Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Donald Trump’s Solar Return: Let Trump Be Trump

Donald Trump Birthday Invitation

Donald Trump’s huge solar return chart—does it bode well or ill for him and the USA?

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Lorna Bevan's 5-D Astrology Report

July 2017: Followed by a Moon Shadow

Lorna Bevan 5D Astrology, July 2017

July propels us through layers of outmoded patterns into new energetic realities

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Crystal Pomeroy's Planetary Overview

General Astrological Influences, July 2017: Thumos and the Return of the Sacred Masculine

July Astrological Influences, Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn… is your inner Wonder Woman ready?

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Crystal Pomeroy's Daily Success Guide

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, July 1–31, 2017

Free Daily Astrology Forecast, July 2017

July, when we’re called to bring our inner warrior to each day’s challenges.

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Goddess of the Month

Goddess of the Month: Lilith

Goddess of the month, Lilith

Lilith helps us use the darkness to create light and life.

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Maya's Sun Sign of the Month

Cancer, Caring for the Family of Humanity

Sun Sign Cancer painting by Denise Demaras

The changeable, deeply emotional, deeply nurturing sign of Cancer.

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Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

The Trump Inaugural Chart

Donald Trump Swearing In

The inaugural astrological chart heralds difficulties ahead for Trump and for America.

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Lorna Bevan's 5-D Astrology Report

Seeing Round Corners

5D Astrology Report by Lorna Bevan

As time quickens and bends; how do we claim our Selves?

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