Lorna Bevan's 5-D Astrology Report

December 2016: Reconnected to the Grid

5D Astrology Report, December 2016

A galvanic T-square catapults us into new consciousness and new realities.

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Crystal Pomeroy's Planetary Overview

Astrological Influences, December 2016: A Portal Opens

December, a major portal for change

See what December’s planetary portal means for your sign!

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Crystal Pomeroy's Daily Success Guide

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, December 1–31, 2016

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, December 2016

The best daily astrology guidance on the web!

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Goddess of the Month


Thumbnail image for Fortuna

The goddess of abundance accompanies us as we aim with our highest selves into a new year.

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Maya's Sun Sign of the Month

The Sign of Sagittarius

Thumbnail image for The Sign of Sagittarius

Maya explores the nature of Sagittarius, the seeker.

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Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Trump Implosion, Part Two

Astrology of the Trump Campaign Implosion, Part 2

How Trump’s own chart explains October’s precipitate drop in his presidential hopes.

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Lorna Bevan's 5-D Astrology Report

November 2016: The Zero Point Zone

5d Astrology, The Zero Point Zone, November 2016

This November we enter the Zero Point Zone for a karmic reset.

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