The Astrology of 2014

September, Bridge Across Tomorrow
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Astrological changes trigger significant chaanges in awareness and energy flows.

August Astrology - Leo's Gate
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August—the crucible of Leo’s fire tests our awakeness.

Astrology of 2014 - Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio
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Jupiter and Saturn create fertile ground for inner knowing.

Astrology of 2014, the Tao of Opportunity
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We’ve made quantum leaps in awareness in the past four years—it’s time to actualize!

astrology of 2014, the hero's journey in Taurus-Scorpio
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May’s Taurus-Scorpio energies help us weave the darkness of the last few years into the light of our own hero’s journey.

Grand Cardinal Cross Astrology, April 2014
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The last April ever, or a set of brand-new opportunities?

Grand Cardinal Cross - Making Astrology Work for You
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How to work this epoch-making configuration… before it works you!

Astrological swirl, 2014
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A handy navigation guide for the retrograde season almost upon us.

2014: War of the Worlds

by Lorna Bevan on December 1, 2013

astrology of 2014
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2014, the Year of the Wood Horse, will require swift, decisive action in a volatile environment.