Terry Lamb

Astrological forecast January 2013

In January we begin to benefit more fully from planetary harmonies that have already been with us since…

Astrology Overview January 2013

The month opens on a somewhat normal note, as we continue our long-term changes.

Free Daily Astrology Forecast December 2012

Attune yourself to this powerful Solstice, end of the Mayan Long Count.

Astrology Overview Decemberr 2012

The Time of the Wolf is ending as Pluto, Neptune and Chiron near completion of their current yearly cycles.

Astrology Overview November 2012

The wounds and habits gained over multiple lifetimes are accessible, open to healing now.

Free Astrology Daily Forecast

November, a powerful month for healing and for co-creating the change we seek.

Planetary Overview

October… a whole new landscape.

Astrology Daily Forecast October 2012

This month packs a karmic punch.

Astrology Daily Forecast September 2012

What were you doing 30 years ago? The echoes persist, bringing an opportunity to heal.

Astrology Forecast August Daily Free

What are you loosening, easing, or trying to release this month?