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Jessica Murray astrological consultations

My practice of astrology is grounded in the philosophies of Dane Rudyhar and Carl Jung, which view the birthchart as a map of our soul work. The goal of my work is to lead the client more deeply into the mysteries of his or her life purpose.

I gear the sessions to whatever level clients are on, in their understanding of their chart. At the first session we focus on life-long themes, introducing those transits that are most pressing: the rarest and most profound ones. Then we go into detail, with those and more quickly-moving transits, in subsequent readings if the person wants to continue. Taped office sessions are $210 ($220 by phone) unless one is on a fixed schedule, in which case fees are pro-rated for frequency. One-on-one tutorials are available for serious students. For details about what to expect from a session with me, please see

Contact me at 415.626.7795 or

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October 2009
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