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Alex Miller’s fascinating take on the influence of asteroids—relatively tiny bodies—and their sometimes outsized influence on contemporary culture and politics.

America and Agita

by Alex Miller on October 1, 2010

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Based on past experience, asteroids Agita and America’s upcoming conjunction could be a doozy.

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Hefner, Monroe, Madonna, Flynt, Clinton—sex symbols and scandals, perpetrators and victims—Lust’s chart placement reveals more than meets the eye.

Thumbnail image for The Naughty Bits, Part I: Eros

Asteroid Eros, significator of desire… and devastation.

Thumbnail image for Lorraine “Mimi” Miller, My Mother’s Story

Alex analyzes the chart of his mother, who passed away last month

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Asteroid Pecker plays a shockingly prominent role in politicians’ peccadilloes.