique for opening our minds and hearts to infinite possibility.

Lynn Woodland, Winter Solstice Darkness meditation

A solstice ritual to accept the nurturing, feminine, transformative power of darkness.

Season of food

Savor—mindfully!—the holiday feasts!


As the year dies, how to contemplate our own ultimate passage.

September: Embracing Change

by Lynn Woodland on September 1, 2013

September healing

This time of transition is a natural window for healing.

Seasons of the Self

It’s the perfect season to practice receiving what is offered with grace and gratitude.