Alex Miller’s Black Hole Astrology

Alex’s profound and entertaining analyses of the astrological influence of black holes and other galactic objects go back many years—in addition to the listings below, you can find his earliest Daykeeper articles here.

Obama and America

by Alex Miller on July 1, 2012

Astrology of the Obama Presidency

Why are American politics so divisive? Look no further.

Walker Recall Prediction Post Mortem

Alex called it… and the election went the other way! Here’s what happened.

Wisconsin protests 2011

Will Governor Scott Walker be recalled? The skies have it.

Dark Shadows

How did the star of a 1960s daytime series became the iconic embodiment of America’s long-repressed sexuality?

Mars Retrograde plus Neptune - Rush Limbaugh

Mars retrograde rolls over the U.S. Neptune, unleashing fury over women’s reproductive health rights.

astrology Syria Assad

Syria and its current head of state share identical, volatile astrological configurations.

Rick Santorum galactic profile

Rick Santorum, our next preseident? Alex examines the charts.

Mars retrograde primary

Mars retrograde in Virgo gives Mitt Romney, with Mars in Pisces, a battering.

Mitt Romney astrological profile

Can Romney become the Republican nominee… and if he does, can he defeat Obama?