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Alex Miller astrological consultations


What lessons does Deep Space hold for you? The addition of Black Holes, Quasars, Pulsars and Masers reveals a new dimension in the natal chart, illumining challenges and highlighting potential. Includes drawings of patterns pulled from the chart. 25-30 pages; $125.

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A year's worth of interactions from progressed and transiting planets to the natal chart, incorporating Deep Space points as they mediate fate and free will. 10-12 pages; $77.

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Get the cosmos' yearly update on your life as it develops and matures; this snapshot of the upcoming year focuses on Deep Space interactions as they affect the process of your growth. (Note: order at least four weeks in advance for guaranteed birthday delivery.) 8-10 pages; $66.

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THE EROTIC CONSULT (with Boots Hart)

Quick, dirty and orgasmically revealing, this 8-page report draws first on Alex Miller’s deft ability to tap galactic astrology’s wellspring of power in interpreting twists of sexual fate. After Alex points out the choices which form this karmic framework, Boots Hart takes over, laying bare vulnerabilities and desires in a sinuous commentary on psycho-emotional sensuality courtesy of local solar systemic astrology. The result of this unique coupling is a naked recitation of the ties which bind (sometimes tenderly, sometimes not so…), the roots of one’s cravings—and the means by which stimulation can be achieved and brought to successful personal climax. $150.

Information required: date of birth, time of birth, place of birth.

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you are ordering your consultation directly from Alex Miller. Please contact Alex directly, not Daykeeper, with questions or concerns.

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October 2009
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