Crystal Pomeroy's Planetary Overview

General Astrological Influences, May 2016: From Labor to Rebirth

Astrological Influences, May 2016, Maia, Pleiades

We ready ourselves for a mighty push as Jupiter and then Mercury station direct.

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Crystal Pomeroy's Daily Success Guide

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, May 1–31, 2016

Free Daily Astrological Forecast, May 2016

There’s a very powerful portal this month on the day that Jupiter stations direct.

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Goddess of the Month

Etain, Celtic Moon Goddess

Etain, Celtic Moon Goddess - Daykeeper Goddess of the Month

Etain, Celtic moon goddess, travels between the realms of life and death… and keeps shining.

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Maya's Sun Sign of the Month

Taurus, the Builder

Astrological sun sign Taurus, Maya del Mar

Taurus, a fixed sign of strength, strong will and determination.

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Why this Election Is Going to Be One Big F*&#ing Deal

Astrology of the Harmonic Convergence, Why This Election Is a Big Deal

A little-recalled event in the late 1980s points its finger squarely at the election of 2016.

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Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

The Poisoning of Flint

Astrology of the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Flint, Michigan: the fault, dear reader, lies in the stars.

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Front-Runner Quits Race

April Fool

Surprising news from one of 2016’s most vocal candidates.

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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, April 1–30, 2016

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, April 2016

Astrological energetics and affirmations for every day of the month.

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