Alex Miller’s Headlines in the Stars

Alex Miller finds amazing astrological correlations for current events and newsworthy characters.

Spring 2014 News Wrap-Up

by Alex Miller on August 1, 2014

Asteroid News Briefs - Rodger's alma mater, University of California at Santa Barbara
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Recent news, written in the firmament

Sterling asteroid astrology
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A troubled NBA owner, a fierce feline, and marriage equality for Pennsylvania… written in the stars?

missing flight 370 path
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Can the heavens tell us what happened to Flight 370?

Asteroids of Comedy and Entertainment
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Astrology of Olympic medalists, Tonight Show hosts, and Oscar winners

Astrology - Headlines in the Stars
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Three violent outbreaks and their astrological indicators.

November News Notes

by Alex Miller on December 1, 2013

Asteroids and the News
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Shocked by November’s news events? As above, so below.

Astrology of Prince George's Birth
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What do the stars’ placement at his birth suggest about Prince George Alexander Louis?

Edward Snowden
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Edward Snowden, whistleblower or traitor—what’s in store?

Astrology of Zawahri shootings Santa Monica
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Astounding astrological confluences on the day of this fateful crime.

The Moore Tornado

by Alex Miller on June 1, 2013

Moore tornado astrology
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As above, so below—celestial markers of destruction.