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Boots Hart astrological consultations

Natal Chart Consultation ($350): The classic metaphysical example of Knowledge as Empowerment, a natal chart consultation is an in-depth exploration which, in illuminating talents, challenges and potentials, helps you take control, opening the doors to creating a life befitting your personal definition of success. Includes: natal text; simplified solar return examination; 12-months of astrological events/dates (transits); 2 hours ‘question time’; three (3) questions to be answered in specific detail (optional). Length: 35 pages (approx.). All original text - No report writers used.

Information required: date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, city/state where native was on the date of last birthday, three questions (optional).

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Solar Return (or) Solar Return Relocation Report ($350): By examining a chart cast for the moment when the Sun returns to the degree and minute of birth, a picture of the incoming chapter in your ‘book of life’ is revealed. For those who live somewhere other than their birthplace, a second chart cast for the place of current residence adds detail, ‘modifying’ natal Solar Return data. Should you want to maximize particular aspects of life in the coming year, finding the right place to travel to for the Return offers the opportunity to join with the Universal Process, allowing life to respond by supporting your aims through cosmic law of action/reaction. Includes: solar return text; 12-months of astrological events/dates (transits); three (3) questions to be answered in specific detail (optional). Length: 35 pages (approx.). Available only to previous Natal Chart Consultation clients. All original text – No report writers used.

Information Required:

  • Solar Return: location where the native will be on their next birthday, three questions (optional)
  • Solar Return Relocation: specific aims for the coming year; three questions (optional)

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Davison Relationship Consultation ($350): The expression “Honey, we need to go away for the sake of the relationship” says it all – there are three charts in any relationship. Two belong to the people and one describes the relationship itself, a living dynamic thing which responds to its own timing, strengths and challenges. By examining the Davison chart, we grow to understand its potentials as something totally apart from yet complimentary to our own life. A must for those serious about making the most out of any friendship, business relationship or love match. Includes: Davison relationship text; current Davison solar return; 12-months of astrological events/dates (transits); basics as to what the client will get out of the relationship. Length: 35 pages (approx.) Note: to protect privacy, information pertaining to any party in the relationship but absent from the consultation is never given. Available only when one (or both) participants in the relationship are requesting the consultation. All original text – No report writers used.

Information required for each person: date of birth, time of birth, place of birth.

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The Erotic Consult (with Alex Miller) ($150): Quick, dirty and orgasmically revealing, this 8-page report draws first on Alex Miller’s deft ability to tap galactic astrology’s wellspring of power in interpreting twists of sexual fate. After Alex points out the choices which form this karmic framework, Boots Hart takes over, laying bare vulnerabilities and desires in a sinuous commentary on psycho-emotional sensuality courtesy of local solar systemic astrology. The result of this unique coupling is a naked recitation of the ties which bind (sometimes tenderly, sometimes not so…), the roots of one’s cravings—and the means by which stimulation can be achieved and brought to successful personal climax. 

Information required: date of birth, time of birth, place of birth.

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