Terry Lamb’s Planetary Overview

Planetary overview, Daykeeper's major astrological influences for December 2013

December 2013: a brand-new planetscape.

Planetary Overview, astrology for November 2013

The other shoe drops.

Planetary Overview, astrology for October 2013

Are you ready for a nine-month love story?

Planetary Overview, astrology for September 2013

September 2013, the big astrological picture.

Planetary Overview for August 2013

There’s an opportunity for some deep healing this month.

Planetary Overview for July 2013

Where do you want to be by month’s end?

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for June 2013

We are poised in a world-historical moment, as tides of transformation sweep through and around us.

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for May 2013

We’ve begun a big new transition cycle. Now we’re on our way. But where, exactly, are we?