Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Alex Miller’s fascinating take on the influence of asteroids—relatively tiny bodies—and their sometimes outsized influence on contemporary culture and politics.

vintage astrological witches

Where there are witches, asteroids Hekate, Circe and Medea are not far behind!

Astrology of asteroid America in 2012

Asteroid America hints at shocking changes awaiting the USA in 2012.

Debt ceiling crisis holds America hostage - asteroid astrology

Alex reveals the asteroid dance behind Congressional intransigence during the debt ceiling “debate.”

Asteroid Thalia, Muse of Comedy

Fom Chaplin to Roseanne, Asteroid Thalia plays a prominent role in comedians’ charts.

Asteroid Klio, Muse of Historians and Writers

Klio, ancient Greek muse of history, is prominent in the charts of influential historians and authors.

Asteroid Placement and Oscar-Winning Roles

Your handicapping guide for next year: how planetary placement predicts best actor/actress winners.

The Astrology of William and Kate

Wills and Kate… another royal trainwreck, or a match made in heaven? The stars tell the tale.

Gabrielle Giffords

Alex uncovers uncanny and deeply significant connections among participants in the Tucson tragedy.

Thumbnail image for Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Asteroid! The Astrology of Santa Claus

Our modern American image of Santa is the creation of centuries… and Asteroid Santa plays a prominent role in its development.

Bill Clinton, Asteroid Lie, and the astrology of deceit

Asteroid Lie is uncannily prominent in the charts of notable liars.