Nancy Humphreys

Complete Astrological Handbook - Chinese Astrology

Yes, Maya did study everything! Including the origins of Chinese astrology.

Halos and Auras

by Nancy Humphreys on April 1, 2017

Halo or Aura?

Is it a halo, or an aura… and what does it mean?

Of Plants and Planets

by Nancy Humphreys on February 1, 2016

Plants, Planets and Astrology

The secret lives of plants, planets, and the human heart.

Earth Rise

We don’t think about Earth as a separate planet. Should we?

Time in a Bottle

by Nancy Humphreys on August 1, 2014

Time in a Bottle, by Howard Falco

“Mastering” time, moment by moment.

Jessica Murray, Transpersonal Astrology

Astrologer Jessica Murray on the personal and transpersonal planets in our challenging times.

Color Your Life

Color, from ancient history to your personal up-to-the-moment character reading.

Books Received, 2013

by Nancy Humphreys on October 1, 2013

Books reviewed

New books of interest to our readers.