Alex Miller’s Black Hole Astrology

Alex’s profound and entertaining analyses of the astrological influence of black holes and other galactic objects go back many years—in addition to the listings below, you can find his earliest Daykeeper articles here.

Ronald Reagan, Astrological Profile
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We see Ronald Reagan’s legacy every day in the widening gap between rich and poor in this country. What is the source of Reagan’s lingering charisma? Alex lays it all bare.

wikileaks founder Julian Assange, astrological analysis
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Who is Julian Assange and what is he really after? Are the charges against him for real, or purely political? Alex breaks it down.

Obama faces hostile House
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Can we expect constructive action from the incoming 112th Congress? The charts tell all.

success was in the stars for black hole sun native Jerry Brown
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Jerry Brown, governor-elect of California—why did this black hole sun native win?

Dewey defeats Truman - the political precedent for this year's midterm elections
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Alex untangles the astrology behind the nation’s biggest political reversal since 1948.

Republicans and Democrats square off at the mid-term elections
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Midterm elections… heading for an upset? Alex makes a prediction.

Mosque Madness

by Alex Miller on September 1, 2010

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Why Cordoba House, the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, finds itself at the center of a politically motivated media frenzy.

Astrological chart of Chef Julia Child
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Julia Child, chef, author, television trailblazer and global culinary icon, exemplifies the powerful and positive effects of galactic connections in an individual’s horoscope.

Thumbnail image for Black Hole Case Study: The BP Blowout Disaster
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Will the gulf return to normal? Alex examines the galactic connnections.

Thumbnail image for Black Hole Case Study: Joran Van der Sloot
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Case study of a murderer: Alex investigates the extraordinary and menacing cosmic connections in Van der Sloot’s and his victims’ charts.