Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Trump Implosion, Part Two

Astrology of the Trump Campaign Implosion, Part 2

How Trump’s own chart explains October’s precipitate drop in his presidential hopes.

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Lorna Bevan's 5-D Astrology Report

November 2016: The Zero Point Zone

5d Astrology, The Zero Point Zone, November 2016

This November we enter the Zero Point Zone for a karmic reset.

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Crystal Pomeroy's Planetary Overview

General Astrological Influences, November 2016: The Warriors’ Dance

Use November's astrological power gate to launch your visions

Are we trodden into November’s darkening paths, or can we summon our inner warrior and aim for the light?

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Crystal Pomeroy's Daily Success Guide

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 1–30, 2016

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast November 2016

Sync with the cosmos in the depths of Scorpio…

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Maya's Sun Sign of the Month

Scorpio Time Is Power Time

Sun Sign Scorpio

Scorpio’s power comes from its ability to get to the bottom of things.

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Retrograde Watch

Getting in Tune with Neptune

Retrograde Watch: Neptune Direct

What treasures are you bringing up from the depths this November?

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Goddess of the Month

Goddess of the Month: Mary

Goddess of the Month Mary

Mary, a creator associated with both the heavens and the waters, walks with us as watery Neptune station direct in Pisces.

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Retrograde Watch

Bucking the Current

Uranus retrograde

We must actively pursue our own independence.

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Alex Miller's Black Hole Astrology

Election Astrology 2016: Calling It

Astrology of the Election, 2016: Calling It

Astrological indicators predict struggles on both sides, with the ultimate prize going to….

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