Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Alex Miller’s fascinating take on the influence of asteroids—relatively tiny bodies—and their sometimes outsized influence on contemporary culture and politics.

Uranus-Pluto Square Asteroid Astrology
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Does it feel like your Personal Named Asteroid just wandered into the tumultuous Uranus-Pluto zone? Perhaps it has.

Astrology of the Zimmerman Trial
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Asteroid and planetary transits both presage the trial’s unexpected outcome, and suggest that this is not the story’s end.

Asteroid Sappho in the Charts of Lesbians and Poets
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This most powerful of the personally named asteroids shows up strongly in the charts of lesbians and poets.

Royal Baby Watch

by Alex Miller on July 1, 2013

Royal baby watch
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Despite some purposeful misdirection from the royal family, the stars cannot lie about probable delivery dates!

SCOTUS DOMA decision
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The stars smile on the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

Astrology of the Cleveland Horror
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Digging into the astrological relationships among perpetrator and victims.

Mark Sanford victory astrology
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Mark Sanford’s electoral redemption—written in the stars?

Astrology of Boston Marathon Bombing
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Uncanny linkages among the horoscopes of the marathon bombers and victims.

Rare Astrological Isosceles Trapezoid with Uranus-Pluto Square
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A rare and powerful alignment of astrological heavy-hitters, anchored by the Uranus-Pluto square, takes place this month.

The Manti Te’o Story

by Alex Miller on March 1, 2013

Manti Te'o
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Manti Te’o—deceptive, or deluded? The stars say it all.