Maya's Sun Sign of the Month

The Sign of Sagittarius

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Maya explores the nature of Sagittarius, the seeker.

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Goddess of the Month

Diana, Lady of the Beasts

Diana, goddess of the month

Diana the huntress, goddess of light and the moon, illuminates our way into this autumn’s darkness.

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Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Astrology of Ebola in America

Astrology of Ebola

Charts for the birth of Ebola and the death of Thomas Eric Duncan suggest a major US role

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Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Alex by the Numbers

Personal Story in Personal Named Asteroids

Personal Named Asteroids tell a story.

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The Astrology of 2014

November: A Finger Pointing at the Moon

Saturn in Scorpio

What was up for you 29 years ago? There you’ll find clues to today.

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Crystal Pomeroy's Planetary Overview

November Planetary Overview: Emerging from Our Shadows

Astrological influences for November: Emerging from Our Shadows

We move through the depths of Scorpionic transformations, into the light of our aspirations.

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